NOUN Postgraduate Transcript Application Guidelines

National Open University Transcript

 – Postgraduate Transcripts Application Procedures for Students of the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN)

– Please note that the National Open University transcripts are not sent to individuals but to academic institutions in and outside Nigeria.

– If a transcript applicant wants his/her transcript to be sent to a non-academic institution or corporate organization like credentials assessing agency, an NGO, an MDA, etc, he/she would have to request the organization to write on his/her behalf to the “The Secretary, School of Postgraduate Studies…” in its letterhead and such letter must be duly signed by the appropriate Officer.

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How do I get my Postgraduate transcripts from NOUN University?

NOUN Postgraduate transcripts can be requested or applied for by following the steps below:

  • Payment for the transcript is made via
  • In the field for “Search here for a biller,” type “NATIONAL OPEN UNIVERSITY – 051702400100” (take note not to pay into any other account)
  • Under “Name of Service/Purpose” select “Academic Transcript
  • Ignore the field for “GIFMIS CODE (If unknown contact the MDA)”
  • In the field for “Description”, type “Postgraduate Transcript
  • Then, enter other relevant details and pay online or at the bank.

How Much is NOUN Postgraduate Transcript?

The approved transcript processing fee for local destinations is ₦10,000 (within Nigeria), while for international destinations is ₦25,000 (outside Nigeria).

NOUN Postgraduate Transcript Request Application Form

If you have paid and obtained the Remita receipt, please click the TRANSCRIPT REQUEST FORM below to commence the process.


A transcript applicant is to complete the fields provided on the transcript application page and upload the following documents: a copy of the certificate/notification of result, Remita receipt, application letter from a corporate body (if applicable), and transcript label/reference (if applicable).

After submission, an acknowledgment message would be sent to the applicant via our email:

The Records Unit of the School of Postgraduate Studies could also be reached for further clarification through the above email and our dedicated telephone line: 0811-503-2088 (between 9 am – 4 pm, on working days only).

How Long Does it Take to Get Transcript From NOUN?

The processing timeline is 5 – 15 working days; within this period, the School of Postgraduate Studies of the National Open University of Nigeria pledges to have processed the application for shipment. However, arrival or receipt of dispatched transcripts at chosen destinations will depend on the location.

Once dispatched, an applicant would be notified via email. Alternatively, students/alumni could check for the progress of their application in the postgraduate transcript application link by searching with their matriculation number.



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    1. You will submit
      application letter
      Evidence of remita payment(5,000)
      A copy of certificate/result.

      You will submit 3 copy each.

      1. Thanks Gbenga, where am I suppose to submit it, online or offline (address details pls.) I’ll also like to have your phone number. Mine–08032052891

  1. I applied for my postgraduate transcript on 13th of September 2018 but up till now it has not reached the destination. What else can I do because it is getting late ?

  2. Good evening sir,/ma how much is undergraduate transcript . I graduated at noun in 2014 .when I went to make enquiries on how to apply for master’s in criminology and security studies . the counsellor said am first going to pay 15,700 for transcript before I can process my master’s program . so how much is the transcript for the person that graduated from national open university ,I need an urgent answer thanks

  3. Hello, I enrolled in a programme with NOUN graduated 2014 but I wasn’t around to collect my certificate. How do I go about it now?

  4. The school i applied for Masters abroad does not accept electronic copies, only scanned copies are accepted. How do I go about this please?

  5. students/alumni could check for the progress of their application in the postgraduate transcript application link by searching with their matriculation number. Copied this from you.
    How can I track the transcript andd where is the link for searching with the matric number

  6. Hi,
    I have already paid for local dispatch of my transcript which was not used. Now, I want the transcript to be sent to a school abroad. Should I pay the difference and attached the 2 remita receipts? Kindly treat as urgent

  7. Hello,
    please is there a way to track my PGD transcript application process. Because I need the know how fast the application can be processed.

  8. Please can you share step by step details how to fill out the forms on the site.
    I want to know what to fill where they asked for information like recipient and also forwarding email.

    Counting on your support on this as the school rep number is not going at the moment.

    Thank you

    1. recipient – is the address of the institution you’re sending the transcript to

      email – is the institution or the organization email address

  9. Good morning sir please I tried paying for my transcripts it’s showing 45000 i want to send to education consultant inNigeria thanks

  10. Hi,am trying to process my transcripts but can’t find my matriculation number.Can I still proceed with it regardless?

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