How To Print NOUN Student ID Card

NOUN Student ID Card Printing Procedures

1. Go To the Nouonline portal website >

National Open University of Nigeria Homepage

2. Click on “Student Login.” Enter your student portal login information – Matric number, password and Click Submit

Noun Portal Student Login Page

3. On the school portal student profile page, Click on Upload your photo (after Home and before Courses)

Noun Student ID card Upload your Photo National Open University of Nigeria

4. Click on Choose File to Select the photo (Student id card) for upload from your computer/smartphone.

Note: Photo name MUST be your matric number in the form nouxxxxxxxxx.jpg or nouxxxxxxxxx.png

Choose photo to upload to Noun student id card printing National Open University of Nigeria

5. Then Click the Submit button to upload the photo.

Click submit to upload your student id card National Open University of Nigeria (1)

6. Now, Go back to the Nouonline portal student profile page. At the Portal Menu, Click on Registration

At the nouonline portal menu click on registration

7. From Registration => click on Your ID Card in the drop-down menu.

From Registration click on your id card

8. In the next opened page, Click on Preview ID Card

Click on Preview ID Card National Open University of Nigeria

9. Finally, Click on Print Card to have your student ID Card ready.

Remember to adjust the size of the ID Card in the printer settings before printing.



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  1. Good day,
    I have followed the steps to print my ID card, I can’t seem to do it. My uploaded picture is on my page, however, it does not go beyond “Your ID card”.

    Please help.
    Thank you

  2. Guys I need help
    Uploaded my pic but it didn’t show on my page
    After uploading i saw the message “The file Nou17…png has been uploaded”
    What should I do?

  3. Hello, from the above explanation as regards printing of ID Card, I tried all I can but didn’t work out. I uploaded my passport but could not display, I click on student login/registration, but didn’t see any print ID Card, my passport is not even displaying and if I tried to upload another one it will reject and display the result of the existing one. Please what will I do?

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