Assessment Of GST302 – Business Plan

NOUN GST302 - Business Plan

All National Open University of Nigeria students offering GST302 – Business Creation and Growth are to take note that there will be no multiple-choice TMA. The Student Business Plan shall be the Tutor Marked Assignment (TMA).



The following applies for GST302 Business Creation and Growth

  • Students are to work on a business plan of 2000 words between the fourth and eight weeks of resumption in the semester in their various zones under the guidance of the Incubation Centre Coordinators.  There are three methods available for students to present their business plans according to an agreed schedule. The three methods are by:
  • presenting in the virtual laboratory in the incubation centre;
  • presenting online/real-time using video conferencing facilities (this will enable students to present from anywhere without a geographical barrier)
  • making a 10 minutes video and posting it to CE&GS site where they will be assessed, and feedback provided in an asynchronous online forum.  In this process, the student and the assessors will be online at the same time while the assessors watch the video with questions and answers through messaging.

Student shall spend 10 minutes for presentation and 20 minutes for questions and answers.  All activities for the presentation must not exceed 1 hour.  Three Incubation Centre Coordinators or three assigned assessors shall grade, and average scores shall be recorded by the Incubation Centre Coordinator in the zone.  Students can be grouped into a maximum of 10 to work on same business plan and project, but the role of each student must be well spelt out in the plan.

  • Students put approved business plans into action.  Students work with the CE&GS ICT and content development unit to produce illustration of the business plan.  The illustration may be sketch, simulation or concrete product.
  • Students with excellent prototypes/concepts/products could be encouraged to work with the incubation centre coordinators to take the idea forward.
  • Students present finished products or services
  • Scoring for GST302:
Business Plan 20%
Enterprise development Project (Presentation = 10% and the product or service (prototype or real) = 30%) 40%
Examination 40%
Total 100%


S/N Activity Date
1 Upload of Business Plan 1st September to 9th September, 2022
2 Presentation of Enterprise Idea 12th September to 6th October, 2022


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  1. Good day sir am not aware of business plan presentation and am writing exam next week on GST301 entrepreneurship development what will I do now. Thanks

  2. good evening sir/ma.pls I need a help. I don’t know which website to use in answering my gst 302 tma. I have used the previous spacelearning and I can’t find it the there. pls help

  3. pls what is the differences btw Gst301and Gstt302 sir because have written gst301 exam before but now there was nothing like Gst 301n my portal again what isaw was Gst 302 please sir should I write the exam for GST 302

    1. Are u serious? I didn’t know this. I registered GST 301 in 300l, I’m doing GST 302, I was told I can’t do my project if I didn’t register 4 d course..

  4. hello sir how can i book a date for my presentation after uploading my business plan thank you

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