NOUN TMA 2 Submission Timetable for 2021_1 Semester

National Open University Of Nigeria NOUN TMA Submission Timetable

National Open University Of Nigeria NOUN TMA Submission Timetable, NOUN TMA Closing Date and Guidelines For 2021_1 Semester

This is to inform New/Returning students of the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) that the authorities of the NOUN University have released the NOUN TMA Submission Timetable with the New Guidelines and TMA Opening date/closing date for the 2021_1 Semester Tutor-marked Assignment (TMA).

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New Scheduled For NOUN TMA Submission 2021_1 Semester

NOUN management have released a new timeline for TMA submission.


TMA 2 Submission Timetable

According to the countdown on NOUN TMA portal, TMA 2 submission will last for 20days, that’s from 21/05/2021 – 10/06/2021.


S/NTMAStart Date and TimeClosing Date and Time
1.TMA1May 1st, 202112 Midnight – May 21th, 2021 – CLOSED
2.TMA2May 21st, 202112 midnight – June 10th, 2021 – OPEN

NOUN TMA Guidelines 2021

  1. All Students can only read and do their TMAs. No printout this time.
  2. Only a TMA will be available to a student at a time following the TMA timelines provided. This means that no TMA is open-ended. You must do your TMA within that period or risk a zero mark for your TMA.
  3. You must attempt TMA and exams to receive an end of semester grade for every course registered, this is a standard rule for the university.
  4. Ideally, a student should pass both TMA and exams to receive a pass mark for the course. Therefore, students should endeavor to do their TMA themselves as TMAs prepare students for their final examinations.
  5. A student is expected to study the course materials, do TMAs and assignments in the course materials before attempting the online TMAs. Therefore, one (1) question will pop up at a time for the student to attempt before the next question will pop-up. Where the student is not able to attempt, for example, question 1, he/she could click ‘NEXT’ to move to question 2 and so on.
  6. There are three TMAs per each course registered by a student, a student is expected to attempt all. Each TMA has 10 test items(1-10)


  1. Some of my tma’s showing not available and time is going. What is the problem and when can they be available?

  2. TMA 1 was to close 12midnight on the 23rd of November and on the midnight of 22nd of November, TMA1 was closed. why???

  3. Hello sir
    My GST 302 result is not release what is the problem and i did all the presentation and Exam
    pls. what is the issue. thanks.

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