Exam Clearance Procedures For NOUN Students – Yenagoa Study Centre

National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) Students, Yenagoa Study Centre should follow the procedure stated below for their exam clearance.

The clearance exercise is schedule for both POP and E-exams (Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students)

Dear NOUN students, Yenagoa Study Centre is commencing the exam clearance process. However, we have to adopt a new method this time around to enhance Social Distancing. So, we at YSC have outlined the following procedure:

1. Print NOUN exam Clearance Form and fill it meticulously. Affix a recent coloured passport. Click here to Download NOUN exam Clearance Form

2. Print your exam registration slip and the last page of your e-wallet showing your current balance.

3. Please duplicate both your clearance form and the other documents.

4. Come to the study centre at Imgbi road. You will find a box with the label of your faculty on the ground floor. Drop your documents in the appropriate box and go back quietly. Nobody will be allowed by the security to spend more than 2mins within the school premises. So make sure you arrange your documents at home and staple them together before going to school.

5. Your forms will be treated by the clearing officers. Thereafter, you’ll be communicated on how to pick them up.

6. Note that, no clearance no exam.

7. For students who are outside of the state and who may not be able to travel down as a result of the lockdown, we shall make an email account available for them to send in their completed forms.

8. Note that the exercise has started already. Submission of forms will end on 20th May 2020 while retrieval of treated forms will end on 29th May 2020.

9. Wear your nose mask and comply with all NCDC’s guidelines for keeping safe.

NOTE:- This information is for Yenagoa Study Centre only



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