Important Notice:- Procedure For Project Allocation AND Submission




All project students should please note the following.

  1. All project matters are now handled by the PROJECT COORDINATOR and the FACULTY OFFICERS ONLY. Any student that deals with any other staff does, at his or her own risk.
  2. Students seeking project supervisor must have registered for project in the Portal.
  3. Only students In their final semester are eligible to be assigned, supervisor. This in effect means that undergraduates must have done Seven (7) semesters for a four-year programme and Nine (9) for a five-year programme. PGD students must be in the second semester and Masters students in their third or fourth semester as the case may be.
  4. The following documents must be presented by all students seeking project supervisor: a. A typed sheet shooting name of student, matric no., programme, 1 email address, phone no. and three proposed topics. b. Evidence of project registration in the portal. c. Portal results to indicate the number of semesters) the student have carried out. d. Project Guide.
  5. All project requests from students must be submitted to the project coordinator.
  6. Students from other Study Centres will not be attended to unless with letter of permission duly endorsed by the Centre director.
  7. Completed projects must be submitted with Evidence of Allocation to the supervisor and covering letter from the supervisor on his/her institution of affiliation letterhead. Project without these documents will not be accepted please
  8. With the new development on project defence, students that have submitted projects shall be recalled when the exercise is about to hold. So students are expected to provide valid phone no. and email address when submitting completed project.
  9. Name of Student, Matric No, programme and Year must be printed at the project spine.
  10. Students submitting project must write his/her Name, Phone No, Email Address, Date of Submission and sign on the hardcover notebook provided by the faculty officer.
  11. Project matters are suspended a week before exams and will resume immediately after all exams.
  12. Project allocation and submission for the semester resumes as soon as the portal is open for registration.
  13. Please note that release of project results comes after the project defence and moderation exercise. Project defence and moderation exercise for this semester has tentatively been slated for June.

Yusuf Adebayo

Project coordinator. AMSC

Download Project Topics

Notice TO All Students DUE For PROJECT


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  1. Does it mean that we students that are not yet in our project semester will not be allowed to start project this semester ?

    Am a 400level first semester criminology student, planning to start my project this semester

  2. Pls I saw 35k on my portal for returning student fee.After payment only 18k was deducted. I now have 17k balance in my e-wallet and I have only one course to run. Pls how can I get a refund of my 17k pls.Txl

  3. Is it true that they have finish assigning project supervisor’s to students while registration is still on process. (Abuja modern study centre)

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