NOUN Alumni Association Decries Discrimination

The National Open University of Nigeria Alumni Association (NOUNAA) on Friday lamented that graduates of the university were being belittled by conventional universities’ graduates.

The President of NOUNAA, Mr. Fidelis Agunbiade, told newsmen at a news conference in Abuja that looking down on graduates from the university was an unhealthy development for the nation’s education sector.

Agunbiade said there must not be any discrimination among graduates from various universities.

He said denigrating NOUN graduates because it was a distance learning programme would not augur well for the nation’s education.

“The issue of superiority exhibited by those in conventional universities must be dealt with because graduates of NOUN are often better equipped.’’

According to the NOUNAA president, all the anomalies recorded in conventional universities like bribery, sexual harassment, corruption among others were alien to NOUN students.

He said this was because NOUN was a distance learning programme and no one had the time to be engaged in any frivolities or anomalies.

Agunbiade said the association was most concerned in the development of its alma mater, adding that it produced the best of graduates through the best system.

“We are completely focused on building and maintaining a cordial relationship with NOUN and partnering with them in order to consistently add value to our degree qualifications,’’ he said.

Agunbiade said recent developments in the school had shown that the Vice-Chancellor, Prof Adamu Abdalla, “is a man with great vision and good service orientation’’.

“The transformation he has brought to NOUN is evident for all to see, we have no doubt that the university will be galvanised into greater heights under his tenure.’’

The NOUNAA President congratulated former President Olusegun Obasanjo as he bagged his PhD in Christian Theology from the school.

He said Obasanjo had enrolled for his Ph.D. in Theology a few years ago and on Jan. 20 he would be conferred with the academic honour after a rigorous defence of his thesis.

According to Agunbiade, this is an uncommon feet by an octogenarian, making him a role model indeed and a shining example man’s achievement.

He called on the National Assembly to quickly pass the law that would allow NOUN law graduates enroll in law school and the Federal Government to increase funding for NOUN.


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  1. why wound t they discriminate? because the institution is a fraud and discrimination itself. They don’t behave well injustice there staff treat students like slaves and children, and no attention is given to you when you have problem especially issue of material missing result graduation. How long does you spent before you graduate no strike but you will not graduate. Things are done anyhow without following due process, soon the school will wake up and discover no body want to study in the school again. finally extortion and unnecessary charges, why will you continue to pay for re register for missing result is it your mistake. NOUN seriously are they architect of how people looked down on them,

  2. I do not quite understand where Mr. Joseph Dinju stands. If Mr. Dinju was or is being treated like a slave, that means he has presented himself like a slave. The Institution’s logo is “Work and Learn” hence it a place for serious minded persons. I stand firm to say that NOUN is a university of international repute. Anything, whether Diploma Certificate or Degree that one gets from the University is WELL merited. You studied for it. Those who do not understand the workings of the system may find it difficult even when they go outside NOUN, and are likely to say negative things about what they don’t know. That the University does not observe strikes is an added advantage and the good reason why people should embrace the system for a better learning. The discrimination talked about is nothing but political. Products of NOUN have excelled in many endeavours and have performed better than most of them from the conventional universities. I make bold to say that most of the conventional university graduates presently engaged in both Federal and State Civil Services can not raise a good Memos, Engineers are more or less a glorified technicians and Doctors who can not analyze blood. Most graduates can not even write a marketable business plan nor write good application letters to secure jobs. Are they not graduates? What will Mr. Dinju say about their universities? I gained admission into NOUN in 2011 and graduated in 2015 with B.Sc. Entrepreneurship and Business Management. I participated in the January 2016 5th Convocation Ceremony held in Abuja. Issues of missing results are not peculiar to NOUN alone. ALL the other Universities in Nigeria have their stories to tell about missing results. I would like to appeal to every well-meaning Nigerians to understand NOUN’s concept, and that as a Federal University, she has brought learning closer to those who are not privileged to attend the conventional university which is a blessing in disguise. I wish to conclude that there is no institution without its shortcomings and NOUN is not an exception.

  3. Mr Akone Fidelis, you are indeed a graduate with reputation. The volume of wisdom released by the short piece you wrote above really showed a well groomed student who not only fought for a paper called certificate but spent quality time to develop himself. This is quite obvious in your submission above and i really appreciate your contribution.How will anyone treat you like a slave? Thats totally dependent on your approach and presentation of yourself.
    Mr Joseph Dinju, sorry to say that you still have some work to do. spend more time to develop yourself and no one will treat you like a slave.
    Simply do the right thing at the right time.
    NOUN will grow to compete with international schools, if we all stand by her.

  4. I understand Joseph’s point of view and anger, people are suffering and have complained but no reasonable reply. Don’t judge people because you are not on their shoes. What about those that were supposed to graduate this last convocation, will you tell me that they did not do the right things? I don’t want to talk much.

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