How to Register NON-Examinable Courses on NOUN Portal

The directorate of the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) has created a separate function for the registration of non-examinable courses on nouonline student portal.

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3. How To Pay For NOUN (IT/SIWES) Logbook
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What are non-examinable courses?

At the National Open University of Nigeria, non-examinable courses are practical courses such as Research Project, Seminar, Industrial Training (IT) / SIWES, Feild Trip, Teaching Practise, Practicum, Thesis, e.t.c

How to register non-examinable courses

Students are to follow this procedures

  • Visit
  • Click on Student
  • Click on Login
  • Enter Login Details then click submit
  • Goto registration and click on Project Registration
  • Select level and then click proceed to display all non-examinable courses available for the selected level
  • Repeat steps 1-4 and 6 for carryover project registration


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  1. Slm. It will be good if you can improve the section by giving additional information on each of the non examable courses. Which may include details of practical, semenar or courses, conduct interval date, procedure and step to follow.
    Stay safe.
    From Ali Adamu

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