NOUN Requirement For Change Of Study Centre, Statement Of Result, Academic Transcript, Change Of Program e.t.c

NOUN Requirement For Change Of Study Centre, Statement Of Result, Academic Transcript, Change Of Program e.t.c


3 copies of the following:

  • Application letter
  • List of registered courses with clearance stamp from store
  • E-wallet from the portal
  •  Evidence of transfer

3 copies of the following:

  • Application letter
  • Admission letter
  • E-wallet from the portal
  • Result from the portal

3 copies of the following:

  •  Application letter
  • Evidence of Remita payment Or N5,000
  •  A copy of certificate/result

3 copies of the following:

  •  Upload evidence of Remita payment of N25,000 for international or
    N10,000 for local destination
  • Upload certificate/notification result
  • For more information, visit

3 copies of the following:

  • Change of programme form
  • Application form
  • Admission letter
  • O’level results/certificate
  • Evidence of Remita payment

3 copies of the following:

  • Application letter
  • Application form
  • Admission letter
  • Birthday certificate/Newspaper publication

3 copies of the following:

  •  Three proposed topics
  •  Results from portal
  •  List of registered courses
  •  E-wallet


  •  Application letter
  • Admission letter
  • Students ID card
  •  E-wallet

2 copies of the following:

  • Application letter
  • Results from portal
  • Students ID card


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  1. Sir, plz after registration I logged into my portal to attempt my TMAs. TMA 1 and 3 where available while TMA 2 was not available. I attempted 1 and 2 that were available and up till when the TMA portal was closed the TMA was still not available. Please need to know if this will affect my final grade?

      1. Were you able to change the center? How did you go about it from Lagos or did you travel to Abuja to get it done?

  2. Sir, I’m a 400 level Com. Tech. student and i’ve submitted my project since August and the result is not in my portal. Pls sir when will it be uploaded.

      1. I have seen my project result now, thank you so much sir. Another thing is I have 17500 left in my portal, how can I claim so that I can use for my clearance. Thanks so much in anticipation.

  3. I just started the application and was given a unique I’D I choose faculty of science and information technology then went ahead to pay 7.500. Right now I would love to change my faculty to management science before proceeding to fill the form and get my admission letter. How can I go about it sir. Thanks

    1. Goto the study centre you choose during registration and Explain to the ICT officer…

      They will drop the form.

      1. Good sir, sir please i want to do transfer of study center but the close study center to me is National Assembly can i transfer to that place

          1. Good day sir, pls this last semester 2 of my courses tma was not released till d tma was closed, and now d result is out and i fail those two course, plz what do i do

          2. Please I won’t to change from port harcourt study centre to warri study center because of my work, can I apply online through an email? Since I don’t have time to come to port harcourt study center to apply?

  4. Please I will like to know if I have to wait for sometime before I can request for my statement of result after all results have reflected on the portal (Convocation not done yet). And do all Original certificate have to be collected from Abuja if my center is not from Abuja or how do we go about it.

    Thanks in anticipation

  5. I have seen all my results and am still having N17,500 in my portal, pls sir how can I get the money back so that I can use it for my clearance

  6. Hi, I submitted application for change of study center since December and I was told my phone number would be called if my application went through and I still haven’t gotten a call. Any advice?

    1. Hello Emma, please share the process/ procedures for change of study center including the required documents.
      Thank in anticipation.

  7. I was given a grade of I incomplete in the second semester exam in 2018 for a course; Advanced Macro Economic, I never registered for or sat for the exam. Kindly advise me on what to do to have this Incomplete grade deleted from my statement of result.

      1. You said that I should ignore the Incomplete grade sir. I am actuality dige with all my courses and have submitted my final year project. I hope ignoring it will not affect my graduation, like will it not send a red flag to the person in charge of making graduation list and he refuse to ignore my name in the list seeing an incomplete course even though I never registered for it? Just needs your explanation based on my graduation concern. Thank you.

          1. It is not a core or elective course in my program which is Primary Education and that was why I never any time registered for and taken aback since that I was given incomplete for a course I never registered for and has no bearing to my own program.

          2. It is not a core or elective course in my program which is Primary Education and that was why I never at any time registered for it and I was taken aback that I was given an incomplete grade for it, considering that it was a course I never registered for and also one that has no bearing to my own program.

      1. Can you assist with the process for transfer from Abuja to Lagos? My work won’t allow me to come over there to process it.

    1. Good evening,
      Please anyone which an idea of how long it takes to get a transcript sent within and outside Nigeria, I requested over two months month no responses, and the school over there are already winding down admission for Spring session
      Any information please help

  8. Hello sir, I registered for B.A English language last year but didn’t register any course then, it’s been close to four months now and I want to change my study centre and also start the program. What can I do sir?

  9. pls sr,i want to complete my BNSC in nursing at noun with my transcript,m in 400 level in Port novo,what is the process

  10. Hello sir…. Am a final year student that needs a change of study center due to my change in location….. I filled a form at the study center and stated my reasons but since August last year, my study center has not been changed… And it is no longer convenient for me to be traveling to the other study center… Wat do I do sir?

  11. I applied for a transfer of study centre,since January 2019, but no any response was received by me. A noun staff checked and told me that the message transfer was effected, but on entering my portal I saw neither the new nor the old study centre. What’s the way out pls.

  12. Is it possible for me to change my study center from ado ekiti to VI lagos. But someone told me it’s possible for those studying nursing only. But I’m studying entrepreneurship and business management. Can I change my study center?

    1. You can’t change study centre now because exam is coming up soon, the best time to apply for change of study centre is when the school portal is open for registration.

      Please go to your for more inquiries

      1. Thank you sir
        But can I do the change of study center? Because I’m studying entrepreneurship and business management….. And someone told me it is only people that are studying nursing and criminology that can change their study center…I don’t know how true it is

  13. I apply for change of study centre, and was told it was effected and know at the new centre but my portal is reading the formal centre. What can I do sir

  14. Can someone be allow to go to another centre to write his pop exams? May be my job mandeted me to traveled to another place , and that very day I have paper, can I go to the place and write my exams since its on line. Eg pop exam

  15. Hello, Mr Gbenga, I finished my PGD program and submitted my project but my name did not reflect in the graduation list due to late submission of my project IN February 2019. Now the grade for the project has been posted on my profile and I passed all my courses. I would like to request for a statement of result and transcript to be sent overseas, can this be done even though I am yet to receive my certificate/done convocation?

    You are doing a good job with your responses on this platform. Please keep it up. We appreciate it.


  16. Pls how do I change my study centre to Uromi Edo State. I had obtained the form(February 14) and had opened file at Ilorin Kwara state study centre but due to the nature of my job I had been relocated to Uromi Edo state

  17. Please is registration still on going and how can I apply for entrepreneurship and management course

  18. Please I want to apply for nursing science but it keep asking for my nursing license/certificate, can’t an o’level student apply because it’s seems you must have done a college of health nursing school first

  19. Please admin I checked my result on the portal and I saw I-TYPE status and under it for some of my courses I did last, I saw “AV” (which shows under the i-type status) please what does this mean?. And another thing, my result was showing “statement of result” instead of normal result, (though I suppose to have been done if not for d failed result that I have)is it telling me that am done with my courses or it’s normal, maybe I have overshoot.
    I am a masters student.
    Thank you

  20. My project result is not yet out, Pls can I get my statement of result or it has to come out first

  21. I registered for PGDE but my middle name did not appeared on the form, when l printed it, what will l do next?

    1. Goto any NOUN study centre close to you… meet the ICT staff and explain to them.

      They will correct it

  22. what there is a mistake in the name how do you change that… is there a need for another form

  23. All my results from 200 level are not showing in my Portal and I am done with all my courses and exams, what do I do?

  24. Hello,
    I want to Apply for a Short Course in Germany,… And they are requesting for my 100L Transcript /Result, I am Currently in Noun 200L, Even if I Download my result from the Portal it has an inscription on it saying its not the authentic One and that it needs to be signed by the registrar,.. Pls Can anyone Explain to me how I can get this Done
    Thank you

  25. Good day sir / Ma i am having a problem with study centre for my exams now which i have been doing all my exams in one study centre mccarthy and now am told to go to apapa study centre
    Pls i need help to chang my study centre from apapa to mccarthy where i have been doing all exams and i stay around there pls

  26. I want to know if it is possible to DEFER COURSES now that the exams are ongoing as it seems I would not be able available for some of my exams

  27. Can I write my exams in another study centre on the examination day. For example…… Registered at Abeokuta study centre willing to write in Abuja or Kaduna study centre

  28. Good day.
    Pls I was given admission in June this year and have done my screening Lagos study centre but was not able to start this year. But
    Come January 2020 I won’t be in Lagos were my study centre is, do I still need a transfer letter from Lagos study centre before registering in my new study centre?
    Thank u

  29. Good day Gbanga. I am done with my course work and project, my project has been released and I was expecting my name to be among those shortlisted for graduation in the last released graduation list but it wasn’t among.

    I have tried finding out from my study centre what could be responsible but nobody seems to have an answer for me.

    How can I find out what is responsible and if it is unwritten courses, what those courses are so that I clear them up.

  30. Yes,and out of the 204 credit needed to graduate, I have done 222 credit units so far.
    At least I would have loved to find out from someone from within the system why I have still not been shortlisted for graduation.


  31. Good day sir, I just have one semester left which am registering now my question is will the newly added GST courses affect my graduation and when will this set be graduating sir thanks

      1. Good evening Mr Gbenga, I’m a new M.ed student who wishes to apply for a change of study centre. How do I get a printout of my e-wallet? And which officer do I approach for a change of study centre please?

  32. I mistakenly selected a wrong center during registration for the admission year 2020 and would like it changed to the Lagos Study Center, VI Lagos state for my convenience. I just registered on Monday . Please what can I do?

  33. I applied for change of study centre to from Lokoja To Minna centre but to my suprise when i opened my portal i saw that i was transfer to IDAH study centre which i did not applied for.

    Please what will i do?

  34. Good Evening Sir, i started the program in Lagos later relocated to Bayelsa,i want to make change of study center from Lagos to Bayelsa. Can i get a transfer letter without going to Lagos because of my tight schedule. My study is in Victoria Island.

      1. Hi! Pls, I’ve been unable to print my admission letter on NOUN portal, it keeps saying admission pending. What could be the problem sir?

      2. Good morning,
        I am a 400 level
        While trying to register my courses, I am expecting the courses I failed and the one I did not submit business plan, I discovered the courses loaded in my Portal are ones I did them and successfully passed.
        What can do to get my results from
        100 level to 400 level to enable me know what to do since course registration is still going on.
        I will be so much appreciated.

  35. Good morning Sir please sir there’s this course pad251 I registered in 200level in 2017 it shows in my EWallet but didn’t appear in my registered exam, so this my last semester I decided to register same course and it has been deducted me from the e-wallet but yet not showing in my registered courses
    this is my last semester please sir help me

  36. New graduation/convocation list is out guy… Congratulations to all that made it. Gbenga kindly share the list here for folks to download. Cheers

  37. Good afternoon sir, I made a error when filling my postgraduate admission form. Instead of typing 2008, i typed 2098 as year of graduation. please is there anyway i can edit it. Thanks

      1. Good evening sir, I checked the nysc list my name was not found, but my name is out for graduation .
        Following the information this year noun student were enlisted for Nysc.

  38. Good evening sir, I checked the nysc list my name was not found, but my name is out for graduation .
    Following the information this year noun student were enlisted for Nysc.

  39. Sir, my practicum result is not yet in my portal and convocation is almost here,when will it be uploaded. That’s the only result left and my name is not in the graduation list. Thanks

    1. I registered for Edu 723 last semester, completed the TEST but could not write the EXAMS. In my final result released, INCOMPLETE was written in FRONT of EDU 723. I am to write the TEST again this semester after registering the course or I am to wait for the EXAMS only

  40. when will noun call for screening for new student or when can student go to the nearest center for screening

  41. Please from TMA one to three i was not able to do any of it because my portal refused to open , is there anything ,what can I do about it please

  42. I appreciate your good work mr gbenga, please I’m having discrepancy regarding date of birth, please can i get the DOB corrected on my transcript?
    I will be glad to receive your reply.


  43. Good day Mr Gbenga.
    Sir I applied for change of study centre from wusse 2 study centre to lafia study centre nasarawa state.
    I applied about a month plus now, yet it has not reflected.
    I went to my study centre (wuse2) to confirm why they said it will take up to 2months.
    Plus how do I go about it. Because I have been transferred out of Abuja.

  44. Pls, my brother is in Lagos, attending NOUN, the island campus.
    How can I transfer him to Abuja?
    I want him to relocate up here

  45. Sir I applied for change of study centre from Owerri study centre to Ikeja study centre Lagos state.
    I applied about a month plus now, yet it has not reflected.
    I don’t know why is taking too much time pls I need a help Because I have gone to meet my husband.

          1. Please, I just applied for a PGDE but I noticed that I chose a wrong study center. Can I go to any Centre to change it.

  46. Hello Sir,
    Good evening , please I want to apply for Masters in Educational Administration and Planning,
    I have in Accounting and have successfully pass my exams PGDE with NTI,
    But the certificate is not ready but they can sent my transcript to prove that I passed all the courses,
    Please can I apply for the masters program with my B.Sc result and PGDE transcript,
    I wait for your kind feedback,

  47. I apply for change of study centre 5/04/2022 and i was told they will work on it and know at the new centre but my portal is reading the formal centre. What can I do sir

  48. when i was at akwa ibom state, I study accounting uyo study centre. now am in lagos how can i continue my program here in lagos?

  49. Sir, am a student of mushin study centre, because of my job am now in makurdi and I will be here until when my e-exam will start, and I need recommendation letter

  50. Good evening sir, I will like to know if I need transfer or not. I did all my registration at Ibadan study center and I was given admission in year 2020,Matric number and everything,but I could not finished my exams before I moved from Ibadan to Abeokuta. Now I want to continue my study here in Abeokuta,what are the steps to take? Thank you.

  51. Hello Mr Gbenga, pls I have an issue. I finished my final exam aroun may 2019. I was told to being topics for my project which I did. When I submitted the topics I was told that there’s a particular course I need to do before I can do project. So I went back to my portal to register the course but I couldn’t find the course. I checked all my courses from 100l but couldn’t find it. Sine then I’ve not been able to go back to noun. But I want to pick it up from where I stopped now. How do I go about it? What are the things I’m supposed to do? And secondly, can I change my study centre in my final year?

  52. Gudday Mr Gbenga.. pls am in my final.semester I stopped in 2019 400l mass communication and am ready to continue…please what can I do about it

  53. Good evening sir. Please I will like to change my study centre from Island study centre to mainland study centre, Ikeja to be prescise. Thank you sir

  54. please I would like to change my study centre from Mcarthy study centre to Lagos mainland study centre. how do I do that.

  55. I m presently in another state diff from where my study center is located…….and exams has started….can I go to the study center in this state and go on with my exams

      1. Hello please i need some help.
        My brother got admission and he has uploaded all his documents for verification but he keeps getting the message on the portal that he has not been verified. What can be done ?

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