NOUN Release 1st Draft Of POP Exam Timetable Jan/Feb 2018-Download It Here

Information reaching our desk has it that POP(Pen On Paper) Exam time table is out. According to the Exam timetable, the POP exam will start on 23rd Tuesday, January 2018 and end on 16th Saturday, February 2018.

Kindly click on the below button to download 1st draft POP EXAM TIMETABLE

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  1. I can’t find ECO718. Macro Economics Theory 1 on the time table. Please when is the date of exam. Thanks

  2. i complained to my center director concerning my missing results of BUS 428 and ENT 450 (PROJECT) but he said he cant find any any result that we should go and re write d course BUS 428 now FMS 428.i cant just write d exam again because this will be my third time of writing this course and don’t know what to do to the issue of my project..just sick and tired of all this ..this is just abnormal for NOUN. kindly help me out.

  3. I paid school fees,I could not register for.I print d bank statement to d account officer and it to d headquarters till date no any good information, I must writer examination, my ACC 419 was not released .see my matrix number nou132840170

  4. pleas i register for exam and is not the draft timetable pad854 public Enterprise management and the tma is not out till now what should i do

  5. Please is there any way one can help me with pass questions, Entrepreneurship 300level 1st semester? Thanks & God bless

  6. pls i have not gotten any response from you, in regards of pad854 public Enterprise management that is not on the 3rd-draft-2018_2-pop-examination-timetable/

  7. pls i applied for change of name wish was submitted to the administration office
    as former name was OKHASE IYENOMA J. The new name is OKHASE IYENOMA JACOB. Pls help me for the changes to be made. cos i still see same old name in my portal and no changes was made.
    thank you for your understanding.

  8. iam a new student offerd admission into sokoto study center in the faucalty of art and social science department of b.a isiamic studes but i dont no my class mates and ihave no contact with them in any social media pls they should add me in whatpp group so i will be able to intaract with them am in 100 level offerd admission in second semester my phone is and my matric no is 173044964 pls sout my problem out thanks.

  9. hello sir please advice me with the best whatpp group that I will enable me intaract with my course mates in my center.

          1. thanks you sir, sir is advice able to write mpa 854 public Enterprise management to replace pad854 public Enterprise management

      1. the course tma is not out and is not on the drafted timetable (pad854 public Enterprise management) what am seein is mpa 854 public Enterprise management

  10. Hello Mr Gbenga,
    Please the 2nd and 3rd draft of POP 2018 Exam time table out?

    Regards and remain blessed

  11. The problem here is that, my tma is not available and the course is not on final timetable, and the course is pad854 public enterprises management, what do I do? Pls I need assistance

  12. Please how can I get, the updated time table… This one is wrong, I missed my exam this morning because of it.

  13. Right now, tma 1 and 2 for CSS211: The Sociology of Crime And Delinquency are have not been uploaded and posted in my portal. Are they ever going to be uploaded and posted? Am apprehensive because exams are just in few weeks time.

    Please reply

  14. Hlo, pls I hv applied 4 Bsc nursing undergraduate this year, but when should I go for screening at my nearest study centre Navy base apapa lagos…? If there’s specific date or time pls keep me update.

  15. please sir help me out, i have been offer admission since 2016 but due to some problems i did not do registration am ready to start my programmes now. what should i do? level 200 B.Sc (ED) Integrated Science. i learnt that registration begins 19 march can i also register and get started. where can i get all the information i need. my study centre is Kano. THANKS

  16. good day Mr Gbenga, I have not be in session since 2017 due to some financial restraint please how can I register to continue this year? thanks

  17. Good evening, pls am a transfered student from Ado Ekiti study centre to Jos study center but I still see Ado-Ekiti study center on my portal nd I’ve been having series of missing results issue please what do I do, I have written my Project d result is even out, I have even exceeded d required units of 120. Pls will I b shortlisted for graduation or not. Secondly d email address I registered with is no longer functioning, I can’t assessment it, I’ve even done email change yet I don’t even get informations, updates or any thing from d school. What do I do. Thank u. (This was d former Email:-

    1. it’s not advisable to change study centre…

      You need to complain at your study centre so that, they can forward the issue to headquarters Abuja

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