National Open University Of Nigeria (NOUN) School Fees

The National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) school fees schedule for Undergraduate, Postgraduate Diploma, Master, and Ph.D. in the 2023_2 semester.

In today’s fast-paced and competitive world, education plays a crucial role in shaping our future. One institution that has been at the forefront of providing quality education in Nigeria is the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN). As an open and distance learning institution, NOUN offers flexible programs and opportunities to a diverse range of students. However, like any educational institution, NOUN requires students to pay school fees to sustain its operations and provide a conducive learning environment. In this article, we provide an overview of the NOUN school fee structure for new and returning students.


School Fees Structure for New Students at NOUN

When considering enrollment at NOUN, it is essential for new students to have a clear understanding of the school fee structure. The university offers both undergraduate and postgraduate programs, each with its own fee schedule. By familiarizing themselves with the financial requirements, prospective students can make informed decisions about their educational journey.

NOUN Undergraduate School Fees for New Intake

For new undergraduate students, NOUN’s school fee structure includes various components. These typically consist of semester registration fees, examination fees, matriculation Fees, I.D. cards, ICT administrative charges, etc. The specific fees may vary depending on the chosen program and the number of credit units taken per semester. It is important to note that the fees are subject to periodic reviews by the university.

New Undergraduate Students Compulsory Fees – First Semester

Semester Registration Fee7,500
Caution Deposit5,000
Orientation Fee3,000
Matriculation Fee2,500
I.D. Card1,000
Library Fees4,000
ICT Administrative Charges7,500
Jamb Regularization7,500
Result/ Verification10,000
Total compulsory Fee55,000

Course Registration Fee

2 Credit Units Course2,000
3 Credit Units Course2,500
4 Credit Units Course (Law Students)3,000
Practical (Faculty of Science)6,000 per course

Examination Registration Fee

Undergraduate Students (Per Course)1,500

Second Semester Registration Fee

Semester Registration Fee7,500
Library Fee4,000
ICT Administrative Charge7,500
Total compulsory Fee26,500

Course Registration Fee

2 Credit Units Course2,000
3 Credit Units Course2,500
4 Credit Units Course (Law Students)3,000
Practical (Faculty of Science)6,000 per course

Examination Registration Fee

Undergraduate Students (Per Course)1,500

NOTE:- Aspirants seeking admission into the National Open University of Nigeria undergraduate programme should budget at least 90,000 naira in the first semester, Faculty of science students should budget 130,000 naira in the first semester, NOUN Undergraduate Admission Form – ₦5,000.00

NOUN Postgraduate School Fees for New Intake

New postgraduate students at NOUN are required to pay fees based on their chosen program. The fee structure for postgraduate programs will encompass semester registration fees, project supervision fees, and other relevant charges.

New Postgraduate Compulsory Fee – First Semester

Semester registration fee10,000
Caution Deposit7,000
Orientation Fee5,000
Matriculation Fee3,000
I.D. Card1,000
Library Fee5,000
ICT Administrative Charge7,500
Result/ Verification10,000
Student Transcript Verification5,000
Total compulsory Fee61,000

Course Registration Fee

2 Credit Units Course4,000
3 Credit Units Course5,000

Examination Registration Fee

Postgraduate Students (Per Course)3,000

Second Semester Registration Fee

Semester Registration Fee10,000
Library Fee5,000
ICT Administrative Charge7,500
Total compulsory Fee30,000

Course Registration Fee

2 Credit Units Course4,000
3 Credit Units Course5,000

Examination Registration Fee

Postgraduate Students (Per Course)3,000

NOTE:- Aspirants seeking admission into the National Open University of Nigeria Postgraduate programme should budget at least 140,000 naira in the first semester, NOUN Postgraduate Admission Form – ₦7,500.00

NOUN Ph.D. School Fees

Semester registration fee50,000
Caution Deposit30,000
Orientation Fee10,000
Matriculation Fee10,000
I.D. Card2,500
Library Fee10,000
ICT Administrative Charge15,000
Result/ Verification10,000
Laboratory Fee30,000
Total compulsory Fee177,500


To calculate the NOUN school fee per semester, you will need to consider the following factors:

  • Your program: The cost of school fees varies depending on whether you are enrolled in an undergraduate or postgraduate program.
  • The number of courses you are taking: The more courses you take, the higher your school fees will be.
  • The semester: The cost of school fees is slightly higher in the first semester than in the second semester.

Once you have considered these factors, you can use the following formula to calculate your NOUN school fee per semester:

NOUN school fee per semester = Compulsory fee + the number of your 3 credit units courses + the number of your 2 credit units courses + 1,500 for each course as exam registration fee

EXAMPLE: if I’m offering 8 courses this semester – Undergraduate Students

3unit is 2500 x 2 = 5,000
2unit is 2000 x 6 = 12,000
Compulsory fee = 55,000
Exam fee 1500 x 8 = 12,000

TOTAL:- 84,000

Teaching Practice and SIWES Fees

Teaching Practices and SIWES fees for undergraduate in relevant faculties 12,000
Teaching Practices for PGDE Students in the Faculty of Education15,000
Practicum for M.ED Educational Administration and Planning Students and Guidance and Counseling15,000

Practicum/Clinical Attachment in the Faculty of Health Science

Practicum/Clinical Attachment – Undergraduate15,000
All Practical Courses in Faculty of Science – Undergraduate6,000
Practicum/Clinical Attachment – Postgraduate20,000

Research Seminar and Project Registration Fee

Undergraduate Project25,000
Undergraduate Seminar5,000
Postgraduate Diploma Project40,000
Postgraduate Diploma Seminar10,000
Masters Degree Project50,000
Masters Seminar10,000


The NOUN school fees are relatively affordable, and they are broken down into different components. This article has provided an overview of the NOUN school fees structure, as well as information on how to pay the fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does NOUN pay school fees per semester?
    NOUN is different from other Nigerian universities, NOUN school fees are paid per semester, not per session (per year)
  2. What is the NOUN compulsory fee?
    NOUN’s compulsory fee for undergraduate students is 55,000 naira, while the compulsory fee for Postgraduate students is 61,000 naira
  3. How do I pay my NOUN university school fees?
    Please, click on this link and follow the procedures
  4. How much are noun school fees for new students?
    For an undergraduate Programme budget 90,000 naira
    For the Postgraduate Programme budget 140,000 naira
  5. What are the deadlines for paying NOUN school fees?
    The deadlines for paying NOUN school fees vary depending on the semester. However, you should always pay your fees as early as possible to avoid late payment fees.
  6. What are the accepted payment methods for NOUN school fees?
    NOUN accepts various payment methods, including online platforms, bank transfers, and designated bank branches.
  7. Is NOUN school fees paid per semester or session?
    NOUN school fees are paid per semester. The cost of school fees is slightly higher in the first semester than in the second semester.
  8. How much is NOUN exam registration?
    The cost of NOUN exam registration varies depending on the program you are enrolled in and the number of courses you are taking. For undergraduate students, the cost of exam registration is N1,500 per course. For postgraduate students, the cost of exam registration is N3,000 per course.


This post is authored by Gbenga, an experienced writer in the education sector, specializing in topics related to scholarships, grants, and travel guides. With a passion for empowering and guiding others, Gbenga has honed his skills as a writer to provide valuable insights and information in these specific niches.


  1. NOUN has kill students that required increase fee new on courses a return students who are in 300 and 400 Level. We students poor afford with this fee new courses which like SWIES #10,000 & TEACHING PRACTICE #10,000 and PROJECT #15,000. So, before we register courses SWIES #2500, TEACHING PRACTICE #2500 and PROJECTS #10,000 that make students fast paid in time running but now we’re face difficult financial due to spend heavy print paper & teach children in school with cost transfer from one another place. The School management should consider about this problem is many reasons for students’s afford are face hardly time. Thank you enough is enough… We may taken protest against the authority school

  2. hello sir/ma.
    please i am a 04 student. but due to financial constraint and family issues,ive not completed my course of study . the last exam i sat for was 2 years ago. what is my chance of finishing because iwas on the final level before i had the stop. i need your advice. thanks.

      1. I intend to study for masters in public health. I had a 2.2 in Biochemistry. Pls what steps am I to take for registrations, the amount and proceedings to follow. And pls the time table etc please.thanks

          1. Halo,Good Morning Sir,my name is john ironbar,i graduated with a 2:2 in Human Anatomy and i would love to continue my masters in public health,please when is the new session commencing,and how can i apply for the programme
            thank you Sir

        1. Hello! Did you later follow through with the Masters? I had a 2.2 in Biochemistry as well and want to go for masters in Public Health at Noun. Please I’d be happy to speak with you on this. Thanks

          1. i just applied with for public health with a 2.2 in microbiolology. got my admission after payment and filling the form. its pretty straight forward. check on the link provided above.

          2. Have you applied now. I applied already though for another BSc in public health. There might be a slight issue with their public health course

    1. Can I apply for Msc with a third class bachelor degree in Business education (Accounting) to study public administration?

        1. Good morning. Please I’m a graduate of Agricultural economic with 3rd class and have over 5years working experience but in public health and health data capturing, is it possible for me to to a masters in public health? Or do I need a PGD 1st

  3. hello,please help me i don`t seem to access my 1st tma i`ve tried severally but just couldnt and ill be starting my exams soon.

  4. Sir! i got f9 in English in my o’level result and i want to obtaine noun 2019/2020form, i ‘ll sit for another exam around may&june 2019 can i meet up thank sir.

    1. There are two semesters in a session. If you can’t make it in first semester, you can apply and be admitted in the second semester of 2019.

    2. How many semesters will I do before I finish a master program in Noun ?
      Secondly I studied philosophy can I do master in business administration ?

  5. Please I need to know the amount payable for msc educational administration and planning.i even want to know if the mushin annex offers this.

  6. Hi, I’ve already applied for PGD and printed Admission Letter and other documents for proof of payment. I was at the Mushin Study centre late last month for screening but was told to check back in June/July.

    I will like to ask if admission for PGD is indeed in progress.

    1. Registration have closed for this semester…

      Another semester registration would start in June/July 2019

      1. So this means that I can kick-start the process from where I stopped right? (i.e for the PGD process I started in late March).

          1. I want yo obtain PGD form , I have bsc in psychology but Now I want to do M ED guidance and counselling please can I go a head to get masters form or PGD form first

          2. noo

            you need to do PGD education

            after that, you can now apply for MED guidance and counselling

      2. What I want to clarify from your response is:
        1. You said another semester registration will starts in June/July, those this means new PGD student can apply?
        2. How will this affect new applicants that unknowingly applied in the middle of a semester as the registration seems to be open all year-round.?

        1. 1) Yes

          2) Registration for admission is open all year round, but screening, course and exam registration has time frame.

          1. Good morning Mr gbenga, I will to know more on how Noun run her courses, I have bsc in sociology and want to do Msc in Criminology.

  7. Sir pls have NOUN graduate student start going for NYSC service cos I will be rounding up by next year

  8. Can someone with BSc ed/economics do masters degree course on educational administration without going for Pgd first?

  9. My questions are as follows:
    1. Is the master form still available for now?
    2. Where is noun center in Edo state
    3. Can I get the link for the courses offered under Educational and planing
    4. Pls I also need the link for the courses offered under EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY.
    I want to compare so that I will know the course I will go for.. What I actually studied in my first degree was Business Education.

    1. I have HND on Civil Engineering from Kwara Poly. PGD on Safety and Security Management from University of Ibadan. I want to do my Master’s on Criminology and Safety. I will get admission or i have to do another PGD on Criminology again

  10. Evening sir. Can I apply for mass communication for my Master, studied mass communication in my first degree, don’t have literature in English in my o. Level

      1. hello I registered for public health. I filled the form and submitted I didn’t get any email or prompt afterwards. can you assist me please

        1. after you have completed the registration online

          you should upload your documents

          after that, you school goto the centre for screening

  11. Good evening pls i gained a post graduate admission (PGD) early this year 2020 to study Peace and Conflict Resolution but due to Covid 19 we were uneble to start so I received a call yesterday that I should come with my credentials to get my matric number and when i got there I was told to reprint the admission letter as a fresh student which I did.
    And hear my question comes
    Is it going to be thesame for 2020/2021 as applied before or 2021/2022 academic session?
    Secondly, am I starting almost immediately? If yes!
    Can I enrol my courses with a pending school fee? Because my school fees will be ready in December
    Can i do TMA because I realise is ending in 16 days from now.
    And finally I need A detailed guideline on TMA and exams thanks and Godbless you.

    1. 1) 2020/21 session

      2) Yes, you’re starting immediately you’re given a matric number

      3) No

      4) You can’t do tma if you have not done course and exam registration

      1. How many month do we have for a semester so as to know how to plan for payments and avoid delay.

  12. As a fresh master student, studying mass communication, how much should I budget for everything :shool fees, course registration ……..etc.

      1. Hello Mr. Gbenga, please, I will like to know if I can still purchase masters form and also, how much will everything cost me.
        Thanks as I await your prompt response.

        1. Can I apply for masters in Fisheries science with distinction in HND fisheries Technology
          Waiting to hear from you

  13. good morning,
    I applied for an MBA course before covid-19 pandemic and was given a provisional admission letter pending the upload of my transcripts.
    I started the processing of my transcript since February but could not complete it due to the lock down and ASUU strike. and i am yet to get it even till today.
    Now here are my questions:

    1.)i am yet to receive any information from NOUN. is the admission still valid?
    2.) if yes, can i proceed without my transcript?
    3.)has the 2020/2021 academic session started
    4.) if yes how do i go about my registration of courses and payment of school fees?

  14. Hi Admin,
    I’d like to know if someone who studied English (B.A) can apply to study Mass Communication for his or her Masters.

    Secondly, how long will it take (The duration period), to get Masters in either Mass Communication or English?

    Lastly, I’d appreciate an estimated amount of what it would cost, to run a Masters in the aforementioned courses.

    Thanks in anticipation.

  15. please
    there is no information about PhD fees and other useful tip for one interested in such program like PhDd information technology

  16. Good afternoon sir, please I would like to study nursing and all I have is my o’level result. Is it possible?.if yes, How can I go aboutit

  17. Hello good day.
    Please I want to know if I can apply for masters in public health.
    I had HND (Lower credit) in science Laboratory technology (Biochemistry Option), also had upper credit in
    PGD Biochemistry from Federal University of Technology Akure..

  18. Hey, good morning.
    I have trying to upload my credentials to NOUN site for msc, but to no avail. It keeps showing RRR, even after inputting my RRR. I noticed there is no option to upload my file, or am I in a wrong site? Pls I need help on this. Many thanks.

  19. Good morning. Please is the PGD form still available or is it still on sale?

    And can I apply for PGD in mass communication, I studies English at degree programme.
    How much should I budget overall first semester?

  20. Good afternoon sir, pls i want to Know if the MSc. Form is still on sale . Secondly I have BSc in Applied Biology, Pls can I apply for Masters
    in Public Health.

  21. My questions are
    1. I am a Bsc holder in computer science, can I apply for MSC in information technology at noun.
    2. How much will I budget for both 1st semester and 2nd semester.
    3. Duration for the course. Waiting to hear from you. Thanks.

  22. Good morning, Sir.
    Please how much should I budget for a PGD in Education?
    When is the new session set to resume?
    What is the duration of the aforementioned course?

    Thank you.

  23. Hi,
    Can I apply for pgd in agricultural science with HND upper credit in agricultural engineering.
    I look forward to your response.

  24. Good evening sir, I want to apply for Masters in Mass communication but I have pass in mathematics (o level). My questions are
    1. can I apply?
    2. how much?
    3 do they have part time
    4 is the part weekends?
    5 where in Alimosho (Lagos) is the nearest study centre.

  25. Do I need to go through PGD before getting admission for Business Admin MSc. I studied Agric Economics and Extension in my first degree or I can apply straight without a PGD.

  26. Good day! Please can I apply for Msc Public Health with a 2.2 in Bsc Biochemistry?
    If yes, how much should I budget for the full program and how can I apply?

  27. Is PGD admission in progress currently?

    I have HND Accountancy but I want to go for Peace and Conflicts Studies in PGD… Can I apply? Thank you.

  28. hi
    i applied for the 2020 admission, and got my matric number already, but I haven’t made payments yet due to Covid-19
    can i still use that admission or do i have to restart the process?

  29. Pls is d pgd form still on sale , and also I have hnd in library and information science but i want business management in my pgd

    1. My Question Is that

      I hard that the undergraduate student Should budget 75k Is it For both 1st semister and Second semister or for only
      One semister??

  30. Good evening…plz does Noun offer masters in guidance and counselling psychology much should I be budgeting to finish the program

  31. Hello Admin, pls i have 2.2 in my first degree economics, pls can i apply for information technology or what course do you advise i go for?

  32. I want apply for pgd in public administration..
    I am hnd holder with an upper credit…is the form out?
    How can I register

  33. i just applied with for public health with a 2.2 in microbiolology. got my admission after payment and filling the form. its pretty straight forward. check on the link provided above.

  34. Hello sir,
    I have HND accountancy and pgde can I apply for MED G&C or go for administration and planning?

    Secondly sir, is the Form out?
    Thank you.

  35. Can I apply for m.ed educational administration and planning with my phone or in the Cyber
    How much should I budget for the whole program
    Where is the main centre for study in Abuja
    Is the admission still in process?

  36. Please, I had my 1st degree at Tasued (Political science and edu-2:2). Wish to apply for msc peace studies and resolution in Noun(PT preferably).
    1. Is it possible and do they offer PT in that course?
    2. How much should I budget for the 1st and 2nd semester respectively (separate budget pls)
    3. What’s the duration of the course
    4. Am living at ajah, what’s the closest centre I can be taking lectures
    Your response is highly appreciated

    1. 1. Yes

      2. 1st semester 90k, 2nd semester 72k

      3. 18months

      4. no lecture, you study on your own at your own pace

        1. Studied Chemistry and Education in First Degree, with 2:1, can I apply for masters in Public Health or Infromation Technology

  37. Good morning sir. I was giving admission into open University February 2020 before the lockdown. I have done my verification and given a matric number, but since then I have not done anything else. I have not paid school fees nor any other registration. I want to start now. Will it be the same 2020/21 session or 2021/22 session?

    1. if you want to start now, Pay money into your portal and do course/exam registration

      you will be in 2021_1 semester

  38. Good evening sir.
    I have 2.1 in Bsc.Ed Biology Education, and please will love to know the courses I can be able to apply.

    Secondly, I will love to know if I can study pgd information technology from NOUN

    Thirdly, is it possible to run two courses in NOUN.

  39. Good morning,pls can I apply for business administration with my OND result n please I need to know about the school fees and other things needed

  40. Good day,

    Hope this meets you well.
    Pls how many courses/coursework is required for PhD Peace Studies and Conflict resolution in NOUN. Thank you

    Best regards.

  41. please i want to register as an undergraduate new student. How much should i budget for registration, 1st and 2nd semester

  42. I have a third class degree in Human Resources
    1. Can I do masters?
    2. What course can I apply for in the field?
    3. What is the estimate cost for pgd?

  43. Good afternoon,
    Pls, i had HND in mass communication, can i change course for computer science/ Information Technology?

  44. Good morning sir, I want to run a PGD program in NOUN and I had HND in computer science with LOWER CREDIT as grade level
    My questions are: 1) Can I do criminology and security
    If yes, what’s its duration?
    **What are the other requirements?
    ***What’s the cost (#)
    Thanks in anticipation sir

  45. Hello sir/ma
    I want to register as an u graduate new student,hw much should I budget for registration, 1st and 2nd semester.
    2,Am also one of the 2021/22 ongoing exams set can I apply or wait sir?

  46. Good day sir, I got Merit option Accounting in NCE, and I want to study accounting but in my O’level I have marketing no account how can I go about this sir, thank you for your respond.

  47. Hello sir I have 2.1 in bsc.islamic can I apply for masters in International relations if not what course can I apply for your response would be highly appreciated thank you

  48. Good evening Sir.
    I would like to know if the M.Sc form is on sale.
    For a graduate of B.Sc Mathematics (2.2) am I qualified to apply for M.Sc Management Information System (ACETEL PROGRAMMES) or M.Sc Information Technology (Internet option)?
    Will I be cleared even when my transcript is not available yet?
    For the first semester, what should be my budget?
    Is the center in Akure taking the course?

  49. If i should apply as a new undergraduate aspirant now
    when will i start?
    Political science is my prefered course

  50. Good morning sir. Please I want to apply for post graduate in Education. I will like to know how much it will cost for everything and when registration and screening will commence.

  51. Good afternoon Mr Gbenga. I applied for MBA in NOUN and I have printed out my provisional admission letter.
    Please I want to know what the fees to be paid are for FIRST AND SECOND SEMESTER RESPECTIVELY. Your timely response will be appreciated.
    Thank you

  52. I applied for PGD Education but could not access the admission letter to take to the study center for verification. what should I do?

  53. Good morning sir.
    I tried the reprinting and it displays that “admission still pending”
    please, should I fill the form and submit again? or I should wait a while?
    Daktu, Nanfwang Joshua

  54. Good morning.
    I got admission for Msc and i have been cleared.
    Do i still need to apply for my transcript to be sent to NOUN?

  55. Good day Mr. Gbenga. Thank you for all you do sir. I pray heaven rewards you abundantly.

    Pls sir, I’d be glad to know if admission is still on
    Also, can one who already has ND with two sittings in WAEC apply for DE?

    What’s the total cost one should be expecting?

    What’s Nouns nearest centre to Badagry Lagos?

    Thank you so much.

    1. Hello good morning Mr. My name is AbdulRazaq Ibrahim Moyi chatting you from Lafia, Nasarawa State. I want to enquire on how to apply for masters program in Lafia center. I have in Mass Communication and can I apply for masters in International Relations, Public Administration or do I have to do PGD first? I have second class lower (2.2)

  56. Good Afternoon.

    Trust this this find you well,

    I had like to ask some few questions.
    My Questions are as follows:
    1. Is NOUN offering conversion program for HND in accounting?
    2. As HND graduate in Accounting do NOUN offer PGD program , if yes kindly state the requirement.

    Anticipate your response .

  57. Got admission on the 1st of February 2022 but unable to register yet due to some financial constraints, when will noun close registration for those who got admission around such time?

  58. Pls sir… I have BSc economics 2.2.. Which MSc course can I apply for at your institution. And what’s the cost and duration sir?

  59. Good day sir me Gbenga I had HND in business administration how much can I budget for the 1sr semester and 2nd semester respectfully and the duration of the program (PGD) please I need your response

  60. good afternoon sir. pls i want to confirm if the application form for PGD in Education is out. i want to apply for PGD in Education in NOUN. Thank you in advance

  61. Good evening ladies and gentlemen, please u want to make enquiry about post graduate diploma, am a current serving Corper in Taraba state and i wants to apply for a PGD in open University Jalingo, so I want to ask if it’s possible to e given admission without my NYSC certificate. Please I need a response as quick as possible.

  62. Hello Mr. Gbenga. I’m Esther. I have a d7 in Literature and I want to apply for mass communication, please what are my chances of getting admission? Can a pass-D7 be considered for admission? Thanks in anticipation

  63. Good morning. Two questions from someone who has HND in Computer Technology and PGD(E) from NTI and his NTI certificate is “not ready” due to COVID-19 and strike since 2014.

    1. Can he/she apply for MEdu if NTI provides evidence of successful completion of PGD(E) with good grade?
    2. How soon will NOUN Certificate be ready?
    3. Has anyone with NOUN Masters been able to apply for a PhD anywhere other than NOUN?

  64. Dear sir,
    I write to kindly inquire if MSc Cooperative and Rural Development is available and active for prospective applicants to apply in this current session.
    Your swift response will highly be appreciated.
    Kind regards.

  65. Kudos on your responses sir. Please can i run my Masters degree program with NOUN. I have 2nd class lower degree in Linguistics, credits in English and all other subjects but no maths?

  66. Good day Mr Gbenga, please I have only printouts results for my two sittings in neco, will it be accepted please?
    2. When is the deadline to pay for school fees
    3. Can the transcripts for bsc(ed) be sent to them anytime?
    4. Is it compulsory to pay for school fees, the courses and the project all at once for masters?
    Thank you very much

    1. 1. yes
      2. all registration will close on October 19th, 2022
      3. yes
      4. you cant register more 24 units in a semester

  67. Good day Mr Gbenga
    pls I’ve uploaded my credentials since two weeks ago, but am yet to be verified.
    pls how can you help.

  68. Good day sir, is the registration still for undergraduate still available and when’s the deadline.Also,how do i go about it and what’s my budget for the first and second semester respectively to study Information Technology or computer science.I need your answers please.

      1. hello mr Gbenga I am a graduate of environmental science and resources management at noun can I apply for msc Public health

  69. Good morning sir, I did my first degree in Business Education (Marketing as specialization). Which course would you advice as best for my MSC program withe NOUN…?

  70. Hi Good morning sir

    My name is Eze joy and here are my questions
    1. What are the O’level requirement for in data management or Communication Technology
    2. What are the budget for the 8 semesters
    3.Can i take the course online while my exam will be visual

  71. 1. I studied mass communication as an undergraduate and i want to do my masters in business communication, is it possible?
    2. And how much should i budget for the first year of my programme and when will admission be out for the new academic session

  72. Good morning Sir pls I have my statement of result first degree in chemistry 2.2 and my NYSC certificate, can i apply for Msc.Public health.And pls when can I apply to join in this 2023

  73. 1. Can I apply for in Public Health now?

    2. When do they start their academic programme. Is it from the point of application for the programme or they start in September as other schools.

    3. Is it that we will choose the study centre by ourselves or they will choose the study centre for us.

    4. Can I change from one study center to another when I relocate??

    1. yes, admission is on

      from the point of application for the programme

      you will choose the centre you like

      yes, you can change centre

  74. I’m an undergraduate wanting to study nursing science… Can I apply? Also the fees being paid per semester, how many months do we have in a semester

  75. After purchasing the application form, is the admission determined by certain criteria’s, please if yes, can I know them?
    Also when is the session for undergraduate starting?
    Is it that all lectures are always online?
    The time for each study center is it fixed for evening?
    I’m sorry for all this questions , I just wanna be certained

  76. Please assist ive not been able to print my admission letter…. the error message is “admission still pending”

    i went Back to the application form and its showing this record below
    Payment record inserted1!
    Passport Upload Confirmed
    Provisional PG Admission already obtained with this RRR!
    Form: FP060208/CRETI0903154719E/23245929
    Just print your admission Letter and go for verification!

    please assist so i can print out admission letter for verification as advised. Thank you.
    My email is Kindly treat as expedient.

  77. please sir, if i have paid for the undergraduate form for 2023/1 session and i wasn’t able to get the matric number before the closing of the course registration. will i be able to use that form again or i had to pay for another form

  78. I have a BA degree and a PGDE. Can I apply for a postgraduate course without a credit in Mathematics in my o’ levels?

  79. Hallo Sir. I am far away and I will like a complete ODL. I am a graduate of Cooperation Economic and Management (Distinction).
    Is the application for in Entrepreneur still available?
    Am I eligible for an in Entrepreneur? and if yes,
    How many semester does it require?
    What is the budget for the Semesters ?
    And how do I go about it?
    Thanks in anticipation.

  80. Good evening sir, I’m a graduate of edu management with 2.1. I want to apply for a masters in edu tec. I need to verify if:
    1. The form is available now, And the process to go about it.
    2. If it’s part time.
    3. The closest centre to satellite town
    4. Any other requirement

  81. Mr gbenga,i had 3rd class in linguistics and want to use transcript to apply for noun in mass communication,is it possible for undergraduate programme

  82. Good evening Gbenga.
    Please I have a2:1 in Home economics/education.
    Is it possible for me to do a masters program in Peace studies?
    If no what do I do?

  83. I have my Bsc in Environmental science and Resource Management from National open university and I intend doing my masters degree but I noticed noun do not have msc Environmental science and resource management. Can you advice me on what next to do?

  84. Please I just graduated but my notification of results is not out plus I have not gone for service, Please can I proceed to apply for my master’s degree program sir

  85. Please I registered two years ago was given admission was unable to sit school fee then cox I had accident just got better
    Just want to ask if my admission is still valid or will need to re register

  86. 1. Please, is it possible to start immediately after P.Gd?
    2. what’s the time frame after finishing a program before starting a new program?

    I will roundup my P.Gd by January 2024(by God’s grace) and I want to further on( without delay by February/March 2024.

  87. Hello sir I have 6 Questions.?
    1. what is the total fee for Computer science undergraduate 2023.

    2. Does Noun Accept Napteb Result for Computer science Undergraduate?

    3. what are the credentials needed for Computer science?

    4..Does Noun go for NYSC? If No, then will there be any other options?

    5. Any idea when the registration will closed because i want to apply by January next year 2024. so I don’t know if I can still apply by January next year.

    6. Am close to Abeokuta, is there any branch at that side?

  88. Hey Gbenga, I’d like to ask if I can take all my classes remotely and how the exam process would look like for someone who is completely remote.

    Also, can I transfer from 300 level Electrical engineering course to 200 level computer science?

  89. As a fresher, do one forfeit admission if after screening am unable to meet up with the school fees payment before the semester end?

  90. with credit in maths, eng, chem, bio, agric and e8 in physics and with an NCE in chemistry and maths education can someone go for chemistry education into 200 level. I read on NOUN website that if the NCE is not chemistry double major then Ssce requirements are not needed. Pls I need clarifications.

  91. Dear Gbenga,

    I trust you are doing great.

    I attended NOUN for my MBA in Business Administration. The intention is to further for Doctorate in same field. Please
    (1) what are the requirements?
    (2) can you assist with a contact person for further enquiry (if you don’t mind)

    Thank you

  92. I am a Pastor with Theological Seminary certificates; BTh. MTh. and Doctor of Ministry. Which Postgraduate program in Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution can I apply for?

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