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Who doesn’t want to find some quick ways to learn new skills? Courses in school and colleges are one way of understanding complex concepts. But suppose you have a great passion for photography, but you’re are pursuing a different major in college instead? Through, books or sources available on the internet would help you gain
some knowledge about the subject, but it wouldn’t be a formal education. You would not be as serious about information that you find on the web as you would be about the subject offered in your institution.

So, is there any way to not only gain a formal education with a strict schedule but at the same time take it at your own ease? Various websites online can resolve your issue. These ‘mini-institutions’ are an excellent way of gaining in-depth Knowledge to enhance your understanding or learn a particular skill. Have a look at few of them below:

1. Khan Academy

Khan Academy initially started as an attempt by Sal Khan to tutor his cousins in a few subjects. What began as a humble attempt of imparting knowledge back in 2004 has now come to be one of the most popular educational sites. An online coaching website, Khan Academy allows the students to learn complex topics at their own ease. It is beneficial for students from all backgrounds since it is completely free of cost and has lessons ranging from kindergarten to calculus.

The course material is available in 36 different languages and the website features a dashboard to keep track of the progress report. It offers video lessons on subjects such as math, science, art history, economics, and others. Having
partnered with MIT, California Academy of Sciences, NASA and Museum of Modern Art, Khan Academy is a great platform to catch up on a school or college subject as well as hone up our knowledge for a particular topic to perfection.

Visit Khan Academy https://www.khanacademy.org

2. Udemy

Udemy offers not only certified courses but also Nano degrees. They feature both paid and free courses taught by professionals such as professors from renowned universities. Udemy has a user-friendly interface that helps learners pursue self-paced courses. Their courses are well executed and designed to provide an informal class environment for a formal education. It also allows users to build custom courses from lessons. They offer various topics ranging from literature, political science to intensive coding in computer sciences.

Visit Udemy https://www.udemy.com

3. Coursera.Org

Coursera.org not only includes courses from top-notch universities but also from museums and trusts. This site features a user-friendly database thereby, making this website rich with in-depth courses. It has partnered with universities and organizations from the world over. Coursera is extremely helpful when it comes
to exploring a wide variety of subjects from different schools or groups, all at one go.

Visit Coursera https://www.coursera.org

4. Codecademy

Codeacademy is a website solely dedicated to coding. It includes a live practice window that helps you view the course material along while practicing the code at hand. It also features a dashboard that tracks your progress and organizes modules according to your needs.

This smooth work-flow offered at Codeacademy provides you with hands-on learning and takes away the monotonous school routine. It is very helpful if you want to learn a coding language at your own ease.

Visit Codecademy https://www.codecademy.com

5. Itunes Free Course

The iTunes free course is designed for an Apple user willing to expand their knowledge base. It offers courses in the form of videos or podcasts, with both paid and free versions. You can use your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch to download the iTunes-U app. To access courses on the desktop you can navigate iTunes-U on the upper right-hand corner of the iTunes Store.

You can easily search for learning materials by specifying genre or topics. The content is conveniently categorized and offers a wide range of topics. This online education platform is however only well suited for IOS users as it is not available on Android or Google devices.

Visit Itunes Free Course https://www.apple.com

6. Academic Earth

Academic Earth is another website that offers free online courses on a plethora of topics. It combines world-class courses from a variety of different sources. Be it learning the basics of C++ or knowing what goes into making the best paintball guns, the site offers information about everything. It’s different in the way it lists the topics offered. By sorting the courses by subject and school Academic Earth makes it easier for the user to locate a course fit for the student.

Visit Academic Earth http://academicearth.org

7. Open Culture Online Course

With Open Culture’s listing of free online education courses, you can find over 1000 lectures in the form of videos and podcasts from renowned universities around the world. They offer exclusive course material that can only be found on private university websites. The course material is sorted neatly to help the visitor find the exact study material they are looking for. Open Culture makes it easy to find a variety of university courses in one place, thereby eliminating the trouble of visiting each university page separately.

You can find material from universities located in England, Wales, Australia as
well as the United States.

So, I believe that with this list of interactive websites that offer education modules along with self-paced courses, you are bound to brush up your knowledge about a few topics here and there. It doesn’t matter if you are a college student a school teacher or simply someone eager to expand their knowledge base, these websites can definitely help you out!

Visit Open Culture Online Course http://www.openculture.com


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