How To Overcome NOUN Exam Fear

How To Overcome NOUN e-Exams Fear

Examination fear is very prevalent during exam time. It is a state of nervousness that can hugely affect performance of a student even if a student has learned enough to perform better. It could be a general factor in dropping your exam performance and health.

The thought of NOUN e-examinations can be intimidating for many National Open University of Nigeria students, The mere thought of NOUN e-examination sends shivers down just thinking about them.

If you are writing NOUN exams this semester, here are some tips on how to over NOUN e-exams fear


Be positive! Trust yourselfIf you’ve really worked hard this semester, there’s no need to worry at all. Being fearful is not going to help you in performing better in the examination. So, when negative thoughts catch you, interrupt yourself actively with positive ones, such as “I’ve done this before and I can do it again.”



It is always better to start studying as soon as the exam dates are announced. Make a timetable and start studying on a regular basis so that you will be able to finish your studies before the exam. By this way, you can get enough time to revise your course materials. Along with the time to relax, especially the day before the exam.


You’re setting yourself to stress if you leave your studying too late. Plan your study sessions in advance and keep them to about 50 minutes long.  Make sure to take five or 10 minutes break in between. These short breaks will help your brain rest and recover.


You might have heard it 100times before, as it’s true! Take care of your body and your brain will function well. Don’t take too much caffeine. Stay away from junk like chips and chocolate as they will not provide your brain with the right kind of energy it needs for the best performance. Try to feel active from within even when you don’t feel like it. Honestly, it’ll boost your energy and helps you focus better.

  • REST

Your brain has a learning capacity beyond which it can’t work properly. It is always good to take breaks while studying to relax your mind. Exercise daily and eat a healthy diet. Exercise your mind with the Anxiety Quiz, this is an easy and anonymous way of finding out about your current level of anxiety.


If there is a problem with some topics which you think can affect your exam performance, then ask for help from your coursemate and friends for clearing doubts. It helps in avoiding, a state of confusion. Hence reduces nervousness and fear of facing questions related to the topics.


Make short notes to revise fast and learn better. It will help you out in gaining confidence in your studies and reduce anxiety during the exam.


Students make the common mistake of giving their nap time to study. However, actually not getting enough sleep reduces your ability to retain information drastically and deal with stress.

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Always stay prepared and ready for exams. Exam fear is a normal problem that comes during the exam, but always try to stay relaxed and gain confidence in your study.


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