NOUN Procedure For Change of Course/Programme

How to Change Course in National Open University Of Nigeria

NOUN Procedure for Change of Course, How to Apply for Change Course/ Programme through the at the The National Open University Of Nigeria

Choosing your academic path is a big decision, and sometimes, it’s necessary to make adjustments. If you’re a student at the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) considering a change of course/programme, navigating the process can feel overwhelming. Worry not, fellow student! This comprehensive guide will walk you through the steps on how to apply for a change of course seamlessly using the NOUN Support Ticketing Platform:

Steps of Applying for a Change of Course at NOUN

  • Go to the NOUN Support Ticketing Platform: Visit
  • Log in or create an account: If you’re a new user, click “Open New Ticket” and register using your matriculation number or NOUN student email address. Existing users can simply log in with their credentials.
  • Open a new ticket: Click the “Open New Ticket” button and select the “Faculty and Departmental Issues” category then select “Change of Programme” subcategory
  • Fill out the application form: Provide your matriculation number, phone number, and a concise message explaining your request for a change of course.
  • Attach your documents: Upload scanned copies of your proof of admission letter, SSCE/NECO/NABTEB result, Birth certificate and any other certificate for the re-admission to the new course and any other relevant documents supporting your application.
  • Submit your ticket: Review your application carefully and click “Submit” to send it to the NOUN admissions committee.


NOUN Students are allowed to apply for change of programme not less than 10 weeks to the commencement of examinations.


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  1. good dey please am yet to pay for my IT for last semester can i do that this semester?

  2. Good morning sir pls am offering BSc in business adiministration presently 300 level first semester. But I want to change to early child education. Want to find out if Dat is possible and will I have to start a fresh? From 100 level again.

  3. Gd day sir, I secured admission last year. 4 MBA but want to change to educational technology, is it possible. And would I have to pay a fresh school fee

  4. I entered into 200Level with HND in Chemistry /Biochemistry to study B. Sc name yet to appear on graduation List after meeting up with the credit unit for Direct Entry candidate. And I was told my name no longer show as Direct Entry candidate. That I should go back and do all 100Level course again before they could graduate me.
    My question is;
    Where are my files?
    If system fails where is the three files containing my admission letter and credentials?
    What benefit is it to frustrate humans?

    I have written through my centre Director here at Lokoja , with all credentials /documents to support my claim for verification as it was submitted when I enrolled.

    B. sc Chemistry
    direct entry.

    Anyone can help me out, am depressed already and tired. I Need my Notifications of Results this year please for further study.

  5. Please I want to apply for MBA business administration but I already applied for MSC business administration. I am yet to pay for the form, what should I do?

    I hereby write to notify the University (NOUN) of my Entry Level into the university and to effect the change appropriately on my portal.
    MY Name are ONUGWU ERNEST OKONKWO, a student of the faculty of sciences, department of Natural and Applied science, B.Sc Chemistry Program with matric number: NOU144588216.
    I enrolled into the chemistry program with HND in Chemistry/Biochemistry into 200L to study Chemistry.
    The minimum credit unit required for graduation that is on my portal is 120 units instead of 90 units that is required of me as a student who got admitted via direct entry (200 level)
    Sir, please rectify this with immediate effect to facilitate my prompt graduation from the school. The photocopies of my admission letter and other necessary documentation as I supplied when I got admitted qualifying me for Direct Entry Remains intact. Thanks.
    yours sincerely,
    Lokoja centre.

        I am Direct entry student, but the system after migration to new portal not seen me as Direct entry anymore.
        I have written severally through my centre , and my letter is with HOD chemistry. Dr.Ogoko emeka. as I speaks now.
        But I don’t know the progress of the letter and supported documents attached as supplied during my admission time.

        Direct Entry Candidate
        B. sc Chemistry
        Lokoja centre

  7. Good afternoon Sir,
    I am a PGD student and have registered for courses but did not register for exams by mistake. How do I do this now as registration has closed and I have to write exams this semester. Kindly advice me sir.

    Thank you

  8. Kindly advise, the person that helped me register for my programme in NOUN made an error in my first name. How can I correct the error. I will like to correct it before the end of my programme.

  9. Hi, good day sir/madam, am a new applicant With matric number: NOU223137679 in the institution(NOUN)calabar study centre precisely, two days ago when picking the application form i choose environmental management and toxicology as my program of study but because am a personnel in the NIA. ill please love the school authorities and management to help me change the program from environmental management and toxicology to criminology and security studies to aid my career……please, ill be so grateful if my request is considered, thanks. This is my phone number .

  10. Hello, I’m a new applicant “My first name is omitted from the form and there seems to be no way to edit it” I only just found out after paying the application fee. Is there anything I can do about it
    Note: I stopped filling the form because of this.

      1. Pls sir, the study centre I proposed is Ado Ekiti around where I resident, I just got my admission letter now with another center entirely different far away delta state written on it for me to report. How do l change it to Ado. Pls help me in the name of God

  11. I have BSc international relations,got admission on peace studies and conflict resolution, please can I change to public administration sir.

  12. I OJOAWO FLORENCE ABIODUN was admitted into national open university Ibadan . since 2013 ,
    With matric No (NOU148652054)
    I was giving Admission letter starting 200 level ,
    Suddenly my portal just changed to 100 level which my admission letter is 200 level and the issues is affecting me to be graduated since that time
    Also Mr Akintade in national open university Ibadan has sent a message concerning the issues and nothing was done about it.
    Kindly look into this matter and resolve the issue as soon as possible.

    Thank you

    Admission letter attached belo.
    Good morning Florence,

    Please lodge your complaint on the e-ticketing platform categorizing it under ‘FACULTY/DEPARTMENTAL ISSUES’.

    Thank you.
    Hide quoted text

    On Thu, 8 Dec 2022 at 22:59, DOSUNMU FLORENCE wrote:
    I OJOAWO FLORENCE ABIODUN was admitted into national open university Ibadan . since 2013 ,
    With matric No (NOU148652054)
    I was giving Admission letter starting 200 level ,
    Suddenly my portal just changed to 100 level which my admission letter is 200 level and the issues is affecting me to be graduated since that time
    Also Mr Akintade in national open university Ibadan has sent a message concerning the issues and nothing was done about it.
    Kindly look into this matter and resolve the isues .

  13. I registered last year (100 level) and I got a matric number but I saw somewhere that I need to register for each semester just to make sure that my information remain on the portal. now that I’m ready to pay and register the courses, I noticed that it has changed to 200level. can I still go ahead and register my courses for 100 level.

  14. my name is kendabie emmanuel i applied bsc mass coomunication is it possible for me to change to bsc international relations without starting afresh again

  15. Good morning Sir, how are you?
    Kindly guide me on what to do please.
    I was admitted for a law program about 2013 in Lagos study center and moved to Ibadan study center but stopped in my 300l due to a conflict in another course I was taking in Immanuel College of Theology.
    Now I want to study a MBA in peace and conflict resolution. However, I didn’t see a MBA in that but Msc.
    Am I eligible to do an MSC in that? Also, I don’t want a conflict of Matriculation numbers. I’m currently a Civil Servant working in Lagos so would want a Lagos study center.
    Kind of complicated I think.

    Kindly advise me Sir.

  16. I recently did change of program from computer science to health education for 2weeks now and it still has not reflected on my portal, please how long does it takes before it changes

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