NOUN Courses for PGD, Master’s and PhD Programme

National Open University of Nigeria Postgraduate Courses, NOUN Masters Degree Programme and Duration, How to Apply for NOUN Postgraduate Diploma, Masters and PhD Admission Form

The National Open University of  Nigeria (NOUN) is an open and distance learning (ODL) institution renowned for providing functional, flexible, accessible, cost-effective education adequate for flourishing in the 21st century and beyond. The National Open University of Nigeria has been officially accredited and/or recognized by the National Universities Commission (NUC), Nigeria.

NOUN postgraduate school offers Postgraduate diplomas, Master’s programmes, and PhD programmes.

National Open University of Nigeria postgraduate programme run either on a full-time basis or flexible part-time basis. These programmes are designed to update your professional skills, expand the depth of your knowledge, and also develop new skills. The programmes are also taught through coursework and research work supported by the principles of Open and Distance Learning.

RECOMMENDED:- Undergraduate Courses Offered in NOUN


  • M.A. English
  • M.A. Christian Religious Studies
  • M.A. Islamic Studies
  • M.ED. Educational Technology
  • M.ED. Science Education
  • M.ED. Administration and Planning
  • M.ED. Guidance and Counselling
  • M.Sc. Public Health
  • Masters in Business Administration
  • Masters in Public Administration
  • M.Sc. Business Administration
  • M.Sc. Public Administration
  • M.Sc. Entrepreneurship
  • M.Sc. Information Technology
  • M.Sc. Mass Communication
  • M.Sc. Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution
  • M.Sc. Criminology and Security Studies


  • PGD. Agricultural Extension Management
  • PGD. Christian Religious Studies
  • PGD. Education
  • PGD. Business Administration
  • PGD. Public Administration
  • PGD. Entrepreneurship
  • PGD. Information Technology
  • PGD. Mass Communication
  • PGD. Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution
  • PGD. Criminology and Security Studies
  • PGD. Economics


  • PhD Christian Theology
  • PhD Educational Administration
  • PhD Educational Technology
  • PhD Science Education
  • PhD Educational Planning
  • PhD Mathematics Education
  • PhD Business Administration
  • PhD Public Administration
  • PhD Peace Studies
  • PhD Information Technology
  • Phd Mass Communication


  • Does NOUN accept HND for Masters?

An applicant for postgraduate (Masters) admission into NOUN is normally expected to have a minimum of a first degree (second class lower) for masters or HND for PGD in a related field.

  • How many years is a Masters degree in National Open University of Nigeria?

Masters Degree which takes 12 months to 18 months to complete it and is considered to be the equivalent of the MA qualification.

  • How to obtain NOUN Postgraduate Admission Form?

Step by step guide on how to apply for National Open University Nigeria

  • NOUN Postgraduate School Fee?

Break down of National Open University of Nigeria postgraduate school fee for Master’s, Postgradute Diploma and PhD Courses


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        1. Greetings Gbenga. Pls what are the Masters degree options for a first degree holder of Teacher Education/Political Science but with Pass in Mathematics at O’Level. Reply is needed ASAP pls. Thank you.

        2. Dear Gbenga,
          I am an HND holder in Electrical engineering, Also had my post graduate ( Distance learning )from NOUN in Supply chain management. Please I want to apply for PGD criminology and security studies please am I qualified?

    1. what are the available course options for master degree program for a B. Ed in Social Studies Education certificate holder?

      1. Good day. I had 3rd class in Anatomy. Can I get admission to study MSc Public Health in NOUN.And if no, what should I do to be able do my masters (MSc) Public Health in NOUN?

  1. Please I don’t understand the above… How many months is PGD in criminology and security studies?

    1. l have BSc(Political Science), can I apply for Criminology and Security Studies in master program

      1. Greetigs to you Sir/Ma,
        I graduated from lagos state university with 2.2 in public administration, i want to apply for msc in criminology and security studies, do i qualify to obtain the form ?

        1. Good day. Please I like to find out what is the procedure is like in applying for M. Phil/P.hd Educational planning. Thanks

  2. Please, must you have a credit in O level if you want to do Masters in Education Administration and Planning? I have HND, and PGDE.

          1. Hello Gbenga, I studied biological science and parastitology, with my core courses in public health and epidemiology I’m I qualified for this Msc program with Noun, your response will be highly appreciated

        1. When is registration and lectures for 2022/2023 session commencing in NOUN?
          Please is M.Sc information Technology accredited by NUC in NOUN?

      1. I’m sorry, I mean must one has credit in O level Mathematics to study Masters in Educational Administration and Planning.

  3. I wonder if I could enquire about something on NOUN masters program. I have a bachelor’s degree in Educational Management (BE.d; 2:2); but now, I would like to have a master’s degree in an English language course.

    Actually, I have studied English/Phonetics on my own for over nine 9 years; taught for over five years. Moreover, I have completed several certified English courses online. As a result, over the years, I seem to have gained good grounds in the subject, and I think a master’s degree in it would be a great idea for me to move on. Could I possibly make that at NOUN?

    It would be nice to hear back from you.

    Thanks for your time Sir.

  4. Dear Admin,
    What is the minimum CGPA requirement to graduate with and certificate will be issued to you after completion of Masters program?

    What is the CGPA required to apply for PHD program?

      1. I studied BSc. Microbiology, I want to have a Masters in Public Health . Is it possible for me to do so in NOUN ?

          1. I studied History and International relations for my B.A can I do masters in criminology and security studies

  5. Please, I did physical and health education in my first degree and I want to switch to either marketing or Business adm..what course can take in PGD?

      1. Send me the link for MPH. I studied physiology with second class upper . When will the admission end pls . And how do I access the forms

  6. Dear Gbenga,
    Kindly reply my enquiries.
    Please what is required minimum CGPA to graduate with in M.ed science education in NOUN and certificate will be issued to the graduand?

    What is the required least CGPA to apply for PHD program?
    Thank you.

  7. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Economics, & I like to further my studies but noun doesn’t have in Economics.
    thus; what related course can I do at noun?

  8. Hello…..
    Please I will like to inquire if there’s anyone here or a social Media group where I can get to meet MPH students. I applied recently and will hopefully do my screening tomorrow but I’m a novice in all of NOUN processes. I need help please!!!

      1. Good evening. Pls if I had degree in english and literary studies, can I do masters in library studies?

  9. I have issue on pending or not available results in my portal, but all my colleagues have seen they results, since last year, I have make a several complain in my study centre upto now they just mute,

  10. I have HND electrical electronics engineering (upper credit) and B. Sc physics (2.1), Noun. Which master degree program can I do with my qualifications?

  11. I study industrial Technology Education (Building Technology) from federal university of Technology minna, plz can I get a master’s in business administration without PGD. Thanks

          1. please, Sir,I Obtained NCE-Technical education in Electrical /electronic Technology. Also, H N D Electrical /electronicEngineering, options electronic / telecommunications. BSC.Information Technology from university of education winneber Ghana. can I did my MSC. Information Technology with noun?

  12. Do I need a credit in Mathematics O level to apply for Masters in English ? Can I use pass? I had D in Maths O level.

  13. I have a third class degree hons in English education. I am a police officer and want to do a PGD course that will fit into my job. What are the requirements?

  14. Hi,
    I have Bsc in Biochemistry….but i would like to do masters in business administration…. What are my chances of getting admission if i apply.

  15. Hello Gbenga, please i have BSc in industrial relations/personnel management and I would like to do an MSc in human relations. Is this available? If not, please enlighten me on the available related course that i can enrol for and also when can I enrol it.
    Thank you for your prompt response.

  16. Repost
    Hello Gbenga, please i have BSc in industrial relations/personnel management and I would like to do an MSc in human relations. Is this available? If not, please enlighten me on the available related course that i can enrol for and also when can I enrol it.
    Thank you for your prompt response.

  17. Repost
    My message was ignored
    Hello Gbenga, please i have BSc in industrial relations/personnel management and I would like to do an MSc in human relations. Is this available? If not, please enlighten me on the available related course that i can enrol for and also when can I enrol it.
    Thank you for your prompt response.

  18. Hello Mr Gbenga , I have HND mass commination and PGD education I have been into teaching and administration, what program can I do in NOUN for master? Pls reply.

    1. you can do

      M.ED. Educational Technology
      M.ED. Science Education
      M.ED. Administration and Planning
      M.ED. Guidance and Counselling

  19. Good evening, I have all the credits required for O level and also a second class upper grade in Chemistry, can I apply for masters in public health?

    1. Please I have a bachelor degree in computer science education Bsc(Ed)
      With 2:2 but I would love to study information technology
      I want to dive out of education considering the nature of my job
      Please I need a quick response

  20. I having a problem of not seen a project defense results, when I access my portal it show me results not available, I also forward my complain for several times to my study centre, but I don’t know either they forward to appropriate authority,

  21. Mr Gbenga,
    Good evening. Please I need a guide as to further study. I have Bsc Accounting, Mba business administration. Please I my eligible to undertake msc business administration & thereafter PhD business administration from NOUN? While I await you response I say thank you sir.

        1. please, Sir,I Obtained NCE-Technical education in Electrical /electronic Technology. Also, H N D Electrical /electronicEngineering, options electronic / telecommunications. BSC.Information Technology from university of education winneber Ghana. can I did my MSC. Information Technology with noun?

  22. I did Economics/political science during my NCE, and Education History in degree with 2:1, please can it be possible for me to do any educational course in Masters, because am looking forward to apply for my masters with the institution… And what are the requirements.. please

    1. You can do PGD education

      after that, you can now enrol for M.ED. Guidance and Counselling OR M.ED. Administration and Planning OR M.ED. Educational Technology

  23. Please l have first degree in Economics Education and MBA.
    What qualifications do l need to study guidance and counseling or Child psychology

  24. Pls I studied estate management which is under faculty of environmental science and am looking forward to do my masters in noun pls what course do noun offer that I can do under this course? Thanks.

      1. I did English education with second class lower. What course can I do for Msc? Your Reply is very important and needed urgently

  25. Please can I do MSc in public health, I have bsc in Microbiology though its a third class certificate but I have a Pgd in information technology.

      1. Hello Gbenga,
        When is the deadline for the sale of the current masters form? And what is the school fees for msc in public health?

  26. Please I have 3rd class in Computer science education,if I do my PhD n Information technology will I be able to do my masters in Computer science?

  27. Hi Gbenga,
    I want to apply for PhD course: Mathematics education. What are the requirements particularly the CGPA one must have at masters level?.

    Thank you.

  28. Good day Gbenga,
    Please i plan to apply for MBA in NOUN , can you please advise how lectures are coordinated or is it just self study with recourse material on portal ? Also please i will like to know when the next exam will take place so i can preparer towards the date .
    Thanks in advance for your response .

  29. Thanks Gbenga for the prompt response . Please can you advise if the study materials on NOUN site sufficient enough to pass the MBA exams or one have to source for other materials .

  30. Please i have industrial relations and personnel management. What course can i enrol for and when is the for out?

  31. Good morning MR .gbenga, I obtained NCE .Electrical /electronic Technology education AND, HND in Electrical, electronic Engineering.can I enroll for postgraduate diploma,il information Technology(PGD-INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY) With noun?.Sir,I need your counseling.

  32. Hi Gbenga, I have a first degree in Biochemistry (Upper Credit), I intend to do an MSc in Information technology with NOUN. in addition to my degree I have taken some certified courses on I.T. and I have some indepth experience already. I want to know if it’s possible for someone from Biochemistry to do MSc in information technology. Thanks

  33. I studied B.ed Language Arts(English) with upper class division. I have 9 credits in my O’level including literature. Can you offer M.A English for me?

  34. Hello Mr Gbenga. I studied Political Science and I want to put in for in peace studies and conflict resolution, but the requirement say I must have credit in mathematics, but I had a Pass in mathematics. What other course can I put in for alternatively sir?

  35. Pls I have hnd in architectural technology, and I want to apply for pgd in Education,don’t know if am qualified.

  36. please Gbenga….can I do two masters at the same time with NOUN?

    I have Bsc economics and PGDE….Can I do MBA and MEd Guidance and counselling at thesame time?

      1. you can apply for any of the following courses

        M.ED. Educational Technology
        M.ED. Science Education
        PGD. Education
        M.ED. Administration and Planning
        M.ED. Guidance and Counselling
        PGD. Distance Education (PGDDE)

  37. Hello Gbenga. Please I am a computer engineering graduate with 2:2. Am I qualified to go for a masters degree in information technology?

  38. Hello Gbenga,

    Please I read linguistics will it be possible for me to do PGD in Business Administration?
    Please your response will be appreciated.

  39. I had network issues when trying to pay online for the Msc form.I eventually paid but since the system generates different RRR every time I try I realised that I paid twice. I have fill the Admission for using one of the RRR
    1. How do I get a refund on the duplicated payment
    2. The Admission page is showing “NOT FOUND”. So, I am unable to print my Admission letter.
    Please help, what do I do?

  40. Hi Gbenga, I have a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering uniben and wanted to confirm if I qualify for an MBA. And if not what master courses do I qualify for in your school.

      1. Hello Gbenga, I’m a graduate of Masscommunication from Federal Polytechnic Oko Anambra… And I want to do my PGD in open uni but in digital communications, how possible is that?

      2. Am a bit confused hear , how many year those it take to complete a pDG program such as public health.

  41. Dear gbenga,

    I hold B. Ed. And M. Ed. In Educational Technology. I’m planing to go for a second masters degree.

    Can I be admitted for M. Sc. Information Technology????


  42. Sirs/ ma’s, my name is Momoh Tijani. I am a graduate of National Teachers’I nstitute Kaduna-Nigeria whose degree program is affiliated to NOUN. I graduated in December 2018 with second class lower division in Mathematics Education. I have been given the statement of result and I learnt that the certificate will be issued by the Senate of NOUN in due course. Can I apply for my master’s degree at NOUN with the statement of result?

    1. Dear sir/Ma, pls i have hnd in Chemical Engineering(lower credit) and i want to do my pgd in public health pls advice me. .

  43. Good morning Gbenga,

    Please when is PGD Admission coming up? How do we apply please.
    Thank you

  44. Good evening Gbenga.
    Please can one run masters without compulaorily having a credit in maths, depending on the course?

  45. Please Mr Gbenga… The 18 months duration for Master is it for both part time and full time?
    And what is the total cost of running Masters in education administration and planning?.

  46. Pls can someone do Masters in environmental science in noun?
    courses such as project management, property management et Al.
    pls kindly notify me if it is available thanks.

  47. Good morning sir.
    I have a degree in Law coupled with the Law School certificate where I graduated over 20 years ago.
    I have the basic O level results including credits Mathematics and English.
    Can I be admitted to study Peace studies and Conflict Resolutions at Masters level, thus waiving the PGD program?

  48. I am a dentist who would like to do a masters in administration.
    Can I apply for masters in public administration or masters in business administration.

  49. I studied Industrial Technical Education in my first degree… Please, can I apply for Science Education in second degree?


  51. Please I want to apply for M.ED Guidance and Counselling. I have upper credit for First degree but my o level is pass in mathematics. Do I qualify?

  52. Does NOUN offers Masters in international finance and can someone with in Economics Education applied for international finance .

  53. Greetings, Gbenga!
    Great job you’re doing here.
    Please I would love to know if all the courses you have listed here are FULLY accredited by the relevant bodies.
    2. Can I apply for M.Sc. in CSS with just a B.Sc. in Biochemistry?
    Thank you.

    1. Good afternoon sir

      I had first degree in philosophy, please I would like to know if I would be considered for M.A in public administration?

  54. I have HND Chemistry/Biochemistry, PGD Education and Masters in Educational Administration and Planning. Please can I apply for PhD science education in NOUN?

  55. i am science inclined, i have masters in edu admin and planning ,pls can i be offered admission in health related courses or health?

  56. I have HND in Animal production with upper credit and PGDE with upper credit too but I don’t have math and English in my waec which I finish in 1992.will I be offered master degree? Ii

  57. If one has MPPA, desires to further in one’s education, what is the suitable programme is one supposed to apply for? Does NOUN offer Mphil in Public Administration?

  58. Pls I had second class lower in political science now I want to run my Ms in criminology and security studies here in Abakaliki Ebonyi State. How possible it is. Pls reply

  59. Hello Mr Gbenga,I have a bachelor degree in Public admin with second class lower. What course can I applied for aside MSc public administration?

  60. Good morning Mr Gbenga. Please Sir, I want to study M.Sc program in Public Administration at NOUN. I finished my B.Sc. in the same course with 2.2.but my O” level Mathematics at the point of entry for B.Sc was pass which l obtained in 1988. Can NOUN consider me for the M.Sc? Thank you very much in this regard. Aloysius.

  61. Please Mr. I am waiting patiently for your response to my request. I believe you didn’t ignore my attention. Thank you.

  62. Please Mr. Gbenga, I need your explanation on the issue that a prospective candidate who had MathHow P in his/her Waec before 2015 can apply for postgraduate program in NOUN but it is compulsory for those who fall in from 2015 and above to have C. Is this possible and acceptable?

    1. before 2015 will be considered

      those that wrote their SSCE exam in 2015 will be considered

      2016 and above will not be considered

  63. Good day sir. I just applied for a PGD. Education program at NOUN. I have uploaded my documents. Please what is the next step?
    And also, is TRCN inclusive or not

  64. Good day sir Gbenga, please when will the sale of form begin for 2022/2023 session.
    I want to go for msc information technology.
    I have first degree computer engineering(2.2)

  65. My name is Amen Harrison. I desire to aspire for a Ph.D. I have Diploma in Public Administration, B.Sc in Political Science and Public Administration, and Master’s in Public Administration. Should I intend to diversify my specialization, it is possible to gain a Ph.D admission in Business Administration? Or, are my chances only confined to a Ph.D in Public Administration?

    I await a response to my inquiry. Thanks.

  66. I am a Law graduate,
    please what are the requirements for Master program in Law at National Open University?
    What is the cost?
    How many year (s) please?
    Thank you.

  67. How the mode of payment is. Am I to pay compulsory fee, course registration fee and exam fee all together? Or is there provision for instalment payment before Exam?

      1. Hello.Mr Gbenga,
        I did my masters degree in one of the foreign universities in the Republic of Benin being accredited by the NUC.
        Can l do my PhD in mass communication in Noun?

  68. Please Mr. Gbenga, when is the closing date for the sales of admission form 2023/2023 academic session?

    When is the schedule date and time for screening, registration and documentation?

  69. Hello Gbenga
    Please I did office technology and management in my HND, please what course can I do in my PGD? Thanks for your response.

  70. Hello Mr Gbenga, good evening please I have HND (lower credit) in Office Technology and Management. What course can I do in PGD sir? And how many months will be course be? Please your response will be highly appreciated

    1. In University setting Office technology Management (OTM) is in Business Education…. And Business Education is a course in Educational Technology in NOUN….

  71. Good morning sir,
    I’m a NOUN graduate.
    I studied B.Sc(Ed) Mathematics.
    Wish to study MSc. Information Technology.
    Your advice pls…

  72. Hello admin. I studied Sociology in my BSc I want to study Criminology and security studies. Am I qualified to that? If yes! When are you selling form for 2022/2023 session?

  73. Good morning, Gbenga!
    I will like to confirm the mode of lecture delivery at NOUN for the Masters’s program. Is it online or in-person? And also to know if supply chain management is available.

    1. NOUN doesn’t really give lectures
      You study on your own in NOUN

      although they do online facilitation for some courses

  74. Hello admin. I study business administration and management at HND level.
    Can I switch to Criminology and security studies in PGD?

  75. I studied Social Studies edu at University of Ilorin can I enroll for Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution (masters)

  76. Please, I have a Degree in Food Science and Technology with a D7 in English Language, is there any PG course I can do with this?

  77. Good evening, pls am interested in taking a PGD program in stores management or supply & demand management, I am based in Bayelsa state…. Can I get a the program in PH? Cos the Bayelsa centre said they don’t run it yet

  78. I did geography education for degree what course can I go for master level,when will msc form be out for 2023

  79. Please i studied Biology Education in my first degree. Can I apply for MSc Public health?

  80. Please, does your school offer M. Sc entrepreneurship? If yes, can you list the courses for first and second semester or the whole semesters required. Does you school offer Mphil/Phd in Business Administration? If yes, what is the CGPA required for it. Thanks.

  81. Hello Mr Gbenga,
    I studied Applied Biochemistry in Bsc, I came out with a 2²,
    Is it possible to do MSc in Public Health?
    Await your response.
    Thank you.

  82. Dear Gbenga,
    I did Applied Biochemistry in Bsc, I came out with a 2²,
    Is it possible for me to do
    1.) Public Health in MSc
    2.) PGD in Information technology and Msc IT

    Await your response.

    Thank you.

  83. Good day to you Mr Gbenga,
    I have HND in Pharmaceutical Technology (upper credit) can I apply for Public health MSc or will have to take a Pgd course first? If yes which pgd course can I take that will serve as a leverage for Public health

  84. Good evening sir, I have HND Chemistry/Biochemistry.
    Please what PGD course can I apply study before applying for
    And do you have the possible course?
    Thank you sir

      1. Hi Gbenga, i did my pgd in Peace Studies with Noun and want to proceed with my Masters, aside Peace Studies which other courses can i go for. I am building a career in Green Jobs ie Power Sector

  85. Hi Mr Gbenga I studied Cooperative and Business Management for my first degree can I go for criminology and security studies for my masters?

  86. Good evening. I studied Economics/Mathematics B.ED. I want to study Educational Management for my master. is it available? if no which other course can you suggest.

  87. Hi, I have HND in Hotel and Catering Management with PGD in Hospitality Management I’m I qualified for masters in International relations

  88. Dear Gbena,
    I am a B-TECH holder in Architecture from an on-site Nigerian university.

    Does NOUN offer Architecture at masters degree level?

    if no, what other related course can I go for?

  89. Good evening,
    Pls am a HND holder in Office Technology And Management, can I study Information Technology or Business Administration in NOUN?

  90. Good evening, i studied educational management/social studies degree and i wish to study social studies @ masters level pls do noun offer courses in my new area of study?

  91. good day Sir,
    i have HND in Estate Management can i apply for PGD in Criminology and security studies at NOUN?

  92. Hi Gbenga, I have BSc in urban and Regional Planning, can I apply for Masters of Public Administration and be offered admission considering the course difference.

    1. No, you can’t apply

      you will do PGD public administration before you can apply for Masters in Public administration

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