How To Submit GST TMA on eLearn in Less Than 10 Minutes

NOUN ELEARN website address is provided below

Follow this guide on how to log in and reset your password, click on the link below
Steps For Working With GST TMA Portal – NOUN eLearning Space


  1. Scroll to the left side of the page
  2. Select the particular GST course you registered for (in this article, I am using GST202 as a case study)
  3. Scroll to the right side of the page where you would find “Your progress?”
  4. Tick the small box under “Your progress”
  5. Scroll down (where you see the list of items below)
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Ice Breaker/Announcements
Course Guide
Meet your facilitator(s)
Participate in Online Class

6 . Tick the three (3) boxes in front of the list as I did below

Course Guide ✅
Meet your facilitator(s)✅
Participate in Online Class✅

(Note the difference)

7. Scroll down

Module 1:

Module 1 Course Material
Module 1 Instructional Videos
Discussion Forum

Module 2:
Module 2 Course Material

Module 1 Instructional Videos
Tutor Marked Assessment 1 (TMA1)

Module 3:
Module 3 Course Material
Module 3 Instructional Videos

Module 4:
Module 4 Course Material
Module 4 Instructional Videos
Tutor Marked Assessment 2 (TMA2)

Module 5
Module 4 Course Material
Module 4 Instructional Videos
Discussion Forum

📢 Feedback Questionnaire

Now, this where the work is, what we will do now is called “multitasking”

  1. Open all the items in module 1-5 in “new tabs” (aside TMA 1, 2 and Feedback questionnaire)
  2. Post something relevant in the (three) discussion forum at a time, watch the instructional videos and view the course materials.
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NB: It’s not compulsory you read the course material

  1. Go back to the main page and “reload” the page when you are through.
  2. The automatic processes would be marked by the system, then tick the boxes as you did in the beginning
  3. Open TMA 1, answer the questions, and submit
  4. Open TMA 2, answer the questions, and submit
  5. Click on “Feedback Questionnaire”, open and answer the questions then submit
  6. Scroll to the left side of the page, click on “Grade” to view it
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  1. As you are helping the students feeding them information needed for their success, who is paying you for the job well done?

    1. Good am all, pls is is possible for me to still partake in the TMA If I pay up between now and Wednesday as I am yet to pay my fees?

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