How To Summarize NOUN Course Material



You will agree with me when I say most NOUN students don’t really have time for covering their study materials because they are working class and the course material is bulky?

Are you also in this category?

Will you like to know how to cover your study materials in few hours?

Worry no more! In this article, you will learn how to summarize the whole NOUN course materials

How To Summarize NOUN Course Material

As we all know that NOUN course materials are bulky and not easy to cover, so how do you summarize them and make reading easier? Here are a few top tips to help you along your way:

With these tips, you will be able to summarize your course materials in few hours!

Read the material and understand it

This is a very crucial step in summarizing your course materials. To have a better understanding of the material, you need to read it and pay close attention to the keywords and statements. Don’t just read for reading’s sake but read to understand.

Please don’t try to cram the material because you won’t have a full understanding of it. Without proper reading and understanding, you will have to be going back to the chapters again and again and by doing so you will not be able to cover the course on time

Start summarizing

Once you’ve read and understood the book, the next thing is to start writing it down in your notebook, please don’t try to copy the material or write it word for word, learn to use your own English when you do this it shows that you really understood the course. To make the summary easier make sure you write down the summary of each chapter before moving on to the next one.

Pro tips:

  1. Solve all the tutor mark assessment questions in your course materials – NOUN usually set questions from there.
  2. Read the course material you want to summarize and be sure you understand it.
  3. Note down the major points and topical statements in the material.
  4. When summarizing a course material make sure you don’t copy from it, learn to use your own English.
  5. Make sure you write down the summary of each chapter before moving on to the next one.
  6. Keep your summary brief
  7. Practice past questions, you can get past questions here Download NOUN E-exam Past Questions and answers

I think you found this article useful in summarizing your NOUN course materials???

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  1. I find the episode very useful. Thanks for making this provision for me.
    I wish past questions on pop are also available here, such as pcr813, pcr872,pcr813 &pcr811

  2. Have exams on Tuesday and I’m finding it difficult to read and understand the course. I don’t want to carry over this course again this is my last semester. Any help please

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