DLCMS Starts Production of Instructional Videos for all NOUN Courses

The Directorate of Learning Content Management System (DLCMS) has started the production of instructional videos for all courses in the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN). 

DLCMS director, Dr. Adewale Adesina, said five fully-equipped studios within the university headquarters are being used for the production of the videos.

The directorate, apart from actualising the on-line facilitation, also has the mandate to see to the production of instructional videos, where lecturers will produce videos for their courses.

Adesina said several instructional videos for several courses have already been produced and uploaded on the students’ on-line learning environment.

He said lectures book for their turn to use the studio facilities.

A step-by-step guide and processes issued to DLCMS shows a total of fifty-seven (57) courses for the 100 & 200 levels have been listed for the production of video content.

Six flagship programmes of the university alongside other 100-level courses presently being facilitated as well as the remaining courses from non-flagship programmes have been selected to kick-start the exercise.


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