Top 11 Things You Need To Know About NOUN TMA

Top 11 Things You Need To Know About National Open University Of Nigeria TMA


The National Open University Of Nigeria (NOUN) have released TMA (Tutors mark Assignment) for the 2022_2 semester on 31st August 2022, all students are advised to submit their TMA before the deadline for submission. See TMA Submission Timetable For 2022_2 Semester – (TMA 1, TMA 2 & TMA 3)

As a fresher at the National Open University of Nigeria, you might be wondering or confused about the term TMA. Do not worry, I will share with you all you need to know about NOUN TMA and How to take TMA on NOUN TMA portal in 2022 semester.

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Before I proceed learn How to Login to NOUN Portal TMA Page and How To Answer NOUN TMA

Here are the things you need to know about NOUN TMA

11 Things You Need To Know About NOUN TMA

1. TMA is the acronym of Tutor Marked Assignment, which is generally known as TEST in conventional universities.

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2. It is the continuous assessment of the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN).

3. It carries 30 marks while exams carry 70 marks.

4. It is of 3 sets which are TMA1, TMA2, and TMA3. A registered course, ENT409 for instance, has 3 TMA. Namely, TMA1, TMA 2, and TMA 3.

5. Each TMA has 10 questions.

6. It is done and submitted online.

7. Each TMA is graded over 10.

8. Your 3 TMA is what will be used for your assessment.

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9. You cannot see your TMA questions again once it’s submitted.

10. If what happened last semester is to go by, it then means that you can’t see TMA 2 until you submit TMA 1. In the same way, until you submit TMA 2, you cant see TMA 3.

11. A good TMA score will go a long way in boosting your result at the end of the day.



  1. Hello, my name is Sunday Ijidipe. A student of Criminology at Abeokuta study center, with matric number: nou173041694.
    Please uptil the time I am writing this mail, I have not see my last result. And the issue is bothering my heart. Please help me work on this and feed me back through my mail.

      1. Good noon Sir I study com technology , my name not found on graduation list that till I change to information technology. I just did it now. How Willi know if I don’t have any course pending that my name will be on the next list

  2. Sir,I want to make an an queries on tma test is it each and every student should get personal lap top for the conduct of the tma test.

  3. Good evening Sir. My friends told me that they have submitted their TMAs but mine has not open. Please Sir what can I do so that I can view my TMAs and submit them.


    1. TMA has been removed from the portal due to some glitch, It would be restored back before next week Monday

    2. TMA has been removed from the portal due to some glitch, It would be restored back before next week Monday….

  4. Only ten (10) questions were seen on each TMA against the twenty (20) is it changed?
    Waiting for the TMA return, please.

  5. Morning sir I need ur help when am filling my admission I don’t change the gender to male’ and am a male am trying to sending them email but dey did not reply and it is showing am a female what shd I do.

  6. Good evening sir. Pls, 2 of my courses plus my project result was not release since 2016 I wrote letter twice. But, thanks to God that they release my project result in this previous results that was released. But still, the two missing courses were not release. I had 1 carryover. When i want to register it last week, I thought the other two will appear so that I can re-register them but, only the carryover work was in the register exams. Please what can i do the get the rest release? Thanks in anticipation.

  7. Boss Gbenga you’re doing a great job responding to our difficulty, I pray may Almighty God strengthen you & also grease your efforts towards your humility to me & my fellow students; Amen!

  8. Please sir I have been logging in to my student portal and the TMA isn’t there and tma starts today

  9. pls sir I wanted to register for noun SHIPPING and MARITIME TECHNOLOGY PLS HOW WOULD I GO ABOUT it, and is form for 2021-2022 out

  10. Hello ,
    I just registered for admission last week and I just submitted my documents for verification… I haven’t been given matric no so I haven’t registered for any course… Am I supposed to participate in the TMA1,If yes, how do I do that?

  11. I couldn’t access my TMA portal writing invalid login . What will I do. business education department

  12. I have finished writing the TMA and I was scored but later when I logged in again, my Human Anatomy II started showing that I have not written it and it’s saying No questions have been added yet.
    Please what could be the problem because all other tma1 for other courses are there except this very course.
    My registration number is NOU221142779
    The courses I registered for are
    Use of English and Communication skill I
    Use of English and Communication skill II
    Physical and Health Assessment
    Medical Microbiology and Parasitology
    Human Anatomy I
    Human Anatomy II
    Foundation of Professional Nursing Practice I
    Human Physiology I
    Medical Biochemistry I

  13. Please, when can new students(Undergraduate) apply for admission to this 2022 Academic calendar in NOUN since I missed January 2022?

  14. Please I need an extension in TMA just for today it’s remaining just two courses to solve I started this TMA two days ago because I completed my registration last week and TMA took Three days to start…😭😭 So please just give us an extension only for today then u can close it. If I do not get an extension I will just conclude that school is not for me😭😭

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