Update On NOUN Virtual Examination Policies

National Open University Of Nigeria Virtual Examination Policies

This is to call the attention National Open University Of Nigeria (NOUN) students taking the ongoing 2020_1 semester virtual examination to the following rules and policy.

These policies are applicable to all Undergraduate and Postgraduate students taking virtual exams.


1. Your session is been recorded from start to finish and any violation from your end will lead to your disqualification and booked for a malpractice case.

2. Ensure to start each session from Start —> Exam —–> Stop. If you did not fulfil the last step (Stop) as discovered from most of the student, your recording will still be on and all your conversation will be heard from the DEA engine room.

3. No mobile phone is allowed close to you as the Artificial Intelligence (AI) will sense signal 6 Metres from you when there is a live activity from the phone.

4. Avoid looking away from the camera/screen (Eye focusing up, down, right or left). This will put a flag to your exam attempt.

5. Avoid interference for any other person or children. All background talk will be clearly heard from the DEA engine room.

If you have any complaints or challenges during your virtual exam you can send a mail to


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