Approved NOUN Graduation List For 2020/2021 Session (UPDATED)

NOUN Convocation List 2021

National Open University Of Nigeria (NOUN) Graduation List, NOUN 2021 Graduation List for 9th & 10th Convocation Ceremony, NOUN 2020/2021 Convocation List

The National Open University of Nigeria NOUN has released the 2020/2021 academic session Graduation List for the 9th Convocation Ceremony.

Approved NOUN Graduation List For 2021/2022 Session

These convocation lists consist of all Faculties – Faculty of Science, Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, Faculty of Health Sciences, Faculty of Management Sciences, Faculty of Education, Faculty of LAW, and Faculty of Arts Graduation list, We would post more NOUN graduation list on this page as soon as we get them.


We advise you to bookmark this page and always check here for more NOUN graduation list yet to be released.












This list was released on 07/01/2021


The Graduands whose names are on the said list are to forward any complaints observed on the list in order to ensure that the correct details are recorded in the database. They are to note the following:

  • Those with Initials in their name(s) are to provide their names in full.
  • The use of Four (4) names is NOT acceptable. Such Graduands are to provide their preferred three (3) names in full.
  • Graduands with the wrongly captured name’s are to provide their correct name(s)
  • In cases where the Study Centre has been wrongly captured, the graduands are to provide their correct Study Centre.
  • In cases where the Matriculation Number has been wrongly captured, the graduands are to provide their correct matriculation number.

All corrections are to be identified, clearly stated and forwarded to the Office of the Director, before Wednesday, 13th January 2021.

Please note that a failure to forward the corrections/amendments within the specified period has implications on the issuance of certificate(s)to the graduands concerned.


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Dear All,

I wish to inform you that the University has decided not to release any other Graduation names, except for those posted earlier, before March 2020 Convocation ceremony. However, It was learnt that an update was done on Current names of Graduating List.

The awaiting names shall be released after 2020 March Convocation, in which you can collect your Notification of Result.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this might have caused.

Best wishes.

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we wish all graduands the best


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NEW LIST 2020 ADDED ON 13/2/2020


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Download NOUN Graduation List 2019/2020 Academic Session – 9th Convocation Ceremony

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DOWNLOAD [1st Batch]


DOWNLOAD [1st Batch]


DOWNLOAD [1st Batch]

NOTE: All Graduates whose names where shortlisted in the list are advised to proceed with the Graduation Clearance immediately. 

Why Your Name is NOT on the NOUN Graduation list

  • You have Pending/Outstanding Courses.
  • You have not met the required credit units assigned to your chosen program.
  • You didn’t earn up to the required CGPA to be award a university degree.
  • You were involved in illegal activity.
  • Your name was moved to the next graduating students after being reached the desired amount of students for 2019 convocation.

Please we advise you to always check this page for more graduation list.


Complete NOUN 2019 Graduation List Is Out: Check Your Name Here 2. Internal Memo: Graduation List 2019 3. Complete NOUN 2018 Graduation List Is Out: Check Your Name Here4. Complete NOUN 2017 Graduation List Is Out: Check Your Name Here 5. Guidelines For NOUN Graduation Clearance 2019


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        1. To calculate your CGPA, exams and TMA, kindly follow these steps below:

          While for you, to get your overall score over 100. You’ll be adding exam score + test score= 40 + 30= 70 So, my total score for the course ECN101 would = 70/100. Which is an ‘A’.

          Before we venture into NOUN GPA calculation; Note that:

          70-100= A.
          60-69= B.
          50-59= C.
          45-49= D.
          40-44= E.
          39 downwards= F.

          Now, let us assume, I did 11 courses and this was how my score went in the 11 courses after calculating scores, with their units in front of them. Let’s assume these were my courses, grades & units;

          1) ECN101 – B. 2unit course
          2) TFC116- B. 2unit course
          3) ENT121 – C. 3unit course
          4) BAT128- C. 2unit course
          5) GMB142 – A. 2unit course
          6) BRF136- A. 3unit course
          7) KFC108- A. 2unit course
          8) GEJ158 – D. 3unit course
          9) OBJ114 – D. 2unit course
          10) IBB131 – E. 2unit course
          11) FFK104- F. 2unit course

          Now, we have 11 courses, with their grades & units in front of them. Let’s understand the grades;

          A=5, B=4, C=3, D=2, E=1, F=0.

          How to Calculate NOUN GPA

          Now, let’s start with the first course ECN101 for NOUN GPA calculation.

          I scored B in ECN101 above. Since B= 4.
          I’ll multiply 4 by the unit of the course, which is a 2unit course.
          So; 4 x 2unit= 8. So for ECN101 = 8.

          Next is LAW116, I scored B as well. Since it is a 2unit course, I’ll calculate 4 x 2units= 8. So, TFC116 = 8.
          Next is ENT121, it was a C. C = 3, which is a 3 unit course. So, calculation will be; 3 x 3units= 9. ENT121= 9.
          Next is BAM128, I scored C, which is a 2unit course. The calculation will be; 3 x 2units= 6. BAT128= 6.
          Next is BUS142, I scored A. A=5, which is a 2unit course. So; 5 x 2units= 10. GMB142= 10.
          Next is BIO136, I scored A, which is a 3unit course. So; 5 x 3units= 15. BRF136= 15.
          Next is CHM108, I scored A, which is 2unit course. So: 5 x 2units= 10. KFC108 = 10.
          Next is GEO158, which is a 3unit course, I scored D, D = 2. So; 2 x 3units= 6. GEJ158= 6.
          Next is CHM114, which is a 2units course, I scored D. So; 2 x 2units= 4. OBJ114= 4.
          Next is ECO131, which is a 2units course, I scored E. E = 1. So; 1 x 2units= 2. IBB131= 2.
          Next is AGR104, which is a 2unit course, I scored F. F = 0. So; 0 x 2units= 0. FFK104=0.

          Now, having done all the 11 courses calculation, we will have to finalized it by adding all the course calculations together. So that will give us;

          8 + 8 + 9 + 6 + 10 + 15 + 10 + 6 + 4 + 2 + 0 = 78.

          Now, add the total units of all the course together;

          2 + 2 + 3 + 2 + 2 + 3 + 2 + 3 + 2 + 2 + 2 = 25.

          So, divide the added course calculation by total units.

          Which is; 78 ÷ 25 = 3.1.

          So, there you have it, your NOUN GPA is 3.1. That is 2nd class lower.

          NOUN GPA Classification:

          After your NOUN GPA calculation, your GP can be classified as:

          First Class: 4.50 and above. Second Class Upper: 3.50-4.49.
          Second Class Lower: 2.50-3.49.
          Third Class: 1.50-2.49.

        2. Kabiru Samaila Hamza
          Good day Gbenga, pls when did new graduation list will be published iam obtain 147 credit unit with gst core courses and seminar with project completion. Nou110659231
          BSc. Entrepreneurship and Business Management.

  1. From the list, only 33 names were published for faculty of Law. I have done a thorough check and found out that I have cleared relevant courses yet my name was ommitted. The complain is enormous. Please kindly clarify if there will be another list to cover the incomplete list.

  2. What is the total credit unit required for graduation for computer science education,and please am confused,hope the new gst courses are not affected with nou156 (2015) set.

  3. Hello sir, I was done with my programme since 2017 waiting for my name to come out on the graduation list but unfortunately it didn’t come out. I was told i have 2 core courses in my yr2. I have done the 2 courses this last exam in May and the results are out now but my name is not on the list. Pls help me out sir as i have been given till January to tender my certificate. Nou143624787. B.A (Ed) Primary Education.

  4. I want to get more clarification as regards my portal. My final result, shows all my result and grades, to my amazement, I discovered that some course which I have done is still reflecting on my portal (inclusive in the result with grades) Moreso, one of the elective on my portal was dropped because there was no TMA and was also not reflected on the exam timetable as at that time. Please will this affect me? I really more information on this because its giving me sleepless nights. I would appreciate an urgent response, because am suppose be among those graduating. Please!

    Thank you

      1. Please I need clarifications. I was supposed to submit my project last semester but due to financial constraints I couldn’t met the deadline. I finished it and got everything ready this semester. There was a memo circulated that those eligible for graduation should submit their projects on or before February 7, 2020 and I submitted. I was yet to see the project result before the graduation list was out. And when the list came out I was hopeful thinking that it would be out before the supplementary list was out. And now the list is out I couldn’t find my project result talkless of my matric number on the list. What could have happened? Go to

  5. please help, I cant find my result. when I whenever I click to view it, they will sat not connected. please what does it mean

  6. Hello, i submitted my project in feb and the result are out but i haven’t seen my name on the list ,please when is the next list coming out? BSC.Accounting.

  7. Gbenga, I am overdue to graduate. I met all requirements, yet my name is not on this list. Iam from Port Harcourt center and we are beginning to think something is wrong with our center as students hardly graduates. Nou133970725. PCR.

  8. Sir, please I’m among those given back a correction on their IT’s Log Books last semester, the books was corrected and submitted back to your office Abuja since August, 2019. Also, I have passed my all Core courses, GST courses, Project, Seminar and haven a total number of 114 credit unit as a DE student. when the IT (SIWES)’s result will be uploaded to our portal and to enable us enjoying for the next graduation list.
    NOU161268001 (Dutse Study Centre)

  9. This list have not been pasted at the study center, how can someone now approach the center director/ staff for clearance? I’m just curious

  10. If a student meet the required credit unit and failed a course would such student be listed among graduating student??

  11. Why is Benin study centre very few can’t find my name I graduated since 2017 tho I did my seminar and got the result early this year

  12. This issue of student names missing out on graduation list is uncalled-for. I will suggest NOUN decentralize and encourage compilation of graduating students to be done at various study centre for onward delivery to ABUJA.

    This will put an end to cases of students who had met all the requirement for graduation but were denied for no reason.

    Thank you

    1. Sir, please there is this course in my 2nd year that i registered n did tma but did not write the exam due to the adjustment of timetable, but was removed in the portal the next semester, will it affect me from graduating in my final year. Thanks

  13. Good day sir have completed the42 credit load requred of me in my course but yet my name is not yet out i am confused ooo since last year my reno is NOU157100618 MASTERS SCIENCE EDUCATION

  14. Good day sir, am Taiwo by name, am an accounting student from the school of management sciences my credit unit was 148unit as at two semesters ago and i didn’t get to see my name from the graduating list, afterward i make a complaint and my results were reviewed and i was advice to write some outstanding courses which i did last semester to my greatest surprise, seeing my result its was unbearable having an A and NE/I While others were F (NOU134011388). Pleases help review this because i know what am up to and what am expecting. Thanks in anticipation.

  15. Hello Mr Gbenga, I’m a communication technology student. I have done all my core courses and selected electives. During my last semester I was told there were introduction of new GST courses in 100 n 200 level but I didn’t register. Will it affect my graduation? Also, pls what’s the total unit needed for communication technology student to graduate ? Will be waiting for your response. Thanks

    1. It might affect you…. but wait for the next graduation list, if you don’t see your name you can now take the GST courses.

      Total Credit unit is btwn 120 – 140+

  16. Hello,I am a student of NOUN,Jos centre, have completed my program since 2016 but my name has been missing on the graduation list.I have no issue with my results.What could be the problem? Please, help me.

  17. Mr Gbenga, please what is the total credit unit for Business education. Secondly they keep adding new courses every semester. What can I do

  18. Mr gbega, I wrote my final exam 2016 and all my results is out including my project,it ,seminar ,field course and yet I could not found my name in graduation list.. Nou120777405 Asaba study centre. B. SC biology

  19. Sir, when is second batch of graduation list for 2020 convocation coming out? Eagerly waiting for it.

  20. I have completed all my courses and seen all my results
    But my project result just came out this febuary should I expect my name on the next graduation list ?

      1. Sir, Gbenga I am finish all core courses, gst courses, seminar, industrial attachment and project and waiting for second Bach graduation lists please when did this list will be realise thanks for your response sir.
        my Samaila hamza kabiru, BSc. Entrepreneurship and Business Management, Nou110659213 kano study centre

  21. please why only batch 1 graduation list was released last year ? what of those whose project results came out july last year . I was told it always be like 3 batches that always be released before. is there hope ?

  22. Please I would n
    Love to know when this list was published because I missed the last convocation and am seeing August 2019.and my name is in this list. Does it mean I graduated since last year August.

  23. Pls i have reached the total credit unit for political science and i don’t have any outstanding or illegal activities yet my name is not out you people should do something

  24. Please i have reached the total credit unit for communication technology and i don’t have any outstanding or illegal activities yet my name is not out .is any other graduation will still come out? can it be because the communication tech has been stopped by open university that is why my name is not out. or the newly introduced courses? is there any means of contacting noun personnel ?

    1. – Com tech is now info tech.

      – You can contact noun by going to the Headquarters

      – more list are still coming

  25. Good Morning, From the previous and current list released i can see that no name came out for the com tech department,What is the fate of us in com tech that has not yet seen their names on the graduation list?

    1. I have earned more than 120 credit unit in my porogram(BSC computer science) yet I can’t find my name on the graduation list. Please help me out, my heart is bleeding. I finished my program since 2019-1 and I got admission 2013. I’m seriously worried. Please help me out.

      1. Mr gbenga my name is among the graduating lists Bsc mathematics and computer science Adamu Mohammed 2nd class upper is the certificate going to be two honours or double honour.what is the total units for Bsc mathematics and computer science

  26. Please are they going to release another graduation list because I can see they write supplementary list on the one that just released yesterday

  27. Good Night,
    Thank you ~ Gbenga.
    I have seen your received through Faculty Of Education Handbook 2018-2023.
    Unfortunately that; I got Admission into NOUN at 2014/15 update 2020, that my name has not out among graduation list 2020.
    Please help me to check Matr No_:

  28. Mr gbenga my name is among the graduating lists Bsc mathematics and computer science Adamu Mohammed 2nd class upper is the certificate going to be two honours or double honour.what is the total units for Bsc mathematics and computer science

  29. Mr Gbenga Pls will there still be another graduation list before convocation. How can I log complain concerning graduations. I have completed all the necessary requirement, yet my name is not on graduation list. I called at my study centre, I was told is because I started at 200 level. But they didn’t tell me what to do. Pls help me.

    1. more list are coming
      you can complain at the HQ Jabi Abuja

      do you registered all the gst in 100 level first and second semester?

    2. brother please get the e mail of the Deen of yr department ,mail him/her direct.there you know what happen. i did mail mine yesterday and she had directed it to the HOD this is the proof
      to NWAOCHA, Department, me

      Please verify student’s graduation staus.

      Thank you.
      Prof. Olaniyi
      “O. NWAOCHA” ,
      Department of Computer Science
      date: Feb 22, 2020, 7:55 AM
      subject: Fwd: Exclusion from graduation list
      security: Standard encryption (TLS) Learn more
      : Important mainly because it was sent directly to you.

  30. Hello Mr Gbenga I submitted my project Jan 15 2020 does that mean I won’t graduate this year and have done all my registrable courses?

  31. Mr Gbenga pls I don’t know why they didn’t release my project result since June 2019 ,I don’t know what to do again pls I need your advice on this sir

  32. Hello Mr. Gbenga, i have done all the courses and my name is still not on the graduation list. Will there be another list or what will be the possible reason why i have not graduated

  33. Hello Gbenga I submitted my project January this year and I have completed all my required courses would I be enlisted for graduation this year?

  34. I ALFRED LYDIA with nou145693429 Communication Technology finished my exams since 2017, i was suppose to graduate 2018 january but to my surprised my siwes IT and project was not added to my result, I went to my school to find out NURTW garki centre, I was refer to Noun Hq, I went there and i was told the officer that will check my result is on a workshop in Enugu, I kept going to Noun Hq still October 2018 when I met a woman in Computer Science department who advice me to write to Noun Hq through my study centre to find out why name is not yet in the graduation list, I did as she directed me, I went to my study centre and i was told that by December 2018 my project with be added and i will join those who will do their convocation 2019 January, I obeyed. 2019 graduation list came out and my name was not in it, I went back to my school, then was I told that the officer who is in charge of projects lost his wife and forgot to submit my project during project defence, I was given apology which I don’t have choice but to accept it, I lost the federal govt job i secured because of no result to prove that am a graduation.
    2019 March project defence it was done but not approved, so I was called to do my corrections which I did and July 2019 project defence, my project was approve and later was upload to my portal, a graduation list came out October 2019 my name was not in it, i was told it was for those who graduated March, now 2020 graduation list is out, my name is not on it, GOD. I have called my study centre, I was told that communication technology is been change to information technology that that is the delay, I should wait for 3rd to 4th list. 4th list is out and my name is not on it, “am half dead as i write to you” I don’t know how to meet the V.C to explain myself to him because he is the only person that will understand that my Right to Education/Graduation has been denied from me. I don’t know who can help me ask my department what my problem is, am currently in Rivers State and my study centre was Abuja NURTW garki.
    Please help me resolve my issue and God will forever Bless You.

  35. NTI degree students whose results have been approved by the Senate of NOUN, will they participate in this March 2020 convocation?

  36. I heard that convocation has been postponed indefinitely because of corona virus
    Please, gbenga, how true is this information?

  37. Sir ,
    Is there any information about the list promised to be released after the graduation before covid-19 stopped them to do so.
    I have been informed that my name has been cleared for graduation. And I need this result at my place of work.

  38. Hi Admin,
    Good day,
    Please assist confirm when will result for project and seminar defended last month November 18, 2020 and the possibility of we convocating next year. Note all registrable courses passed for M.ed. science education.

  39. Good morning. I wrote my 400l 2nd semester exam on September 2020 and my project result came out in December 2020 but my name is not on the graduation list. Please what can I do to rectify this? Is there hope that I will graduate this year?!

  40. Please will there be another list. I started my program at 200 level 2015, as at February 2020 my name was not on the list released. When I contacted the HOD of physics dept he said my profile is showing that I started at 100, that I need to upgrade my profile. I followed his instructions.
    I was latter informed that my name is on the list drafted at the dept waiting for approval to be released. I don’t know how true is this.

  41. Sir. My name is still not on this list. I have no carryovers and my project result was released in Dec 2020 but my name is not on the 2021 list. Please is the school going to release another list?

  42. Dear Gbenga
    Pls, DE student of B.Sc. Computer science, score and passed all core courses including project, IT siwes, seminar and all GST course including 100level and their credit units = 110, also elective course credit unit = 17. Therefore, cumulative passed credit unit = 127 but failed in 2no elective courses.. Can they be a graduate?

  43. Goodevening Mr. Gbenga
    I graduated 2019 and was supposed to go to the 2020 convocation ceremony but was postponed due to the outbreak of Covid 19.
    After the 26th-27th January (the 9th convocation ceremony) where will I get my certificate, is at Abuja or at my study centre?
    I heard that certificates will be shifted to various study centre and the 9th convocation ceremony will be virtual.
    Please I want to know how true is that statement

  44. Hi Mr. Gbenga
    Am due for graduation but couldn’t find my name on the first and second list that came out 7th and 15th… Do noun have more list coming out or this is the final

      1. What about the postgraduate list approved on the 18 Jan. 2021?

        We want to be sure if management approved post graduate list of same day sir, because our centre shown us the approved list..

  45. Dear Gbenga,
    Kindly update post graduate list approved on the 18-jan- 2021. We were told a batch was approved on that day sir.

    Thank you.

  46. Please how can I reject graduating because of my grade I have 7 courses to write but my name came out in the graduating list and I don’t like the grade I need help

  47. Good morning Dear Gbenga,

    I really appreciate all your efforts to resolve our issues through this powerful channel. Please kindly assist me to know what is it that is delaying my graduation since 2019 having seen all my results including failed courses. I have checked my results against my faculty’s registrable courses and confirmed to the best of my knowledge that I have registered and passed all the required courses expected of direct student. I was admitted into the Faculty of Law in 2011/2012 academic session. I have checked all the graduating lists released from 2019 to the 31st January 2021, yet could not find my name on the lists. My matric number is nou110107000.

    Thank you.

  48. Good morning ma, my name is Christopher okoh with a matric no nou144583479, my IT result has not been released since September 2020 that I summited my IT, I av gone to my study center countless times they will tell me it still undergoing moderation even up til now, if not because my IT was not released I was suppose be among those that graduated this yr, MA pls use ur good office to help me, because I don’t no what to do next, even if I miss this one I dont want my name to miss next graduation list

  49. Mr gabenga please help me please didn’t see my name on all the graduation list I’m sorry I’m informing you late . My mat number is NOU142452551 B.S.C CRIMINOLOGY AND SECURITY STUDIES UMUDIKE STUDY CENTRE

  50. Hi Mr Gbenga, my name hasn’t been appearing in all graduation list.
    My matric no is Nou132905111 Olagunju Omotayo Felicia formerly Ikeja study centre please I would like to know what the issue is.
    Please kindly help me

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