Guidelines For NOUN Graduation Clearance 2019

For you to be qualified for NOUN Graduation Clearance Exercise, the following are required:

-Those whose names appear on the graduating list are to visit the link below and fill the survey form, submit and print the form.

– Your full name MUST appear on the school Graduation list

– All evidences of correct registration of Courses and Exams (such as Course and Exam Registration slips or complete E-Wallet) must be provided by you

– You must also provide evidence of payment of Jamb Regularization (6,000) and Result verification (Postgraduate: 10,000, Undergraduate: 5,000)

– All the graduating students of NOUN, especially those whose names appear on the New Website, must print out their E-Wallets from their individual portals

– You must provide the proof of payment of CORRECT PROJECT FEE. Note: If you’ve registered projects before January 1, 2014, with 10,000 you are exempted, but if you registered with 10,000 after 2014, you must pay a balance of 5,000.

– Any Graduating student with a Negative balance in the portal will not be allowed to do the clearance exercise without paying the accruals

– All Graduating Students must Pay CONVOCATION and REGISTRATION FEE of 15,000 within the stipulated time. If you return the convocation gown in good condition, you will get a refund of 5,000 in your bank account.

– The CONVOCATION and REGISTRATION FEE of 15,000 must be paid via the official REMITA website only.

– Before you can be fully cleared, you must pay a total sum of N22,500, which is analyzed below:

1. Payment for graduation Gown – N15,000

2. Payment for Federal Alumni due – N5000 3. Payment for study centre Alumni due – N2500

NOUN Clearance Form 2019

Click the link below to download NOUN students final clearance form 2019


NOUN Convocation Fee Payment Procedure 2019

The Management of NOUN has mandated it for all Graduating Students to pay their CONVOCATION and REGISTRATION FEE within the stipulated time.

You can pay your NOUN Convocation fee by following these simple steps:

 1. Go to the official remita website –

 2. At the top of the website, you will see a search box with the inscription “Who do you want to pay?”. Click on that box and type “NATIONAL OPEN UNIVERSITY

3. The name of the school (National Open University of Nigeria) will pop up, so click on it

 4. On the next page, you will be provided with upto ten (10) different boxes to fill in your details. So fill the boxes as seen below:

– NAME OF SERVICE/PURPOSE: Select “Miscellaneous income”

– DESCRIPTION/PURPOSE OF PAYMENT: Type your reason for payment (which is CONVOCATION and REGISTRATION FEE in this context). But if you’re also paying for other items, ensure you state it there as well.

– AMOUNT TO PAY (₦): Type the total amount you’re paying for the convocation and registration


– PAYER’S NAME: Type your and Matric Number. E.g (Abatan Samuel Kelvin NOU123456789)

– PAYER PHONE: Type your valid phone number

– PAYER EMAIL: Type your portal email address

– CONFIRM EMAIL: Re-type your valid portal email address

– HOW DO YOU WANT TO PAY?: Select “Bank Branch”  (Please don’t be tempted to use other payment methods to avoid issues)

 5. After a successful completion of the previous steps, you’ll be able to generate your RRR, so take the RRR to the nearest commercial Bank for final Payment.



  1. Good day Sir,
    You didn’t upload account department courses likeGood day sir, How was your day? I need TMA for this courses:
    Department is Account.
    1)BUS 207:Business communication.
    2) GST 101:Use of English & Communication skill.
    3) ECO 231: Micro Economic theory 1.
    4) ACC 201: taxation 1.
    5) ACC 203: Introduction to financial accounting.
    6) BFN 209: Introduction to finance.
    7) GST 201: Nigeria people and culture.
    8) STT 205: Statistics for management Science.
    9) BUS 205: Introduction to business.

  2. Dear Team,
    Please i want to know if statement below is applicable to graduants who came in through direct entery?

    ” You must also provide evidence of payment of Jamb Regularization (6,000) and Result verification (Postgraduate: 10,000, Undergraduate: 5,000)”

  3. Please my sister said the clearance and convocation is in two phase that she will go to abuja to finish the clearance and convocation process . Please is this true… please someone reply me.

  4. For those who did not attend the convocation ceremony;what are the Criteria for clearance so as to collect our certificate?

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