Guidelines For NOUN Graduation Clearance 2024

National Open University Of Nigeria Convocation Clearance 2024

”The National Open University Of Nigeria Graduation Clearance For The 13th Convocation Clearance, NOUN Clearance Form and How To Pay NOUN Convocation FEE”

NOUN Graduation Clearance 2024 – Are you among the graduating class of 2024 at the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN)? Earning your degree is a huge accomplishment, and now it’s time to get cleared for graduation. This article will guide you through the clearance process for NOUN’s 2024 graduating class.

The long-awaited NOUN 2024 gradation list is out, check your name on the NOUN 2024 Convocation List. After you have seen your name, the next step is to prepare the necessary documents for graduation clearance.

According to NOUN 2024_1 academic calendar, the NOUN convocation ceremony is scheduled to take place on Friday, 12th – Saturday, 13th April, 2024.



  • Your full name MUST appear on the school Graduation list
  • Those whose names appear on the graduating list are to visit the link below and fill the graduate exit survey form and NOUN alumni form, submit and print the form.
  • Three (3) printed copies of NOUN clearance form – This will be given to you at the bursary unit at your centre.
  • Graduation clearance slip printed from your portal
  • Any Graduating student with Negative balance in the portal will not be allowed to do the clearance exercise without paying the accruals.
  • All Graduating Students must Pay CONVOCATION FEE of 25,000 within the stipulated time. If you return the convocation gown in good condition, you will get a refund of 5,000 in your bank account.
  • The CONVOCATION FEE of 20,000 must be paid via the official REMITA website only
  • 5,000 payment for NOUN alumni association.


  1. Login to
  2. Click on determine amount payable
    Input your matriculation number and submit
    – You will be redirected to Remita to make the stated payment.
    – Go back to the portal and Click on submit RRR after payment
    – Input matriculation number and RRR to upload the payment
  3. Click on Convocation Payment
    – Pay convocation and Gown fee
    – Enter matriculation number, phone number, email address and Submit. This will populate your details and an amount of 25,000 to be paid
    – Select Remita Account
    – Click on Pay. You will be directed to remita platform to make the payment.
  4. Click on Submit Convocation RRR
    – Enter the RRR number and matric number then submit
  5. Make Payment of 5,000 naira for NOUN alumni association into
    Account Number: 1014150406
    Account Name: NOUNAA
    Bank: Zenith Bank
  6. Fill the graduate exist survey form and noun alumni form from
  7. Procced to the bursary unit in your study centre with the remita receipts of all payments made including remita receipt of school fees and a copy of the graduate exit survey for verification and final clearance.
  8. Obtain the final clearance form from the busary unit and sign off at the faculty, the library, the alumni office, the busary and the driectors office
  9. File a copy at bursary unit and retain original to be presented for collection of certificate

How To Login and Register As An Alumnus

  • Login to the DAL’s website which could be accessed at
  • If you login using laptop or desktop, the whole menu displays at once but if using a Phone, tap on the rectangular block under NOUN logo on the site for the menu to display.
  • Click on the Alumni form
  • Your username is your Full name (Uppercase)
  • Your password is your Matriculation number (Uppercase)
  • As soon as the form displays
  • Fill it properly and submit.

Note: Please PRINT OUT the completed form after submission for stamping. This is to validate your NOUN Advancement Registration and  Clearance process.

NOUN Bursary Clearance Procedure and Requirements

These are the requirements for NOUN bursary clearance exercise for final year students. It can only be done after a student must have been cleared for graduation and/or convocation but before the NOUN certificate collection. Here you have them:

  • Arrange your proof of payment (Remita receipt and Bank Teller)
  • Graduation Clearance slip
  • Convocation Payment slip
  • Alumni Payment slip

NOUN Graduation Clearance Schedule For All Faculties

Assigned days students should go to their study centre for the graduation clearance exercise.


NOUN Clearance Form 2024

Click the button below to download NOUN students final clearance form 2024


NOUN Convocation Fee Payment Procedure 2024


  • Go to the official remita website –
  • At the top of the website, you will see a search box with the inscription “Who do you want to pay?”. Click on that box and type “NATIONAL OPEN UNIVERSITY OF NIGERIA
  • The name of the school (National Open University of Nigeria) will pop up, so click on it.
  • On the next page, you will be provided with upto ten (10) different boxes to fill in your details. So fill the boxes as seen below:
  • NAME OF SERVICE/PURPOSE: Select “Miscellaneous income”
  • DESCRIPTION/PURPOSE OF PAYMENT: Type your reason for payment (which is CONVOCATION and REGISTRATION FEE in this context). But if you’re also paying for other items, ensure you state it there as well.
  • AMOUNT TO PAY (₦): Type the total amount you’re paying for the convocation and registration
  • PAYER’S NAME: Type your and Matric Number. E.g (Abatan Samuel Kelvin NOU123456789)
  • PAYER PHONE: Type your valid phone number
  • PAYER EMAIL: Type your portal email address
  • CONFIRM EMAIL: Re-type your valid portal email address
  • HOW DO YOU WANT TO PAY?: Select “Bank Branch”  (Please don’t be tempted to use other payment methods to avoid issues)
  • After a successful completion of the previous steps, you’ll be able to generate your RRR, so take the RRR to the nearest commercial Bank for final Payment.


This post is authored by Gbenga, an experienced writer in the education sector, specializing in topics related to scholarships, grants, and travel guides. With a passion for empowering and guiding others, Gbenga has honed his skills as a writer to provide valuable insights and information in these specific niches.


  1. Good day Sir,
    You didn’t upload account department courses likeGood day sir, How was your day? I need TMA for this courses:
    Department is Account.
    1)BUS 207:Business communication.
    2) GST 101:Use of English & Communication skill.
    3) ECO 231: Micro Economic theory 1.
    4) ACC 201: taxation 1.
    5) ACC 203: Introduction to financial accounting.
    6) BFN 209: Introduction to finance.
    7) GST 201: Nigeria people and culture.
    8) STT 205: Statistics for management Science.
    9) BUS 205: Introduction to business.

  2. Dear Team,
    Please i want to know if statement below is applicable to graduants who came in through direct entery?

    ” You must also provide evidence of payment of Jamb Regularization (6,000) and Result verification (Postgraduate: 10,000, Undergraduate: 5,000)”

  3. Please my sister said the clearance and convocation is in two phase that she will go to abuja to finish the clearance and convocation process . Please is this true… please someone reply me.

  4. For those who did not attend the convocation ceremony;what are the Criteria for clearance so as to collect our certificate?

  5. My name appeared in the 2019 graduation list but have not done my clearance then, should I wait for 2020 clearnce or what should I do? Thanks

    1. Pls sir,with the postponement of the convocation, will the clearance still be on. Can we still pay for the convocation.

  6. Good Day Team,
    I need an urgent reply on this matter. i got admission into NOUN as a direct entry student. all my results are complete and am due for graduation for 2020. but i went to the headquarter to verify if my name is included in the list that will soon be out only for me to be told that am not qualified cos my name on d school site is showing as a 100level student. i have submitted a proof of my admission letter and the application from i filled to get the admission in 2015 to MIS. Please kindly advice on what to do.

  7. Good day
    While filling the survey exit for 2020 graduant. On the column of year of service; year 2020 is not listed in option, the last year is 2019.

    Please help find a solution to that.

  8. please how can I login to noun new website and is it possible for me to access my e-wallet since i finished my exams in 2018 second semester.

  9. Finally, I have login to the website but what amazed me is that my e-wallet is -130500. Does it mean I am owing 130500

  10. Please Admin, Is Convocation in Abuja compulsory for all Grandaunts? Quick response would be appreciated. Thank you Sir.

  11. Thank you so far for your assistance. Please my name appeared in the convocation list but my name happened to have an initial and I learnt that names with initials won’t receive any certificate. However, I have submitted the correct name but not sure if it was accepted because I submitted a day after the deadline due to delay in my study centre. Please is there any hope for me. Again if the name is accepted how would I know because I don’t want to go to Abuja for nothing.

  12. Am enlisted in the 2020 graduation and my portal has a balance of N 3,500….and am suppose to pay 15,000 for graduation. can i pay 11,500 to add up with my previous balance

  13. Hello Mr Gbenga, when are the 2020 graduands will be able to apply for NYSC EXCLUSION LETTER? Can we get it along with the 2020 batch A? I saw the link for approved senate list, but it did not bring up any information, I guess the senate list has not been uploaded on the NYSC portal.

  14. Hi Gbenga,we started the school in 2015 with the old portal.ln that old portal we paid all including JAMB and RESULT VERIFICATION FEES.,unfortunately we were not issued with any receipt to that effec,it was just a bulk payment of 35,000 .Presently the school is asking for evidence of such payments in this 2020 clearance .What can we do??

  15. Good evening, please I will be glad if you can update me on the clearance details for MSC.
    documents needed and all payments.

  16. Good day,
    Pls I graduated in 2018 and I am unable to access my e-wallet using the website. It keeps returning a message reading “NOT ALLOWED” when I try to login with my Matric. Number.
    What could be the reason for this and how do I resolve it bearing in mind that I need to access my e-wallet in order to commence clearance?

  17. Thank Gbenga for the reply.l want to know if it is important to pay the Alumi National Fee of 5000 and Alumni Study centre 2500?

  18. Sir, what of those of us that can still produce the payment deposit slip and receipt of the Jamb regularization and result verification we paid when we were given admission?
    Also, the Clearance Form downloaded here was not clear at all. May I get another clearance form sir?

  19. I started noun 2015 and I pass all my course but my TP 1 was not released until Thursday 12/3/ 2020 when I check my portal I saw that my TP 1has been release will my name be included in the graduation list for 2020

  20. Good day
    Please enlighten me on this
    I finished my course work 2020 but I defended my project 2022 Jan and my name is not on the graduation list for convocation I want to know if this means till next year 2023 convocation.


  21. Good day team, please advice me on what to do. since 2017, i got admited into noun postgraduate diploma in education. I had written all courseworks and project written and defended but i also noticed that edu economics i sat for d exams and tma, d result was not released and i wrote to mis immediately and nothing has been done. I need d certificate to further my education. Pls. What are d steps i need to take now

  22. Good evening admin, please I was waiting for my SIWES result but not knowing that my name was already on the 2021 graduation list which the convocation should take place in March 2022 but I discovered later in June 2022, which another convocation takes place in 2023, can I do my convocation in 2023 and is it possible for me to get statement of result before I do my clearance inorder to get my certificate.

  23. good afternoon sir. please those that their name is out on the graduation list and don’t have the means for their clearance right now can they do it in their study center wen the next set want to do their clearance?

  24. please I have a balance of 5k in my wallet and am yet to pay for convocation…should I pay on the balance of 15k into my wallet to make up for the convocation? If so how can I access my wallet to make the payments?

  25. Dear Gbenga!
    l am out of country,l won’t participate in the convocation.I do not know to do my clearance for masters degree?Help me with answers to these question: Can l send my wife to do it for me?How much am l suppose to pay?Can l do clearance after convocation?Thanks for your attention

  26. I can’t seem to access my alumni form account. My full name and matric number aren’t working for me to log in, so I can’t access the form. And I am not in the country currently, please. Can anyone help, please?

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