How To Register Carry Over Course on Noun Portal – Step By Step Guide

How To Register Carry Over Course on National Open University Of Nigeria Portal - How To Register Failed Exams on NOUN Portal - Step By Step Guide

National Open University Of Nigeria (NOUN) Procedure on How To Register Carry Over Course, How to Register NOUN Failed Course on Portal, How to register failed exam on NOUN Portal.

The National Open University Of Nigeria (NOUN) has opened the registration portal( for Registration of carryover course and Exams

Please take note of the following:-

1) To register carry over from the Birth of NOUN till 2016_2nd semester (i.e courses failed when the old portal “” was active) you need register as Course and Exams.

2) To register carry over “from 2017_1st semester till 2017_2nd semester” (I.e courses failed on this new portal “”) you need to register as EXAMS only(N1000only)

3) For those who have an extra semester due to missing result or carry over, please ensure you pay “compulsory fee” so as participate in the TMA process when active.

Also, for those who have to register for carryover or missing results, you “cannot” register for the affected course if the compulsory fee has not been paid.

How To Register Carry Over Course On NOUN Portal

1 Visit

2. Log in to your portal

Noun Portal Student Login Page

3 After login, click on REGISTRATION


4 Fill in First Semester 2018 and Level of the Carryover course (i.e 100,200, 300level e.t.c)

Then click SUBMIT

5 After the page load, click on PROCEED. The course you carry over for the level will appear, all you have to do is move to your right hand side you’re going to see ADD button

6  Click on the ADD button to register it, and click SUBMIT

how to register carry over course

If you follow the steps correctly you should see REGISTRATION SUCCESFUL

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  1. But I was able to register my carry-over course without paying the compulsory fees.
    I generated RRR, paid and printed my exam registration.
    I hope I”M safe?

  2. Please sir i fellowed normal course and exams registration procedures to register my carry-over. am i safe?

  3. Admin. Good day, I submitted my project, seminar and IT in October, 2018. My project result is out, but seminar and IT results are yet to come out. Soon, I know graduation list will be out. Can I graduate without the seminar and IT?


  4. Pls sir, i registered my carry over course but can’t find it on registered exam page. I hope the school will allow me to write the carry over course.

  5. goodday everyone, after registering for carryover (GST107 and GST101) How will i take the TMA test for the carry over courses?

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