NOUN Portal Registration Guidelines For Returning Students

The National Open University Of Nigeria (NOUN) Students has sent us mail asking us how to register on NOUN student portal as a returning student. The NOUN new portal requires that you register a new (even as a returning student) before you are granted the access to your student portal.

Here is how to Register and Update your NOUN Portal as a Returning Student

1. Visit National Open University Of Nigeria Website

2. Click Students

3. In the drop-down menu, click on REGISTER

The Next Opened tab takes you to the portal registration page to regain access to your NOUN edu portal dashboard.

National Open University of Nigeria - NOUN Portal Student Registration page

4. Follow the instructions Just as it is labelled,

For Programme: Click on the white area and choose your course of study. Example – BSc Computer Science

Enter your matric number:

Your surname:

Other names:

Enter your Active Email address:

Your Mobile Number:

Create a New Password:

Retype the Password ( for verification):

Then Click ” the Submit Button” to complete your application registration.

The next pop-up will prompt you to choose “YES” from the option, in other to finish the whole re-registration procedures.

Now, You’ll see a success message typed boldly ( SUCCESS!!!)  just below the noun student portal registration page. That’s to confirm that your registration to the Noun student portal has been accepted.

In that, you can now login as a returning student on the  NOUN Portal.

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How To Re-Login Into NOUN Student Portal Website

1. Visit National Open University Of Nigeria Website >

2. At the NOUNOnline Portal homepage, Click on the “Students” Link after the Check RRR.

3. Type in your Student Matric Number, Your Noun Portal Password (the password you chose at the time of Noun Online registration), and then Click the Submit button

That is it,

If you did everything right, you should be at the Noun student portal dashboard

If you have questions drop it in the comment box.

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  1. Is this process of Register on NOUN Portal as a Returning Student also the same procedure for new student

  2. Sir,
    I have difficulties creating my rrr number for the 2nd semester 2017.
    I have duly register which is the reason why on the NOUN student’s registration portal the information which repeatedly pops-up is that my registration process was done earlier.
    However, I can’t my needed rrr number to enable me proceed with payment as required.
    Please, respond urgently to help me with the process.

    Oganghi, Enyam

      1. Hello Mr Gbenga, pls I need your help. I am done with my programme since 2017 but i was told i need to do I.t for me to graduate. How do I register I.t on my portal and do I need to pay another registration fee. I have started the I.t also.

        Thank you sir.

    1. Hello Afolake,
      Log on to your portal.
      click on registration
      there will be a drop-down menu click Register Course
      select your current semester and click proceed. . .
      Then click on the courses to register them.

      If you need help send us an email

  3. Good day sir. Sir please I need your advice. I moved to Lagos from Makurdi which is my study center due to the Fulani issue, now I want to return back to my programme PCR 300L. Sir how do I change my study center and also return back to school. Sir will be happy to hear from you.
    Also this my email address.

  4. Mr Gbenga I registered for Lagos centre gotten my admission letter but I was transferred to Abuja. How wud I go about it. And I yet to do course registration

  5. Sir! the problem I have now is that I can’t register for new semester as a returning student. it normally telling me this matric number has been registered earlier but if I login it will let me know that I haven’t registere for new semester. pls help me out sir.

  6. sir, i’ve been trying to get to the forum where i can do my tma, but whenever i click on “your courses” it remains numb like it gives no responds . pls what should i do

  7. Good day sir I am new student and I have tried all ways possible to register for good 3days but to no avail.
    and I learnt that tmas are on. please am worried seriously. i dont want to miss any part of d academic work.
    Haulat yakubu leko

  8. good morning.
    I have difficulty registering for 1st semester 2019.The portal keeps saying that 2018 2nd semester registration is closed.
    what should i do?

  9. Good evening
    Please am finding it still difficult to access my portal. When I try to re-register it shows the message “this matric number has been registered earlier” and then on trying to log in it says “you have not registered for second am finding it still difficult to access my portal. When I try to re-register it shows the message “this matric number has been registered earlier” and then on trying to log in it says “you have not done 2019/1 semester registration” taking me back and forth. Please house what should I do cause I am just tired. 2019 taking me back and forth. Please house what should I do cause I am just tired.

  10. Good people, I am a returning student of NOUN SINCE 2017 was to graduate 2016 but had some set backs so i couldn’t graduate because i didn’t do my project and now that am returning 2019 i don’t even know if am to just submit my project and wait for graduate list or registering and submitting or even if they is some other things i need to do cause i know NOUN has really changed, honestly i don’t know were to start from or even what to do, can anyone please advice ?

  11. Hello Mr Gbenga, I have search when returning students / semester registration will end but didn’t get.
    Pls when will the semester registration end for 2019 semester academic session

  12. Please have registered as a returning student but am unable to access my portal. The message displayed was incorrect username or password 2

  13. am using firefox web browser, i did my semester registration but when i went on to do the course registration, the proceed button is inactive.
    does it mean that i didnt do my semester registration rightly? cause i remember i forgot doing semester count.
    please sir,

  14. am using google chrome web browser, i did my semester registration but when i went on to do the course registration, the proceed button is inactive.
    does that mean i didn’t do my semester registration rightly? please sir, i need your assistance

  15. Pls sir i missed my second semester registration and i want to register for it now, but on my portal shows first semester registration please i need help

  16. Good day to you sir. Please I didn’t registered for all my second semester courses while in 200L around year 2014. When I want to register for the remaining courses those year I found that those courses have been changed cause of the new website and upgrading…. Please sir, how should I go about it? Hope to hear from you soon.

  17. Thank you for your help Mr. Gbenga.
    I have successfully registered for my first semester after payment. However, I have been unable to register for courses as the site brings “Session expired” message after I clicked the submit button on adding the required courses from the Registrable Courses portion.
    Do I have to pay for courses before I register for them? (I have zero Naira left in my wallet). Is it a portal issue?

    1. Yes, you will pay for course and exam registration

      Exam registration is 1k per course

      Course registration is 2k for 2 unit course and 2,500 for 3 unit course

  18. The Noun site to print ID card isn’t opening. And I have exam tomorrow, is there any other way around it

  19. Dear Sir
    i don’t know why i can’t log in to my student portal
    this is the problem” i try that same process to register as a returning student, after filling the form, i saw a pop up message that say this matric number has been register before and when i try to login the only thing i saw is friday is for all student ” and no any valuable info, i can’t check my result or register for my courses.
    please i don’t know what is happening

  20. How is it that I cant see all my registered courses? I am suppose to be graduating I just thought to cbeck my portal and my registered courses are incomplete…what can I do? And also I cannot view my results

  21. Hello mr Gbenga, i have been trying to log unto noun site it keeps telling my IP has been blocked by a cloudware and i can’t access the site

  22. Hello Mr gbenga. I registered in the year 2014 and I did my first semester exams but couldn’t do the second semester,due to circumstances .Now I want to continue with my studies will I start afresh or continue where I stopped. I need your guardians

    1. You will continue from where you stopped…

      NOUN portal will be open for registration in January 2020, you can register and continue your program.

  23. Hi Mr Gbenga, during my registration the name on my result was different with the one o n my student registration form though during the screening I was told to made amendment which I did and I printed another admission letter.But after then thee name I corrected was the one appearing on my portal. What should I do pls

  24. am having issues checking my results,that my password or username is incorrect which is not true,can it be network issues?

    1. Have you sign up on the portal first?

      if you have not sign up, you will be getting incorrect username or Password

  25. Hi, Good morning, Mr gbenga
    Please, I want to ask how are we suppose to know the courses to register, if we wanted to do it by our self???

  26. please my matric number is showing error saying match the requested format. Please help

  27. Good afternoon
    Please after doing my portal registration it says
    ‘This matric number has been registered and I went to log in to my portal buh it says incorrect password.
    Please what can I do ?

  28. Good afternoon sir, I’ve been trying to do my second semester registration but it keeps telling me insufficient funds even after I had paid the necessary fees and it had reflected on my wallet balance. Please advise me on what to do.

  29. good afternoon sir, Mr Gbenga
    sir there suppose to be a way of checking NOUN GP
    If there is anyway to check what your GP
    Please kindly let me know
    Thank you

  30. Good morning Admin sir,I cannot be chanced to go for stamping of exam clearance throughout next week sir,I hope it will not be too late if I go there on 12th of October since exam is starting on 15th sir.

  31. I have been trying to login the site since yesterday its not login in at all its just showing redirecting and checking my browser I have changed the browser its the same thing

  32. Hi Mr Gbenga, Thank you very much for all these important information. I have issues that i can’t do Semester registration the system keeps bringing error message that ‘You dont have sufficient funds in your wallet ‘ despite having 30100 in my wallet. Im studying Msc Information Technology. Please what might be the problem? Thanks

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