GST302 Presentation Timetable For 2021_1 Semester – South West Study Centres

The Directorate of Entrepreneurship and General Studies of the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) has released GST302 business plan presentation timetable for the 2021_1 semester for students in southwest incubation centres. According to the timetable, southwest study centres will start their GST302 business plan presentation on 3rd May 2021 – 27th May 2021.

NOUN students taking GST302 – business creation and growth are advised to write and upload their business plan before the presentation day.

1. Things You Need To Know About GST302 – Business Creation and Growth
2. GST302 Business Plan Template
3. GST302 Business Plan Submission and Presentation Date in 2021_1 Semester


SNStudy Centre (s)Date (s)Venue
1Lagos Study Centre3rd to 7th; 17th, 21st May 2021Southwest Incubation Centre
2Ibadan Study Centre11th to 15th; 22nd -24th May 2021Ibadan Study Centre’s Hall
3Akure Study Centre8th May to 10th May 2021Akure Study Centre’s Hall
4Nigerian Maximum Security Prison Special Study Centre Kirikiri2nd May May 2021Kirikiri Prison
5Mushin Study Centre Lagos3rd to 7th May 2021Mushin Study Centre’s Hall
6Nigeria Navy Special Study Centre Apapa Lagos10th to 14th May 2021Mushin Study Centre’s Hall
7Awa-Ijebu Community Study Centre17th May 2021Awa-Ijebu CSC’s Hall
8Ado-Ekiti Study Centre19th May 2021Ado-Ekiti Study Centre’s Hall
9Iwo Study Centre18th May 2021Iwo Study Centre’s Hall
10Otan-Ayegbaju Community Study Centre20th May 2021Otan-Ayegbaju CSC’s Hall
11Mccarthy Study Centre Lagos3rd to 10th May 2021Mccarthy Study Centr’s Hall
12Abeokuta Study Centre12th to 18th May 2021Abeokuta Study Centre’s Hall
13Osogbo Study Centre20th to 27th May 2021Osogbo Study Centre’s Hall


Access to health servicesEateriesLocal food production for better access to safe, affordable and nutritious food and fighting malnutrition and anemia.Restoring degraded land; Reducing packaging waste
Agricultural farmingEntrepreneurship training programsLow-income food markets and Reducing consumer food wasteRice milling
Agtech sensors to monitor crops and improve yieldsFadama -(Dry season) farmingManicure servicesRoast yam and plantain at strategic business places in urban settings
Aquaponics farms in urban locations to sell vegetablesFashion designingMarket fresh fish, bush meat and even specially packaged goat meats to hotels and home and be wealthy.Safety matches production
Baby cerealFinance and tech career preparation programsMarketer of end products like food produce, fertilizers, stationeries, household goods, books , electronics, wares-cloths, neck tire, under waresSalad and smoothies making
BakeryFire wood gathering and marketingMicronutrient rich foods.Sales of food time table and how to prepare healthy meals
Barbing saloonFish farmingNative-language agricultural education platformSaw milling
Bead makingFitness CentreOnline Surveys and Agricultural Data processing SitesSchool proprietress
Beauty salon and cosmeticsFood bloggerOperate a fruit and vegetable outlet and make daily income.Seedling multiplication
Bees keeping (Apiculture)Food packing Operating a relaxation joint/games spot with fresh and cold fruit juice like sobo, kunu with other varieties of products in Urban settingsShampoo production
Book writing on nutritionForest and wooden decorative materials.Orchard and plantations farming like banana, cashew, plantain, and mango and even palm trees.Snail farming
Boutique shop operationForest ecosystem servicesOrganic baby foodSoap making
Building income opportunities for the small farmer-owned production unitsFresh fruit juice productionOrganic body and skin care productsSoftware Engineering
Carbonate beveragesGarri productionOrganic FarmingSoluble coffee making
Cassava starch productionGoats/ sheep rearingOrganic food canningSustainable aquaculture; Technology in smallholder farms and Micro-irrigation
Cassava/yam flour processingGrain production/ storageOrganic manure and inorganic fertilizer productionTailoring services.
Catering ServicesGrain transportationPiggeryTechnological upgrading and innovation
Cattle intensification and Urban agricultureGrass cutter rearingPopcorn makingToothpick production
Childcare centreGrocery storePoultry farmingTree crops (palm trees, rubbers, cocoa e.t.c production)
Children nutritionistGroundnut shellingProcessing of animal feedsTubers (yams, cassava, sweet potatoes e.t.c.) production
Cocoa productionHair cream productionProduct reformulation and Technology in large-scale farmsTurkey farm
Cold/frozen food and fruit outletsHair dressing saloon servicesProductive ventures like ice-cream, yoghurt and soya milk.Under wears making and marketing
Dietary switchHome furniture marketing.Rabbit farmingVegetable/ fruit cultivation
 Dry season farming like maize , vegetable, pepper, okro, tomatoes, pumpkinHorticultureReducing food waste in the value chainWomen-owned micro-businesses to reduce the high rates of under nutrition and obesity.
Dye production.Livestock feed production Much room cultivationResilient livelihoods for vulnerable households.Wood cups and kitchen usable material production.


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