How To Upload Your Picture To National Open University Of Nigeria (NOUONLINE) Portal

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In this post, i  will show you step by step guide on how to upload your picture to National Open University Of Nigeria (NOUN) Nouonline Portal. It’s very important to upload your picture on your portal.

What you need to do

  1. Take a passport-size picture with a plain (white/light) background
  2. Scan / copy the picture to your hard drive or other storage medium
  3. Make sure the photo is in JPG or PNG format
  4. Name the picture using your matric number, for example, NOU179546789.jpg or NOU179546789.png
  5. Goto
  6. Log in to your portal and click on ‘Upload your photo
  7. Navigate your system/phone to choose the photo file from where you store it
  8. Click Upload

Your picture should upload successfully, If you’re having any difficulties please drop your message in the comment box, we will assist you.



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  1. Please I’m trying to upload my passport but not successful. I assist me. I edited the photo’s name I put my matric number.

    1. I am having the same problem, i rename the picture to my matric number. but i get an error that Try again!
      The filename is too long!
      Sorry, your file was not uploaded.

  2. pls must i have a picture in my system before uploading or the picture wil be send to my profile from the noun portal

      1. I uploaded my picture in the passport uploading page and it successfully uploaded, but when I go to my main portal page the picture doesn’t show there.

  3. I uploaded and it said successful but nothing is showing. I tried uploading again and it says picture already exists

  4. i have already have photo on it, but i want to change it please help me out….what should i do please sir.

  5. Pls which bank will I pay my money to cos I went to first bank today dey rejet it and said DAT it is not going pls help me cos d portal will soon close nw and I want to register my exam

  6. Tnks pls av register my exam now I did not see my TMA i
    f I click on your course I did not even see tutor marked assignment on the drop menu bar pls wot happen

  7. Thanks but I av done all these and still couldn’t upload. All I get as reply is ur photo file name doesn’t match ur matric number, same matric number I used to register my courses and do other things.

  8. Good day, please am trying to upload my picture in my portal and it keeps displaying file already exist. What do I do please?

  9. Good morning. Pls help me out. hv been trying to upload my passport but it saying Sorry, file already exists.
    Try again!
    The filename does NOT match your matric number.
    The filename is too short!
    Sorry, your file was not uploaded.

  10. I want to change my passport, the one I uploaded was a mistake , I tried changing but not working out . please help

  11. i have uploaded my photo but its still showing me Student needs to upload a most recent photo!… please help me

  12. I am having the same problem with Salisu. After uploading, it still keep saying student must upload the most recent photo. pls help! I can’t even register for exam because of the photo. I’m a new student.

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