How to Activate NOUN Student Email Address

The National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) in partnership with google mail has created an official email for all its students – The management of NOUN university has directed all its students to activate their NOUN official email through

What is a NOUN Student Email?

The NOUN Edu emails are the email used by the National Open university administrations to notify their students of upcoming events. These emails are used as official means of communication between the university student and students.

What Can I Use NOUN Student Email For?

Some of the advantages of NOUN students emails are:

  • it is Used to log in to NOUN e-ticketing system
  • it is the official email used for communication between students and the management
  • Free access to online educational courses
  • Free access to content and streaming tools.
  • Free software.
  • Access to premium entertainment services.
  • Access to graphic design tools.
  • Access to discounts on products.

How do I Access my NOUN Student Email Through Gmail?

Follow the steps below to activate/create your NOUN students emails address:

  1. Go to the Gmail is the website –
  2. Use your Matric Number as the Username and Password
    Password: NOU212333555
  3. Remember like all other approaches to Password activities. You are required to RESET/CHANGE it to your desired password.
  4. After you have successfully created your password, it will take you to the google services and privacy page.
  5. Click Accept – You should be on your Gmail Dashboard.


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  1. hello Mr. Gbenga, i tried accessing my noun email using the steps you gave but I keep getting this response that : couldn’t find your google account. please what should I do?

      1. Good evening,
        Please I need help I can not activate my email.
        Sir I have issues with my registration.
        I forget my password, then I tried to change another way, I clicked on forgot password and they are saying they have send me a link to my NOUN email for the reset of password.
        Say which one is NOUN Email?
        Is like I don’t have that one.

  2. Hello am having difficulty to access my edu email, i tried accessing my noun email using the steps you gave but I keep getting this response that : couldn’t find your google account. please what should I do?
    Please I need help

  3. I tried following the steps stated to create my noun email, but I couldn’t get any results from it. How do I go about it please.

  4. Please, the process seems not working as explained oh! I have tried severally, it kept saying email not found on Google. Thank you.

      1. I tried it still saying couldn’t find your Google account. I just my matric number today do I need to wait or it’s meant to work immediately I try the above.

  5. Good morning sir/ma’am,
    After accessing the mail and changing the password, the mail did not open to see the messages , it keeps showing getting your messages for over 5 days now

    I have to even formatted my device thinking it was space but to not responding..
    What come through for this………….

  6. Hi Everyone nice to meet you all.

    Plz is there any need to submit registration slips to the chosen center before the TMA or no need to submit anything.
    I’ve done all the online stuffs, got my materials in pdf.

    Please do I need to submit??


  7. Thought I was the only one facing this issue. Till now it still keeps saying email not found in google.
    Seems like the system is not fully functional.

  8. Good evening
    Pls I’ve been trying to access my mail but it keeps on telling me account not found.
    Please how do I go about it?

  9. Good morning all
    I’ve done all of these step and it’s still not granting me access to the email. Hmm
    Over a month now.

    Even my Elearning portal is not also opening.

  10. Hello Gbenga, I did all what I can to activate my noun email acct for the purpose of communication between I and my facilitators and/or the NOUN mgt but failed.Any alternative? Kindly help bcos I learnt that an assignment is waiting for me.

  11. i am also experiencing the same thing. a quick question to those experiencing this same thing, have you done all the registration needed?

    1. Same here, pls.
      I thought there sld be a window /menu on noun website where staff or student can log in. Not necessarily Gmail.
      I stand to be corrected, pls
      H’ever, this need to be resolved.

  12. Hello sir, please I could not access my noun email account, it keeps saying could not connect with server. What can I do please

  13. this issue of generating new e-mail with school matric eg Nou…….. ur matric
    is no helpful at all ever since this has been done we are not able to log to main student portal we can not even check results talk less of commence new semester I don’t see this as good thing at all, everything was just been messed up. this is bad ? system now it needs to be re- arranged .

  14. Good morning Sir/Ma.
    The process seems not working and in view of all the comments from earlier respondents I feel relieve that the problem is not from my end. In view of this, we humbly request that whatever the challenge(s) is(are) that you urgently help us look into it. Thank you so much.

  15. Good day
    I forgot the password to my portal, so I was redirected to my student email.. As I was trying to login into my email for the first time in order to get my password fixed, it suddenly said (my password was reset 11days ago). Please how can I fix this, my TMA is already out and I can’t access my portal.

  16. I tried to login to my sch mail when I type in my username it brought out another person’s name and when I tried licking forgotten password it shows contact your domain admin..pls I need urgent help

  17. After resetting my password some months ago , now I tried to login but I forgot my password on my Noun email
    Please how do I recover back my password

  18. please i cant access my school email address i keep getting error message “couldnt find your google account “

  19. Good morning…… please I want to change my study centre…I’m currently at wuse 2…and I want to change to jabi open university…… please I need your advice on how to go about it.

  20. if you want to access your student email its very simple with these steps:

    -type in your student email on email space then click on next
    -Instead of entering the password, you click forgot password
    -It will ask you to complete the phone number( the one you registered with NOUN)
    -complete it and you’ll receive a google code on your phone.
    -enter the code and then create a new password.
    -confirm the password and click ok an you are done!

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