Complete NOUN 2017 Graduation List Is Out: Check Your Name Here

The National Open University Of Nigeria (NOUN) has released the graduation list for the year 2017 Session.

Approved NOUN Graduation List For 2021/2022 Session

Click on the below link to check your name.








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Other faculties will be uploaded soon!!!!





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  1. I have completed my programme for almost a year now but my name was not included in the graduating list. I don’t what to do, pls help me, all my friends are graduate am the only one who is not, sometimes I feel like It was a waste of time going to noun. How I wise I can’t express what I feel now, I just pray it was not a mistake going to noun.

    1. Madam, it’s a pity am also in that shoe, I wrote my final paper since 2015, cover 143 units, later I was told that am DE student, I was tossed from office to office. I went to Lagos when HQ was in Lagos, I was pushed to Abuja, getting to Abuja, I was asked to write which I never receive reply till today, now I don’t even know what to do. I just muted because all effort to see the personality that could help proof abortive. The last time I was to check my portal was April where I was chance to my results, will others were not showed. Even with that I still 123 units if direct entry I think I still have the requirements. The CGPA read: 2.32 : 3rd Class. Here are my detail : matrix no: NOU110043817 COURSE : COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY
      I started from nscdc special center in Abuja but I transferred the study center to Osogbo in Osun state due to transfer at my place of work. . I have been in the school since 2011. Kindly rescue. Wish you all a wonderful 2018.

      1. pls sir I was admitted as a direct entry student and in politicalscience in 2013 and have accumulated132 units with projects result up till this movement my name was not on convocation lists

      2. Sorry for what happened!
        Maybe you have not met your Departmental Requiment for Graduation.

        Why not try this!
        Ensure that:
        …you have done at Least Eight Elective or Nine.
        …you have done all you core courses.
        …you have not more than One carry over course.
        …you are not having any pending GST Course(s).
        …you have done your Seminar.
        …you have done your Industrial Training.
        …you have done your Project.
        Follow these rules and all will be well by God’s Grace!

        …from: Ovie
        Alumni; NOUN.

    2. Good pm Mr Gbenga. Am through wit my course dat I dnt av any pending courses but my name is nt included in d recent list dat waz release on 12th December, 2017, especially d Management Science please will dere release another list before d Convocation day.

  2. Noun, I hope somebody takes this up and contact this guy. For all we know, the omission may just be a human error. And pls don’t ask him to go from office to office to get the issue resolved. That would be more frustrating.

  3. PLS I need advice and clarification, I’m a student of noun running a PhD public admin. I’ve passed all my courses, met all academic requirements as stated (like passing core courses, research project and also methodology, good study guide etc), my recent result released shows a CGDP of 3.77 (this is without my project result) but unfortunately I couldn’t found my name in the just released list. I appeal to those with idea to enlighten me on what to do. Thanks

    1. Samuel you said you didn’t see your project right? That is the only reason for omitting your name on the list.

      1. Good pm Mr Gbenga. Am through wit my course dat I dnt av any pending courses but my name is nt included in d recent list dat waz release on 12th December, 2017, especially d Management Science please will dere release another list before d Convocation day.

  4. My name is Adetayo Roseline Oludayo, I am in the Faculty of Education, Department of Business Education. I ought to have graduated since last year but my name was not there. Another list is out now for graduation and my name is not there. Please, help me out what can i do, where do i go, and whom do i see.

      1. i have been to my study centre in Osogbo and submitted my complaints letter of my missing results many times since last year. Out of 7 courses that were missed then, only three were released. Among the four courses remain is my first Teaching Practice result. I did my first teaching practice since 2015 and the two supervisors came to check me but till now the result has not been released. Even the second one i did, the result has been out. I went to the centre and they told me no problem that the result will be released, and this is how i am since 2016. Please sir, what else can I do, I need your help.

        1. @Roseline, There’s nothing i can do to help, but try and re-write those missing results and go back to your study centre and disturb them. . .

          1. Pls can someone help me I’m a student of noun Enugu study center, I paid mu fee the day d said dey will close portal nd try to register my courses but the network was too bad now i heard dey have close nd i didn’t register,pls is dere any chance of dem opening it again before exam’s by next month? Pls i need help

    1. Roseline Make sure you don’t have any outstanding core course and also check if all your results are out. That is all.

      1. Good pm, I dnt av any outstanding core course, my result is all out but my name is nt included in d recent list dat came out on 12th December, 2017, please will dere release another list before d Convocation day

  5. Please sir, the were some changes in portal when community health ,was charged to public health, chs 318 and 320 change to PHS 318 and 320 but the former one and the new ones,and the score are still in our portal s this drop down our CGPC,the study centre said is no their work

  6. My name is Anthony I finished last year and my name is not still out what is going on. Can I just get statement of result at least to use and upgrade my self in d office because after did time d next upgrading will be in two years time

  7. pls help me, my name is nt in the graduating list and i don,t know why. all my friends that are my course mate all appeared on the list and i’m surprised.

  8. Hi Mr Gbenga,
    I am a PGD student in Bus Administration. I had a carry over in MGS 714 (principles of management) but my CGPA is 3.96 without project. Càn I graduate without re- seating for this mgs714?

    1. MGS714 is a core course, you need to pass all your core courses before you can graduate.
      Re-rewrite it, in order to avoid delay.

  9. Hello Gbenga,
    Please due to human error and migration from one system to another, my name was ommitted in the 2015 graduation list after all clearance. Now in 2017, my name is include, how do I get my certificate to read 2015 again.
    Any form of advise will be highly appreciated.

    Thank you

  10. When is the next graduating list coming out? i finished last year and my project is out, i don’t have carry over and my name not in the list, please.

  11. Good evening, my name is Ronke. I need clarification when we should be expecting Graduating list for faculty of science. My study centre is Sango Ibadan . I finished last year and my project is out with my result.

    Thank you

    1. Thank you Sir,

      Please i am post graduate student, Faculty of science – Information Technology – Ibadan centre.

      I believe next graduate list will cover for post graduate student also, last year.

  12. Hello Mr. Gbenga. Thank you for the good work of enlightenment on the issues of NOUN. Pls, I want to know if those who submitted their project around 20th November, 2017 can still make the next batch of graduating list for the forthcoming graduation?

  13. Pls, when was the deadline for submission of project in order to meet up with this graduation. This is for me to know maybe I should still be expecting if my name will come out in the subsequent batch?

  14. Hello! Please my name is Mustapha Oluwaseun Hammed and i study computer science in Abeokuta Study Centre. I have done all core courses and my Project result is out as well but I.T result is yet to be released and besides, 15000 was returned to the portal for “God knows what”. Also, please when will science list be released?

  15. Good afternoon Mr. Gbenga, please I finished pgd information technology last year but faculty of science graduation list is not out yet. I want to proceed for my master how can I achieve this. Is it possible to get to whom for my result in order to process my master program.

  16. Good afternoon mr Gbenga. I was meant to graduate at last convocation but due to error from the school i didnt graduate. But now the error is solved after series of letter sent to them, but my fears is that during my set cit 449 Operation research was an elective course, which we didt register for. All my mates graduated expect does of us that had issues with the the school. Now that my issue has been solved and the operation resaerch is a core courese which i didnt do then because it was an elective course for us. Will my name be included in the graduation list.

  17. Hello i am a student of education faculty but the list of faculty of education graduants is not release I want to know my status

  18. Good day Mr gbenga.please is another batch of list coming out in faculty of social science mass communication? i finished since last year but my name is not on the list.

  19. Hello Mr gbenga, am a master student pcr ,I submitted my project around August and pass all neccessary course, should I be expecting my name In next graduation list

  20. Good day Mr Gbenga, pls my school documents have my name initials, I heard it could pose a problem to get my certificate, I finished last year and expecting my name for did convocation, pls how can I get dis rectified ?

  21. My name is Elizabeth Adetun. I have finished my programme but my name is not in the list. My mates graduated last year but my name was not threatening though we offered the same course. I registered for more this year. Old help me. Am in Entrepreneurship and business management

  22. Mr Gbenga when is graduating list for faculty of science be out?…..I have met the requirements of the faculty and my project result has been out since last year.

  23. NOUN Managements are still working on the list. . .
    More Graduation list would be released soon.

    Please exercise patience

  24. Good day, what is the faith of postgraduate students with less than 3 point CGPA that have finished 2016 and their names is not on the list, please are they to do please find out course some have even cover all course no any additional courses available.

  25. Good day Mr.Gbenga, thank you for the good job you are doing.
    Please I want to know the process how NOUN graduate students. I studied in Faculty of Education (M.Ed). All my results are ready(including project) as at the last time the school release result in November 2017.
    So I want to know what I should do to make sure my name comes out with the graduating list this year and will my name come out.
    Thank you

  26. Plz mr gbenga kindly enlighten me ve passed all my courses n submitted my project in Oct. I ve not paid my project fee will dt mke my name not to appear in d list seems ve not paid?

  27. Good morning Mr. Gbenga and compliments of the season. I am Mrs Comfort Mgbado of the schools of law, my name rightly appeared on the graduation list, but all my scores as pasted on the list are wrong, including the calculated CGPA. While I have on my portal a CGPA of 3.31, on the graduation list, it is 2.44. The same negative variation is also seen on my TCC and TCE.Please, what do I do?

  28. Pls can someone whose name didn’t appeare in the graduating list though have seen and passed all his results including project get his statement of result. If yes, how doI go about it. Thank you.

  29. Mr. Gbenga, you’re doing a very good job by responding positively to our worries. Thank you so much. My question is why is it taking so long for the noun management to release the list for faculty of science? We are all waiting, they should pls release the list as soon as possible. Thank you.

  30. Pls Mr Gbenga when will graduation list for science & tech be out. Are people eligible for NYSC go for service ?

  31. With due respect sir,in our center there is one of our colleague who was not seen his project the center has send and re send his project several time but still he couldn’t get the result of the project.

  32. Good morning Mr.Gbenga
    Please I have an issue with the school, my name was step down for reason that I didn’t sit for a particular course which was an elective as the time I finished my course work but now is core course. I finished my course work in 2015 1st semester. Now the faculty didn’t approve my result.
    And I don’t have a proof, except in the hand the book that states in the introduction of the course that was anot elective.
    Please how can you help, do you know anybody who did masters in educational administration and planning or any body that did EDA855 (responsibility and accountability in education management )
    I have stayed too long if not for my project I should have gone since 2016

  33. Hello please, am a graduate of this institution. I hold B.Sc Accounting in January, 2017. Those that graduated before us had their NYSC Exemption/Exclusion certificates given to them. When is ours coming out? Thanks

  34. Good morning Mr gbenga. Thanks for being there for us, my name is ogunmola babatunde, matrix number nou110533259.i succefuly completed my project and submitted it in Nov 2016,uptill now the result has not been uploaded in my portal. I have consulted My study centre and those involved including my h o D(political science) and Dean. I am expecting my name in 2018 graduating list. I have 3.31 as GPA. Please how can you be of help.thanks

  35. Greetings, my name is Shakirat Shittu Adeniran with matric number NOU110611335. I succesfully completed and submited my project in december 2016, Up until now i havent seen the result of my project but all the other results were there, my CGPA is 3.56 and also my name havent appeared on the graduating list of faculty of social science department of political science. Kindly be of help Sir.

  36. Good evening mr gbenga,
    Ive supposed to have graduated last year but there was an error on my project course code which has been rectfied yet i cant find my name on d list for graduation on social sciences please what do i do.

  37. mr Gbenga,i really appreciate what you are doing,really God will bless you,but please i need encouragement,i want to know if i still have a chance to see my name on the next graduating list,i finished last semester and i have seen my result,everything is there,so now i dont know if i still have the chance for the next convocation,because my study center project was not release on time but it have bin release now.

  38. Greetings sir, I’m a student of cooperative mgt with matric no nou133601334. I rounded up last year, all my results are out but my project code that was released in my portal is ENT450 instead of COP450 I’m worried if that would affect me from graduating if yes pls sir what should I do. Thanks

  39. Mr Gbenga thanks for your great efforts at responding to students enquiries from time to time. I was informed they have released more graduation list after you posted the above lists. Please kindly upload the new lists for Faculty of Sciences. Thanks


  41. My name is John James madu with matric Dapt faculty of social science,
    Course Criminology and Security studies.
    I have submitted my project since 7months ago and yet my name is not among the list that is out for graduation please what could be the problem as am looking forward to graduate with my mate by January, my case needs urgent attention thanks in anticipation to my name in 3batche

  42. gud evening Mr Gbenga, im convocating this January 2018, will i be eligible for NYSC 2018 or will i be getting exemption cert.?

  43. Honestly with all of these complaints it clearly should that Nigeria as a country is not ready for suppose to have graduated since 2016 up till now am still in open university even when I have 92 credit unit with a CGPA of 3.31 as a direct entry student who is suppose to just do 90 credit unit courses.Open university is a corrupt institution.


  45. Well done Mr. Gbenga! U are indeed a good Administrator for responding with smiles to almost all the questions here. Please permit me to also ask the following questions.
    1. Is there Ph.D programme in Public Administration in NOUN?

    2. When is 2018 convocation taking place?

    3. Can we get our certificates before the convocation?

    Thank you as I await your kind relief response.

    Akpandem, Eyo E.
    M.Sc. graduand
    Public Administration
    School of Mgt. Sc.

  46. good afternoon Mr Gbenga. This new graduation lists that are out, is Business Education included? is faculty of Education included? please can you upload if you have the new graduation lists the way uplaoded the graduation lisst that came out 25th Oct.

  47. Good Afternoon Sir, Mr Gbenga, a young guy willing to enrol at Noun university, i heard a lot about the institution for the great work, i just want to ask if i would go for service, i mean NYSC after finishing my studies.
    i will be very glad to hear from you Sir. Mr Gbenga

  48. Mr. Gbenga, I have been offered admission study M.SC Public Admin but YET to be given a Matric Number. Can I change to Masters in Educational Management & Planning without extra cost?

  49. Good day Mr Gbenga,please is there a way one can get faculty of education graduating list released yesterday on his phone without visiting the center….am out of my center for a week now.Thanks towards your response

  50. Good day Mr. Gbenga & thanks for your response. But i want to know… are you saying the issue of NYSC has not been resolved up till now? pls. i will be happy to read from you.

  51. pls Mr gbenga,i am a nursing dept student, hv finished all core courses and did praticals 2015 , till this moment my result on practical is yet to be out.i hv severally complianed to my study centre,in march this year i had to go to Abuja with my friend nd we were referred back to Enugu study centre,we came back and met with the centre coordinator she made a list for missing result which she said she sent to abuja yet those other of my friends i wrote their names in missing result there names are in the just released list and i ask.what is it that set 2009 did wrong that we are kept in the dark since name is matric no: 090 and my friend is matric no nou3.thanks as you help us to unravel the mystery behind this

  52. Graduation list has been sent to all centre directors of every study centre across the nation. A total number of 12,000 students graduated this year.
    Convocation will hold on January 20th, 2018

    1. Kindly post the new Graduation List for Faculty of Sciences here, where I live is very far from any Study Centre to check it

  53. hello, mr gbenga. pls i have been a student of this university since 2011. my matric number is nou110733766. i have finished all course work since 2015. i have seen all my results. i dont know why my name is not yet in the graduating list, pls help

    1. Good morning Mr Gbenga,pls we still have not seen the graduation list for faculty of Education. Pls help us to upload it so that we can know our fate with NOUN oooo.
      Thank you.

  54. Pls help,my name is not in d graduation list,i complained @ my centre,i was told it might be an omission of ent412(seminar) which i did & defended 2016,what can i do to be convocated next january nou1

  55. Good morning Mr Gbenga, Compliment of the season sir.Thank you so much for your good work. Kindly upload the list for faculty of health science .

  56. I have completed my courses and project since Nov 2016
    All my results are out on my portal can’t access it now…..
    Still my name is not on graduating list

  57. Mr.gbenga Why is all DE students having issues we did more than the course unit required and all our name is not on the list

  58. My TP results is only what is delaying me to graduate from NOUN school of Education, French B.A edu a student of 2014 was given 200 level. By now I should b serving pls, I need ur help sir. Oga Gbenga . I don’t be any problem with my course. So I need d TP results 2015 and 2016 to bost up my final result. I am done with My project and they have. Graded me. Please I need ur help

  59. Good morning Mr. Gbenga, thanks for your kind diligent. Please, with what I saw on the site, it seems that 2017 graduating students are not included especially Criminology and security studies, Abuja model center?

  60. Hi, I want to know if they’d release more names from management science because, when I checked I noticed it was just faculty of science they released… Please help me

  61. Good morning Gbenga, I have done the needful, my project and the scores are showing but, I’m yet to see my name on the graduation list… Will more names be released

  62. Mr. Gbenga, compliment of the season & happy new year in advance. Are there updates in Management Science graduating lists?

  63. Good job mr Gbenga, please when will you upload / update the management sciences graduating list released in December 2017 and I observed 20th January 2018 convocation date and students pop examination will clash.

  64. Dear Gbenga, It look like you will have solution to my problems. I was informed that my name is on the graduation list, but checking through all I can`t find my name.

    Does it mean Faculty of Education is yet to upload their graduating candidates name on the site.

    Please help . BOLARIN OLA SUNDAY. MED management and Planning nou143697915

    Then what will be next line of action to get the certificate?

    Thank you

  65. Merry Xmas Mr Gbenga, and thank u so much for ur response and solution so far. Pls I supposed graduate 2015, I was told that why my name was not included on the list, was because of Industrial Training (IT). Now I am done with it and my name came out on the graduation list but the IT result was not there. Pls sir, how do I go about it. My name is Oyali Ikechukwu. Accounting dept. Your response will be highly appreciated. Best regard sir.

  66. compliment of the season Mr Gbenga I have been to my study centre my name is among the convocation list but it is not on the one you uploaded online. I graduated from department of Data Management with GPA of 3.74 Osianene 0 Emmanuel with matriculation number NOU120443360

  67. NOUN tends to frustrate people why? I SUPPOSED to hv graduated 2016 but i didn’t see my name,.
    Pls Gbenga help meooooo i am confused.
    i studied comm tech.Can the second batch come out before the forthcoming convocation ceremony.pls i need ur urgent response which will attract a good present nd Gods blessings to you.Thanks a lot mr.Gbenga my lovely brother.
    my matric no :is nou120672689

  68. Good day Mr. Gbenga.
    This is what I saw on the portal below. The link is inactive. Please send me the correct link so I can check my name. Thank you.
    IBRAHIM TAMA. (email = OR

    The National Open University Of Nigeria (NOUN) has released the graduation list for the year 2017 Session.

    Click on the below link to check your name.

    [maxbutton id=”2″ url=”” text=”DOWNLOAD” ]

  69. Pls, when is the list of Chemistry under the faculty of science coming out?
    Sir, do I also stand a chance of getting statement of result or any form of attendance -evidence to show forth even at the point of request?

  70. Good Day Mr. EMMANUEL, Please where can I see the uploaded list online?

    but it is not on the one you uploaded online. I graduated from department of Data Management with GPA of 3.74 Osianene 0 Emmanuel with matriculation number NOU120443360

  71. Compliments of the season Mr Gbenga , i so much appreciate your efforts in assisting students on this platform . Iam a law student i passed all the core courses with an appreciable pass in many elective courses . I scored above 204 credit units .yet my name was not in the graduation list. I later went in to my profile i discovered that non compulsory course business policy has not be registered. Is that why i have not be graduated? I did project and passed.

  72. Good morning Mr. Gbenga pls I past out on the month of July 2017 but luckily all my result is out including my project but yet i have not seeing my name in the graduating list , pls i want to know if more graduating list will still be out before January 20th convocation thanks my name is blessing Rufus Karibo Metric Nou130, thanks.

  73. Gbenga is only assisting us, and I want to thank him for the great work. But coming to issues of solving problems, I suggest everyone should carry his or her own cross. Take your problem to the highest authority or even ICPC if necessary, because I can see that NOUN management is not organised.

  74. Good day sir/ ma, my name is Olarewaju Christianah Iyabo with matric no NOU12, I have completed my course units including projects since 2015 & I have seen all my results & I have no outstanding units but my name was not included in the graduating list, pls sir assist me so that my coming to NOUN will not be waste of time.

  75. Mr Gbenga, thank you for this wonderful job you are doing. Having gone through the list, I discovered that PGD Public Administration, Management Science 2016 set has been included which I am one. What should do? Where do we go? My result is complete including project. Kindly help.

  76. More graduation list added. .

    1. Compliments of the season Mr Gbenga, only Entrepreneur list is what u uploaded under d faculty of management Sciences. Pls kindly upload Accounting list. Thank you and God bless you. Have a prosperous 2018.

    2. When we the new list be out now because am true with all my courses and have seen all my results including my IT,Seminal and Project and I have done 145unit till now am still waiting for the list from Osogbo study center studying Mathematics/Computer-Science

  77. Kudos to your tremmendous work Mr Gbenga. My Name is Egharevba Oyenmwen Sonia. My centre is Benin City. I graduated from Business Education 2016, I passed all my courses including project and my CGPA was computed. I saw the faculty of Education lists of graduands released you newly uploaded and Bsc Education Business was just one graduad included. Pls will there be more faculty of Education lists to be released before convocation?

  78. I know that we the chemistry students are not much in NOUN but they shouldn’t forget us….. please they should check and releases our list please. I had A in my project had over 132 credit unit and a CGPA of 4.24 please they should release my NAME BENIN STUDY CENTER

  79. mr gbenga, thank u for your services. we are extremely grateful. pls we will like u to give us information as to when the school will do the “graduation ceremony / giving of certificates” at abuja. i want to believe that will be sometimes in january 2017. once again, thank u

  80. Please can we have the first batch for faculty of Science released in October, the ones here are those released in December

  81. What I mean is that the faculty of management science has no PGD its only entrepreneurial and business management bsc what of others please

  82. faculty of management science has no PGD it contains only entrepreneurial and business management bsc what of others please

  83. Mr Gbenga, I so much appreciate ur effort towards ensuring that our problems are solved. However, the graduation list for computer science is limited ….why is it so? imagine I have done all my courses and my project result was out 2years ago , even my IT result was out too..but I don’t know why my name is not in the graduation list..I have gone to the study centre to complain but the faculty of science is in Abuja..Pls can u help me find out? My matric no is Nou040069434. Thanks .

  84. On the recently uploaded result on faculty of education, business education department is missing just one name, are we expecting more lists?

  85. Please can we have the first batch for faculty of Science released in October, the ones here are those released in December and also please when is the next convocation

  86. Mr. Gbenga, i have gone through the above list for the Faculty of Management Science. It was only a department that was NEWLY added. Are we still expecting more list most especially Public Administration?

  87. hello Mr. Gbenga.
    a list was approve at the faculty of education Lagos office on the 19th and was taken to abuja the next day 20th and hope senate was going to meet on the 20th or 21th. but i can confirm my name was approved by the faculty but was not on the list you upload, please is the list of names uploaded is the senate approved previously or a combination of the previous one in december and the latest on the 21st.
    your response will be appreciated

  88. Good day sir, My name is Kazeem Semiu Babs, my is on the convocation list and about to go for the screening after yuletide season. I want to know if I can apply for transcript before convocation and without certificate. Or can I use notification of result in lieu of the certificate, if yes, how and where do I apply for notification of result?

  89. Mr Gbenga, compliments of the season. Im also through with my programne with no outstanding but my name isn’tSociahe Social Sciences list. My matric is Nou130281124. What do i do? Pls kindly advise

  90. Weldone Mr Gbenga, I went to my study center last week to checked my name and my name was confirmed for graduating, but my worrie now is from ( Faculty of Social Science ) Batch 1,2 and d new list I can’t find my name there. I hope all is well?

  91. Good morning Mr Gbenga, my name is Victoria Allan, thank you for the good work you are doing. Pls from the just uploaded graduation list for faculty of Education it is only one person for Early Childhood Education that is in the list what happen to the other graduands because when the list was first released to the study centres I went to check and saw my name among the graduating students with a second class, I even snaped it. Infact my name came on page 3 of the list, serial no. 65 but the uploaded list my name is not there what happen? Besides there are only (7) people with B. SC Edu others are M. SC Ed. Or is it that more list are coming. Pls I need clarification. Thanks. Victoria Allan.

  92. Sir, we truely appreciate you for your kind gestures towards the plight of NOUN students and by using this platform to answer our questions which normally if not answered render us into emotional torture. We can’t thank you enough but only God who knows how effective and important those answers you are giving to us help’s in assuaging our emotional torture will bless you. Information, they say, is power. I am a law student from Bauchi study center and I have finished and passed all my core courses except for criminal law(I) which was missing, so I don’t know if I stand the chance to be graduated?But if not, do I have to come over to search for my missing results because I am sick and tired of this missing result Moster in NOUN.Thanks

  93. Hello Mr Gbenga pls help me,I submitted my project since June 2017 and the result is out on my portal,I never carried any course over,my result is complete and my CGPA is 3.99 with matric No- nou1356,name- Osagie Imuwahen,yet my name is not on both the old and new graduating list, pls Mr Gbenga I really need your help sir,I can’t wait till 2019 pls

          1. Goodmorning sir,please help me out,i have completed my courses my project and IT but yet my name is not on the graduating list my matri nou132503740, Blessing Rufus Karibo Mass Communication Department thanks and Godbless you,Amen.

  94. I failed an elective in 200 level.will it affect me from graduating though I have submitted my project.

  95. I want to be sure if it is compulsory to sit for all core courses before graduation. Some core courses are still left out for some students after acquired 152 units. Mr Gbenga your response will assist students in this regard. Thank you

    I Oyibo-Rhokaye Otite with matric number NOU155 an MBA (Master of Business Administration) 800level final year student, write to complain to the above institute that the above course MKT826(Marketing Management and Strategy) was registered during my final exam for the program to my greatest surprise the institute passed information that it is not examinable.
    The school did not upload the TMA on the portal. When series of time table was released MKT826 was not on the time table and as exams went on it was pasted on notice board and portal that MKT826 is not examinable by the institute.
    Sir, i wish the management of the institute to proffer solution so that i may not spend extra year or semester and also incure cost of another registration.
    I attached here in a copy of list of all courses registered for examination in the 2017 first semester for your perusal
    I will be very glad if you use your good offices to treat this issue considerably.

  97. Compliments of the season, I completed my course since 2015, and completed my project since July/August 2016 but up till now my name was not included in all the graduating list so far, I have visited NOUN Victoria Island severally with no positive response, I also called every persons i know with no response, I studied MSc Business Administration and an MBA course was included in my result, I complained numerous times, But I was told the course will be removed. Kindly tell me what to do, My Mat no is NOU145103076. Thank you.

  98. Good day pls. I checked through the DEC graduating list posted here for management science but no other department was found other than entrepreneur and mgt science… Pls what is happening… I am in Accounting department. Thanks

  99. Good afternoon Sir!
    I Umar Sani Maigana with registration number nou159329459 from the faculty of management science department, PGD Public Administration.
    I have passed all my courses and research project but I didn’t see my name on the graduation list.
    Please and Please Sir, I really need your help/assistance.
    Thank you

    1. The same thing happened to me not until i checked graduation list at my study centre & then found my name. I will advise you go your study centre and check.

  100. Happy new year mr Gbenga, my name is Edward Magdalene n matrix no: nou120605786 program: .Bsc(ed)business education. I should have graduated in 2016 if not for the late summation of my project by my supervisor due to the auto accident he suffered. Now all my results n project is OK as shown on my portal with CGPA of 3.3. Yet I can find my name on the graduation list


    After looking at the issue of missing results in NOUN and its effect of denying eligible students from graduating from the school; even though students(including myself) have met the requirements to be graduated from their chosen degree programmes , sometimes by even exceeding the minimum requirements of (40 & 90 & 120 respectively) in credit units .

    Following the above development, below is my personal experience and submissions concerning it.

    In my case in particular, my result is still missing on the Course- CIT **25 ” Operations Research” . Even though I have done my part by registering the course/examination and written the examination since November 2016 at my Study Centre (Bayelsa) .

    In such a situation a student should not be blamed, after all, it is not the duty of students to release results to themselves but it is the duty of the school authority to do so. All that a student can do is to inform the school in writing about the missing result when it happens.

    In my case, I have written several letters to NOUN Headquarters requesting them to release the said result but they have not done so.

    For me, to re- register the said course & examination with missing result and re-writing it is not a problem. But up till now the school authorities including the Dean Faculty of Sciences and Heard of Department Computer Sciences have not asked me to do so neither have they told me what really happened to my answer script. Rather they keep on saying they are working on the issue.

    I have often heard some fellow Students and Study Centre Directors advising students who had issues of missing results to quickly re-register such courses and re-write them to avoid delays from the school. As good as such advice may be; I don’t subscribe to it. In that , if that becomes the only solution to issues of student’s missing results, it is invariably giving the school an opportunity not to be accountable to students and the public as regards missing results. The school should be able to account for how the result got missing in the first place.

    This is necessary, coming at a time where there are allegations against the school that some unscrupulous staff elements in NOUN Headquarters are engaged in the fraud of swapping and reallocation of student’s results to other students who did not sat for the examination through the alterations of Matric Numbers on answer scripts in favor of such students.

    I am beginning to think that if the trend continues in this way and the school keep on denying eligible students from graduation as a result of missing result, a time is coming or is already at hand when aggrieved students might take legal actions against NOUN as regards the issue of missing results and refusal to graduate eligible students. if that happens, am sure the outcome of a court case will be very embarrassing to NOUN.

    1. Any of your courses that you missed, i will advise you rewrite them so that you dont waste your time waiting for your missing results to be released. I am talking from personal experience. I also wrote this particular course (Operation research) twice before i could see my result.Thanks

  102. Please am from Awka study center,,, please can’t find names of biological science students,,, please are they still gona release list this January under sciences? Pls reply me thanks


  104. Please Mr Gbanga
    I have finished since last year but my name is yet to come out in the lost graduating. I have cgpa 3.05 my matric number is Nou 110476200

  105. Hi Mr. Gbenga,
    Please give me your email address.
    I also couldn’t find my name on the graduation list despite the fact that I have completed all my courses and all results are available on the portal.
    Thank you

  106. Please advise to all people here, this list posted here is incomplete so you better go to your study center and check your name.

  107. I have done all my Core courses but my name is not released from Osogbo study center studying mathematics/Computers science. Pls Mr Gbenga what do I do.

  108. Mr gbenga am here crying already,our supervisor delay our project now date has been fixed for defending which we are ready buh list is out my question now is will another list be out after we defend or is there anything we can do, we finished since last year June

  109. Good afternoon Mr Gbenga
    I am Sueizakien Peter Enwukwe of faculty of Health Science in the department of public health in Port-harcourt study center, I have completed my core course, my credit unit,GST courses and also submitted my project since 2016 yet my name is not in the graduation list, in fact only one person that is in the list of public health, pls Gbenga what do you think is the problem.thanks

  110. Dear Gbenga,

    Thank you for the good work that you are doing. Quick question. Please are we still expecting another list from Management Science?

    Thank you.

  111. Good morning sir, please are we still expecting another graduating list? I was supposed to graduate 2016 our names didn’t come out, we were told our names will be included this year to my surprise non our names from my set is out what should we do? Our results is out i have second class upper, no missing results yet my name is not among the graduation list. Her is my matric number Nou12019,, public health

  112. Good day,Mr Gbenga. I am Ganiyu Abiola Dolapo of Computer Science NOU133638948. I have my IT,Seminar and Project results and I have a credit unit of 136,a CGPA of 3.79 but my name is not on the list. What could have caused this sir? Can you please help me check in anyway? So as to do the needful before 2019.
    When you said we should mail you,where sir? I didn’t get your e-mail address.

  113. Happy New year Sir, pls sir I exceeded 120 credit unit required. I have 124 but my name is still not o the graduating list. Why Sir? Pls help. I need your help. My name is OMINI THANKGOD OKA. DEPARTMENT OF COMPUTER SCIENCE. METRIC NUMBER IS NONOU120782568.
    Please help me. Don’t kn3know what’s going on.
    Thank you

  114. please Mr gbenga help me out cause I am sobbing bitterly.
    I am 9 years old in NOUN
    I started in 2009
    I was advised by my study center not to register again this semester.
    I am without any sponsor again and I can’t tell anyone that I’m still in NOUN.
    My CGPA 2.81
    My minimum credit unit is 121
    My research, IT, and field trip is out
    My matric number is Nou100037235
    My study center is UYO
    My program is Bsc environmental science and resources management
    My name is EKERENDU nuclear Christopher
    I was promised by my study center that 2018 will not pass me by.
    please Sir I beg you in Jesus name to kindly sort it out for me even if you are not the one to do this but I pray God to use you and rectify this problem once and for all. thank you sir.

  115. Complement of the season , I have written all my courses and passed them but my name is not on the graduating list my cpga is 2.87 PGD public admin,what should I do pls.

  116. Complement of the season , I have written all my courses and passed them but my name is not on the graduating list my cpga is 2.87 PGD public admin,what should I do pls,I need an advice plss,I really need my result it’s urgent pls

    1. Good evening sir. Pls help us post the latest list. My study centre did not paste it and the staff are very unfriendly. Best regards sir.

  117. Please Mrs Gbenga I have register my course I want to register my exam I seen that exam registration is close please Mrs what can I do

  118. Hi Mr Gbenga. I have seen my result in my portal and my CGPA has been computed. I passed 125credit out of the 129 total credit units carried. A course of 2 credit unit was waved for me. Despite passing all my courses my name is still not included in the graduation list. I graduated 2016..I leave in Abuja and my study center is Benin. Mr Gbenga, can I check if my name is out on the graduation list in head quarters Abuja?

  119. Please I was at my Study Centre yesterday and was told there was no list only to see one online NOW. Please, will there be a second list for M. Ed students? Most of us finished our projects since January 2016 including me. Our result statements are online, credit load in order. What do we do?

  120. Mrng Mr Gbenga, God will surely reward u for ur assistance u are rendering to all of us.And this year is ur year…He would surely bless u financially…sir , 04 is given 90 units for those that graduated this year cos my matric no is Nou040069434 and I was told that I will graduate with 90units cos others name were shortlisted for graduation for such units…so I was told that I didn’t complain on time project result was out ,industrial training result and seminar result since 2 years ago…my dept. Is computer science …Pls could u help me ,my name is not in graduating list as i was told. Thank u sir.

  121. Hi Mr Gbenga. I have seen my result in my portal and my CGPA has been computed. I passed 125credit out of the 129 total credit units carried. A course of 2 credit unit was waved for me. Despite passing all my courses my name is still not included in the graduation list. I graduated 2016..I leave in Abuja and my study center is Benin. Mr Gbenga, can I check if my name is out on the graduation list in head quarters Abuja?

  122. Good evening sir. Pls help us post the latest lists. My study centre did not paste it and the staff are very unfriendly. Best regards sir.

  123. Good evening sir, pls my CGP keeps dropping. I don’t know why its like that even after my seminar was included instead of it to increased it den decreased. Kindly explain to me. God bless you

  124. Good evening sir gbenga I, EBIERE SAMUEL, a student of National Open University Of Nigeria Port Harcourt Study Centre, studying B.Sc MASS COMMUNICATION , in school of Social Sciences with the Matriculation number (NOU110761319), Sir, I submitted my project twice as at October 2016 and February 2017 at Port Harcourt Study Centre, yet the result is not reflecting on my result and also passed all my compulsory courses, my name is not in the 2018 graduation list,
    what do i do ,this is making it twice i submitted my project.
    Pleas sir help me out of this hot water
    Thank for your cooperation .

    The project course code is as followsː
    1.MAC418(Research Project)

  125. Good day mr Gbenga, i suppose to have graduated since last year, am a direct entry student. i had 1 carry over in 2017, but i have already exceeded my required credit units for graduation. my supervisor said i do not need to write the carry over since i have the rwequired credit units already. yet they have not included my name in the graduation list.
    pls help me out sir.

      1. Good day mr Gbenga , i want to confirm if there is another convocation list released this january 2018.Thank you for the good work

          1. MrGbenga good evening sir. Please I really need ur help. I finish 2016 and submitted my seminar Octomber 2016 and up till now my seminar is still not showing in my portal and that’s the reason my name did not come out. Please any hope of supplementary list after convocation, and if there is when will that be? Thanks Matrix NOU130718899

  126. Good afternoon Mr. Gbenga, I’m an undergraduate student of Mass Communication Oshogbo study centre. some of my results were not released which didnt make me graduate last year but I’ve registered and written them again, the results are out but my name is still not on graduating list, what can i do again sir. I did Direct Entry and I have more than the units required of me already (118 Units with 4.14 CGPA).

  127. Hello.. thank for this list, have been waiting for the new batches. they have been released already but its not been updated here. please add the new batches … Thanks for all youre doing.

  128. My name is obadia solomon taiwo and I have completed my courses . Passed all but my name did not come out. Nou120541280.

    Please help me. Am really frustrated.

  129. Hi, please I have seen my name in the graduation list and want to do my clearance but I’m an old student and my registered courses and exams are not showing on the new portal (I have access to only the notification of results). Please, what are the option for someone to get the necessary printout for the clearance? Thanks

  130. Hello Mr Gbenga I submitted my project since November 2016 still the result is not on my portal I complained to my councellor several time but she keep telling to wait I wrote a letter to my faculty no response from them pls sir what can I do again?

  131. Good afternoon Mr Gbenga, please i need update on the points to be earned by DE to qualify him/her for graduation as the last time i saw it on the previous portal as minimum of point require for 100 level as 120 points while DE level as 100 points.
    please i need your quick reponse as i finished my all my course works only working on project and siwes report and currently i have earned 100 points.
    thank you

  132. Good evening Mr Gbenga, I want to know if I can still graduate with 142 credit unit in my core courses Bsc Biology but without bio 412 which is 3units cos I was unable to register it due to maximum credit unit required for course registration.

  133. Good morning mr Gbenga,pls my name is Nurudeen Wasiu Abiodun, Matric no is ;nou154512492 PGD Criminology and Security Studies.I had submitted my project and my CGPA IS 3.96 suprisingly my name is not on the release list of graduants.I would appreciate you chech out my complaint in avoidance of doubt.Thanks.

  134. i failed one of my core courses and but d school no longer offer the course,will it affect my graduation and when is the new list coming out,i mean been uploaded online

  135. Good day everyone, Mr. Gbenga is only a human, so don’t expect him to perform magic in solving your problem. My findings with NOUN is that there new portal and it’s managers (NOUMIS) is very poor. During the era of cyberspace, every student can access their portal including timeline, but now NOUMIS can only give you pdf of results making it prone to manipulation and mutilation.
    Please, if anyone is not responding to your request or case at your department simply go and see the vice-chancellor via mail or one and one. I was supposed to have graduated last year, but I was delayed for nothing just because people are not doing their job at various department in noun. Thank God for the vice-chancellor, he responded to my mail request and my case sorted immediately!!!

  136. Jos study centre Faculty of Education, no single undergraduate on the graduating list . only M.Ed(Master) what is happening. and all are result is out. Mr. Gbenga Please tell us something. are we still graduating this year or till 2019 again. i finish my program since 2016

  137. Good evening sir,I want to ask if there will be any more list for Management science, department of entrepreneurship and Business management?my is Bale Nudum.

  138. Pls Mr. Gbenga, if you can help us upload the new list, we will all be very grateful. Pls if anyone sees my name, pls notify me. Lawal Micheal Anuoluwapo B.Sc Maths/Computer Science Nou131125362. I have done 152 credit unit, seen my project and IT result. Pls anyone that help me see my name, I will be grateful. Thank you!

  139. Chisco can I get the Vice Chancellor’s email cause I need to a mail to him as well. My name is Dimkpa Roseline nou142692821. My result is complete, no outstanding credit units yet my name is not in the 2017 gradation list and those of my course mates that came in through DE with me too.

  140. Please help me out Mr Gnenga,
    I Yusuf Omuya Mathew, Matric No. Nou131367736, studied Communication Technology at the Faculty of Science and Technology at Abeokuta, Oke-Mosan study centre, entered National Open University of Nigeria 2013 with Direct Entry has completed since 2016 and submitted my project to the Faculty of Science and Technology and the total score credit for direct entry to graduate in Communication Technology was a total of 90 credit and the total credit i obtained at present was a total of 117 credit, now my name was not in 2018 graduation list, the name of those who have completed their final year of study with the university out. Presently i did not know who to meet and this is delaying me to obtain my master.
    Thank you.

  141. I’m Oluokun Michael Abiola, I registered PGD in public administration at Noun Okemosan Abeokuta in 2015, Nou147723512.
    MGS724( public enterprises) and MGS710 (public policy analysis) were not released. I complained to the admin where I was directed to write a letter which I did and I waited till no response was received. In 2017 I registered for these two causes again in first semester as I was told from the study centre. I was disappointed again as the school could not release these two causes which I re-registered. Please kindly do something to help me because I went again to the admin they were also confused, saying they don’t know who is who to meet to solve the problem.
    PGD since 2015, please save me.


    I observed that NOUN Management have made changes to the students examination results statements web page. Formerly there was a provision that calculates the CGPA of Students indicating Total Credit Earned and Total Credit Carried as well as individual Credit unit of the Course. But now they have removed the column for Credit Unit for each course as well as the page that calculates the CGPA of the student based on the whole result.

    In addition to the above, they have also included a Disclaimer: saying that the result on student’s portal is not a statement of result since it does not contain the signature of the Registrar

    I see the latest changes by NOUN as regards Student’s Result Statements as a calculated plan to save their face from the imminent legal suits and public outcry against them from aggrieved student that they denied from graduation in their January 2018 Convocation after the students have met their explicit stated requirements for graduation (120, 90, 30, -Credit Unit) for BSc,PGD, Masters Programmes respectively.

    If it is really done for legal reasons, I think it is a belated action since most aggrieved students still have soft (PDF) and hard copy of their results statements before this sudden changes. They can still present the old statements of results as evidence in a court or any where since it was also generated by the school.

  143. Mr Gbenga Sir, pls kindly upload the latest graduating lists on M.Ed. If available. I couldn’t get at it at my study centre. Thank you for your effort to see to our challenges.

  144. It is quite disheartening that my name(NOU151033433) did not come out on their 2017 graduating list despite having completed and fulfilling all necessary conditions as far 2016, having written my last paper in November 2016.
    I was assigned a project supervisor in December 2016, who I worked with and submitted to my study center (Mushin Study Center) in April 2017, with the assurance that my result would be compiled alongside 2017 first semester result.
    Only for me to visit my study center and for me to be told that the project supervisor I was assigned to was ineligible because he was not a PhD holder, this I believe shouldn’t have affected me as the decision to assign project supervisor was not my decision but that of the school management.

    I have written to the relevant authority at the study Centre through my Counsellor (Mrs MCbere) and this was taken up since the issue affected many of us and my project was reviewed. However when result for 2017 came out my projects was wrongly updated as CIT 799 instead of CIT 899 although the 2 other pending courses were correctly updated. Which meant my result was complete save for the error on projects upload.

    I made complain to the study centre drawing their attention to the mistake of the wrong code used to upload my project. I discovered upon checking for update on the site that rather than correct the wrong code used in uploading my project, the project was entirely removed from my computed result thereby making it appear as if I have outstanding result.

    I want to use this opportunity to plead with the management of NOUN to help address the issue and help release my certificate of completion forthwith.

    1. Let me not use the wrongs words to address NOUN. But is painful when you must completed your academic calender and you see your course mate graduate before your face and you didn’t find your name in the list of graduating student, funny part of it is that no one in your study knows what’s the problem guidance to student having this problems. That is there matter but am very sure I must get my degree I don’t care hw they do it.

  145. I completed all my programs still did not find my name on the graduation list, please Mr GBENGA are we still expecting any other graduation list (B.Sc. Environmental science and resource management)because this is not funny…… please

  146. Please some of us were not chanced to be at the graduation venue on that day due to official duties outside the country. My question is : are we going to pay for the graduation gown which we did not use as most of us did not participate in the convocation.How much are we paying now?

  147. I can’t figure out why NOUN student is not getting mobilized after all there name is on the NYSC website…
    They got problem with NYSC
    They got problem with graduate student not graduation list
    I really can’t figure out what’s going on… Don’t get us fooled if this is not as you said please close up the program rather than distorting student future with this unclear sh*t


  148. Mr. Gbenga, Mangement sciences ACCOUNTING STUDENT: I have aquired 131 credit units. D min. Required credit unit is 120. I have submitted my project(6) and I.T(3) dat will make TCE of 140 which d result is not out n i hv some carry overs left. i have passed all D GST courses. Hope am set to go?

  149. Hello and good morning
    Pls I don’t know why after seing my project score, I can’t see it again on my result.
    Now am being told that I need to resubmit.
    Y is the school treating us like this.
    I made 124 out of 120 and they still can’t let me go.
    Pls what an you say about that this Sir

      1. I have done that, but am asked to courier it to Abuja. So I need the center director to sign it fist b4 I do that.

  150. I am Emenike Herbert Ikechukwu . I enrolled for M.Ed Administration and planning in Oshogbo study Centre .2016/17. I have cleared all my courses and project but until now I have not seen by seminar score. I have written several letter but no result. What will I do now.

  151. this school ehhn. With all these technical problems who will risk his life to register for the school?, my project result came out with my name but matric number has a different missing number but the school refused to rectify it after resubmitting. Im just tired, feels like i should jump inside sea and become fish

  152. Pls i graduated 2017 pgd public admin bt up till now my project have not been included in my result.Ariagbobe EVi Christian Nou164293045

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