How To Submit TMA in 2024_1 Semester

The National Open University Of Nigeria (NOUN) TMA Portal, How to submit TMA on, NOUN TMA solution, and how to login to noun TMA Portal.

The Directorate of Examination and Assessment (DEA) of the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) has moved the TMA (Tutor Mark Assessment) portal from to, All TMAs including departmental and GSTs courses will be submitted at NOUN ELEARN – Virtual Learning Environment

Tutor Marked Assignment(TMA) is based on your Exam Registration.
It is necessary for you to attempt the three(3) of your TMAs for each registered courses in order to be eligible to take exam.


NOUN TMA Submission Timetable For 2024_1 Semester
11 Things You Need To Know About NOUN TMA

On this page, I will explain everything you need to know about elearn, how to access NOUN TMA portal and submit your TMA on elearn.


Elearn is a virtual learning environment built for the students of National Open University of Nigeria, Through the portal (, NOUN students can access:

  • GST Course Materials
  • GST Learning Videos
  • TMAs and
  • Online Facilitation for all courses



  1. If it’s your first time logging into elearn, Visit the site via
  2. Enter your MATRIC NUMBER (small letters) as your USERNAME (use your matric number e.g nou190000019) and also as your PASSWORD (use your matric number e.g nou190000019) then click Login. The page will load and display: “an administrator has required that you change your password. please change your password to proceed.” When you get the above message, be happy because you are still on d track.
  3. Still, enter your matric number in a column showing “current password”
  4. Scroll down to locate where it is written password and enter a new password of your choice
  5. Underneath, you will see confirm password

Now you have successfully activated your elearn account and log in.1


Guidelines on how to take TMA on elearn after successful login

  1. Click the menu button at the top left corner and locate where you will see MY COURSES, click on it.
  2. The list of all your registered courses for the semester will be displayed.
  3. Click on one of the COURSE, Scroll down, you will see TMA Section, locate QUIZ, and beneath you would see a message like;
  4. Tutor Marked Assignment 1 (TMA1) Quiz.
  5. Click on it and click Attempt TMA now.
  6. After that, the TMA questions will be display, Solve them and submit.


Follow this guidelines to check your TMA Scores or Grade

  1. Log in to your TMA portal
  2. After successful login, Click on the picture icon at the top.
  3. Scroll down, you will see GRADE
  4. Click on it
  5. Your grade will be displayed


If you find it difficult to log in to your NOUN elearn portal after following the procedures stated above, send a mail to or, or open a support ticket attach a copy of your exam registration slip to the mail or ticket. Your elearn portal password will be reset within 24hrs.

You can also reset elearn tma portal password through your NOUN email Address


You can access the National Open University Of Nigeria TMA portal via a mobile app on an android phone.

Steps to access TMA on Mobile App

TMA (Tutor-Marked Assignment) FAQs

  1. What is TMA?
    TMA stands for Tutor-Marked Assignment, a continuous assessment method used at NOUN to evaluate students’ understanding.
  2. How are TMAs scored?
    Each TMA carries 30 marks, while the exam carries 70 marks. TMA scores contribute to your overall course assessment.
  3. How many TMAs are there in a course?
    A course typically has 3 TMAs, namely TMA1, TMA2, and TMA3, each containing 10 best thought-provoking questions worth 10 marks.
  4. How do I submit my TMA?
    TMAs are done and submitted online through the school site for convenience.
  5. Can I re-attempt a TMA after submission?
    No, once you’ve submitted your TMA, re-attempts are not allowed
  6. Are TMAs interdependent?
    Yes, TMA 2 and 3 cannot be attempted before completing TMA 1.
  7. How does TMA impact my final grade?
    Scoring well in TMAs significantly boosts your exam grade and overall performance.
  8. How does TMA confidence affect my results?
    Securing an excellent score in your TMA increases your confidence in achieving a high total mark when combined with the exam.
  9. What is the time limit for completing a TMA?
    Students typically have a week or two to complete each TMA.
  10. Is the TMA conducted online?
    Yes, TMAs are conducted online, providing students with the convenience of digital submissions.
  11. Can TMA 2 be attempted before completing TMA 1?
    No, TMAs need to be completed sequentially.
  12. What happens if a student misses a TMA deadline?
    Missing a TMA deadline may result in incomplete TMAs and deductions in marks.
  13. How does a good TMA score impact exams?
    A good TMA score positively impacts your final exam grades
  14. Whom can I contact for TMA-related issues?
    Reach out to us for assistance.
  15. Can I submit a handwritten TMA?
    Usually, TMAs are submitted online
  16. Can I access TMAs from any device?
    Yes, as long as you have internet access, you can access the Tmas
  17. Can TMAs be attempted collaboratively?
  18. Where can I find TMA deadlines?
    TMA deadlines are usually provided  on the Elearn platform.
  19. How can I excel in TMAs and exams?
    One way to excel in TMAs and exams is to get a mentor or a well-vast consultant us. We can provide valuable guidance, study tips, and support to enhance your performance. We can also submit your TMA for you so you can get good grades. Contact us on Call/Whatsapp:- 08117413104


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  1. Am having difficulty with my password and username, am told that my password and username are incorrect. what can I do?

      1. even after commenting i still cant access my tma 1 at the moment i have tried everything
        pls how do i mark module 1 and 2 of course material, that’s my only restriction . nothing is working

  2. I have logged in successfully to do my Tma on GST302 (Business creation and growth) but the Questions are not available. Please what is the problem?
    Also, Please how can I solve this problem :
    The tma sent for me on ENG341(phonology of English) is not relevant with the course at all.

      1. Pls I have been the trying to take my tma2 but I can’t .. it saying discussion forum must be completed .. Do I have to go back to dashboard after clicking on it…

  3. Good afternoon,
    This is getting serious please we are unable to do the GST help us to provide the right and correct site to use. This is getting out of hand ooooo. Pls. Just help us.

  4. Good day sir, the GST TMAs1 could not still be accessed through the new website announced sir and GST TMAs1 are not still available on my student profile. What is the way out sir?

  5. The site is bringing This page isn’t working didn’t send any data.
    ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE when to login to gst portal

  6. I’m unable to access one of my tma’s (gst 103). I tried to join the conversation forum but I’m not able to, that I don’t belong to any group so I can not join the conversation. I have called the phone numbers displayed on the tma portal but not reachable and I have sent a mail too but was told to call the same phone numbers. Please, what can I do?

  7. Hello, Pls what is the latest information on TMA for Gst302 (Business creation and growth) .No question was uploaded for TMA1 but it was closed. Even TMA2 is not yet ready. However, many are saying it is general problem. Won’t there be solution to the problem.

  8. I was told that get 302 (business creation & growth) doesn’t have any TMAs , instead I was told to think of a business & write a business plan then submit. Pls i want to know how true this is

      1. please how do I submit this business planand to which site please. I have not done any GST TMA. I cant access it. please what can I do

  9. Hello gbenga
    I’m having an issue with my passport photo on my portal. Each time i logon to my portal my photo will not display, and without it I can’t continue with tma-2. Any solution to this issue please…

  10. Honestly these new TMA site is frustrating.
    I’m having big issue with my gst tma1.
    I have tried severally…

  11. Mr Gbenga,
    Thank you for your fast response to people’s concerns. Keep it up.
    So Submission of a business proposal serves as TMA for Gst302? Noted.
    Will it’s exam based on the material given or something else?

  12. Good morning Muideen Omowale, i can see u’re taking gst 302 as well, pls have u been able 2 submit ur business plan? I have tried & tried severally 2 submit it but i don’t know how to, it’s giving me serious issues. They say i have to complete 1-5 modules, i have, still I can’t submit. Pls help me, teach me how 2 do it

  13. Hello Ngozi, have you prepared your business proposal ? You have to type it following the guidelines given in the course material .E. g
    The business proposal will carry the following subheading; name of business, type of business, business registration, financing I.e bank loans, personal saving, borrowing from friends etc, cost implication for renting of shop, payment of workers, cost of items or commodities you want trade I.e clothes, stationaries, glocery, jewelry etc. Expected income and plan for progress.
    Then ,you go to your dashboard and go to attachment then click on upload and click on the saved document you wish to submit,.It will submit and then you will be asked to Save or cancel,,click on save.

    1. Truly, i don’t understand, i would be lying if i said i did. Here is my no, 0806 678 5764, if it’s not 2 much pls whatsapp me. I alrdy have written my business plan it’s submitting it dat’s disturbing me. Thank you 4 replying me, i appreciate it but i would want your help further. Thank you once again

    2. good evening sir. please help me . i have sumitted my GST302 TMA but i dont kwon how to go about the presentation. i dont understand what is or where incubation centre is for south west

    1. Why can’t you complain in your study centre? Or try and get student(s) from your department. I think it may assist you .

  14. I checked with my study centre but I could not login and I found out that most of my colleagues have the same problem.

  15. I can’t do My GST 104, tma3 they are saying restricted unless tma2 is marked complete, meanwhile I have concluded tma2 and I have also participated in the discussion forum. Please help me out.

  16. i complain about my not assessing the GST TMAS, i was attended to but i ve not received any response as said on phone, kindly help me out. number:

  17. Please sir is it only student offering GST courses that can access the new site.. Mylearningspace

    1. NOT only gst courses

      More courses would be added in the future

      but for now, Mylearningspace is for only GST courses

      1. I have problem with password when logging in for my GST TMA. it always tell me unrecognized password. please what do I do.

  18. Please i could not log in despite using my matric no as username and password according to what is stated in the guideline. What can i do?

  19. Pls. Sir, we are in 300 level first semester we want to know that INR393 a GST course becouse the TMA1 is saying that is not yet ready while other TMA1 are all out thank you.

  20. Hello Sir, pls . i want to ask about my study center,Lagos state study center how can i know my exam center when exam comes since we had that we are not writing the exam in our center the, we the new 300 level student while others student are saying the centers are many they change time to time. thank you.

  21. Hello Sir, pls . i want to ask about my study center,Lagos state study center how can i know my exam center when exam comes since we had that we are not writing the exam in our center , we the new 300 level student while others student are saying the centers are many they change time to time . Since we not more in e- exam thank you.

  22. Pls. i want know more about this course INR 393 all TMA 1 and 2 are all out but without this course and the exam is around the corner i will i do and also he is not a GST course what can i do sir. i hope to hear from you soon thank you .

  23. am yet to submit my business plan……i dont know how to go about it
    i have converted it to pdf……whats next?????

  24. am a 300level student …business administration. i discovered that GST302 is not in the pop timetable.are we not writing the exam???????????? and whats the deadline for submission of GST TMA PLAN

  25. Good afternoon sir, I am a 400 l Economics student, I want to find out if I still have to register GST 302 . I registered GST301 sometimes but we were told to drop it that it was not examinable.

  26. Pls, I cant login to the new site, its keep rejecting my password, i have reset my password so many times yet nothings seems to work. Pls what can i do, I need help.


      1. Follow @DlcmsNoun

      2. Click on @DlcmsNoun

      3. Locate the icon shaped like an envelope (✉️)

      3. Type your request/complaints and click send

  27. Pls, sir I didn’t even do my tma1 for all the gst courses pls, help me to login

  28. Good morning sir, my complain is I was trying to login my GST portal but it is showing me that invalid login and they ask me to password and I changed it and it says my username or password is not recognized

  29. Seriously we students are not finding this website easy seriously am not happy Noun should please do something about please.

  30. Can’t take the GST TMAs. All effort to login on Moodle App using elearn website will return an error message “Invalid login, please try again” Please direct me on what to do.

  31. Good Evening,
    My GST 707 result was not released for the last session. I did not have access to the GST portal and i do not have access up till today and i was told since i am writing it as a carry over, i do not need to do the TMA but only the exam. I wrote the exam and scored 28 and the TMA i did the first time i wrote the course was 30.

    Please what do i do as i need this course to graduate?

    If i was to rewrite it how can i login to the site as my matriculation number does not work with it?

    my details are NOU194032886
    PG.D Information Technology

  32. I have followed the steps you gave sir, but still, I can not do my TMA1 and time is fast going, what will I do sir. I am a new student.

  33. Please help me with GST TMAs (807) I am writing carryover of gst 807 and I can log in but don’t have access to all (tma 1, tma 2 and now tma 3

  34. Pls I have been trying to login to my gst portal but it’s saying invalid login
    I message the school no reply till date
    I did forgotten password not message sent
    And tma is around the corner wat can I do

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