The Issue Of Student’s Missing Results In NOUN


After looking at the issue of missing results in NOUN and its effect of denying eligible students from graduating from the school; even though students(including myself) have met the requirements to be graduated from their chosen degree programmes , sometimes by even exceeding the minimum requirements of (50 & 90 & 120 respectively) in credit units .

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Following the above development, below is my personal experience and submissions concerning it.

In my case, in particular, my result is still missing on the Course- CIT **25 ” Operations Research”. Even though I have done my part by registering the course/examination and written the examination since November 2016 at my Study Centre (Bayelsa).

In such a situation a student should not be blamed, after all, it is not the duty of students to release results to themselves but it is the duty of the school authority to do so. All that a student can do is to inform the school in writing about the missing result when it happens.

In my case, I have written several letters to NOUN Headquarters requesting them to release the said result but they have not done so.

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For me, to re-register the said course & examination with missing result and re-writing it is not a problem. But up till now, the school authorities including the Dean Faculty of Sciences and Heard of Department Computer Sciences have not asked me to do so neither have they told me what really happened to my answer script. Rather they keep on saying they are working on the issue.

I have often heard some fellow Students and Study Centre Directors advising students who had issues of missing results to quickly re-register such courses and re-write them to avoid delays from the school. As good as such advice may be; I don’t subscribe to it. In that, if that becomes the only solution to issues of student’s missing results, it is invariably giving the school an opportunity not to be accountable to students and the public as regards missing results. The school should be able to account for how the result got missing in the first place.


This is necessary, coming at a time where there are allegations against the school that some unscrupulous staff elements in NOUN Headquarters are engaged in the fraud of swapping and reallocation of student’s results to other students who did not sat for the examination through the alterations of Matric Numbers on answer scripts in favor of such students.

I am beginning to think that if the trend continues in this way and the school keep on denying eligible students from graduation as a result of missing result, a time is coming or is already at hand when aggrieved students might take legal actions against NOUN as regards the issue of missing results and refusal to graduate eligible students. if that happens, am sure the outcome of a court case will be very embarrassing to NOUN.


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  1. Bro cit 425 (operation research was not the reason whlie you didn’t graduate because as at last convocation many of mates that graduated from computer science didn’t do the course because it was an elective course then. Am 100% sure of what am saying

  2. Have been waiting since 2016 for my name to be included at the graduand list but nothing showed up. For my project result was not uploaded to my portal, i don’t know what could went wrong, have logged several complaints at my study Centre ilorin, nothing was done over it…….
    Okediji Oluwabunmi Aderemi

  3. I didn’t see my seminar result and I need to graduate this January I made second class upper, so why will common seminar hold me from Graduating, if I get to Abuja, I will make a seen there. I have called, I have mailed what have I not done, I have resubmitted and they are not saying anything, let me wait after this week

  4. I also have not seen some of my results, but the one that worries me the most, is my industrial training result, that is still not uploaded, because I already have 137 credit units, which is far above the 120 credit units required for me to graduate. Pls. If you have an idea on how I can have it uploaded as soon as possible, let me know NOU132, HAMMANJULDE SAADU ZUBAIRU, Makurdi study centre.

  5. I have done PPL323 twice and till now the result has been released. This has delayed me from graduating. I was told to go and re-do it again, making it the third time.

  6. Hello sir,
    I’ve been trying to do my PCR 813 TMA but it is not available, I will like to know if it is a general problem and will like to know the way out. Thanks

  7. Its hard time we take this matter seriously such can’t be happening in a stressful University such as noun. If wait till after my last exams and didn’t see my missing results I’m suing them. Enough is enough, how can we go through all this stress and still getting missing results. Noun will soon pay for damages

  8. Some of us went the extra mile to complete our projects by Dec. 2015 yet we were not allowed to be part of last year’s convocation and this year, nothing again? Wherever they kept our Seminar results for M.Ed students in Abuja Model centre, something should be done about it o….

  9. Good day Sir,
    When the results came out one of my course was missing (PAD 813, Quantitative methods for public administration) which reflected in course registration and exam registration. What is happening? because the last graduation list is already out. I have complain several times but no response.
    Its high time NOUN should take a drastic action on such cases as missing results, which is happening too rampant without any recommendable action.

  10. hello sir am in sokoto study center please sir give an advice which group should i join in other to interact with my course mate in deparment of b.a islamic studies am in 100level second semester please i need your help urgently.

    1. Aslm I’m in second semester in Islamic studies 100L.please do you know how many elective courses should I take in this very semester? please help me.

  11. Sir.l was unable to see my result in my portal. Anytime I opened it ,it was always blank.Even,I have met the required units for me to be graduated but my name did not comes out in graduating list.My name is Joel Mayowa Mathew with MaTric number Business Administration. Pls I need your assistance in this regards. My center is Ilorin.Thanks

      1. Hello sir, I have a missing result since 2016 ACC 311 which is yet to be release, please what can I do because I should be graduating this coming march 2019.

      2. I’m yet to see my result on CIT403 seminar on emerging technology.. pls kindly assist in getting this issue resolved before the graduation list is release . MAT NO NOU134675655,

  12. Good day. Please is there any way of going about an extra credit to prevent extra semester. I’ve done all my calculations, even left out electives in my final year but I still need one extra credit unit.

  13. Good day, am in 400 Level second semester have done my IT/SIWES but i did not see my result, and have re-register it but i don’t see it when result is out. Please i need your help and assistance.

      1. I have submitted my project twice in 2016 and 2018, up till now I can’t see my result. I feel like committing suicide. I only manage to hulk soft drinks to sponsor myself. Pls I need my result project result. Nou131777290. Ademakinwa Tope D. Computer Science. I feel like I have wasted my years and sweat.

  14. Good day everyone, I wish to know the outcome of this. If I’m not mistaken, I think so far I’ve been impressed with my result since my 100level till date. This is my 300 level 2nd semester, but I missed two exams on Friday. What will be the outcome, will it affect my GP? Moreso, I’ve done two TMAs

  15. Hello, I have written several times to inquire about my IT result. I did the IT in 2016, submitted my log book and was also screened successfully at my center. I have followed all the necessary procedures to inquire about the result from my centre and this issue is yet to be resolved.

    I need assistance on how to resolve this issue.

    Thank you for assistance.

  16. I submitted my project since April this year being 2018, but I have not seen my project score in my portal, I was asked to submit another copy which I did, my study centre said it was sent to abuja and my score is still not uploaded and January is by the corner, please help me out am from makurdi study centre I have complained to them in my centre and nothing is happening. Am presently in abuja please help me out I really need my result next year please have mercy on me.

  17. Good morning sir, I submitted my project since April this year being 2018, but I didn’t see my project result up till now. When I complained I was asked to submit another copy which I did but I still haven’t seen my project score in my portal. Sir please help me I really need to collect my result by January, convocation is January which is by the corner please help me. My name is Agbo Ene 1. Thank you sir.

  18. Good evening Sir, I submitted my seminar since 2017,yet no result. I have complained at my Akure study centre. They have resent it more than 3times now. I am thinking because I am the only one in educational technology.
    Please I will be happy if my name appears on the list

  19. My industrial attachment is showing Mac 318 instead of tsm 350 have complained to them and it hasn’t been rectified this was something I did 4 years ago now and it stoping me from graduating have complained a lot for the past 4 years and nothing’s has been done about it No

  20. Pls, my exclusion letter is not yet out and I have reported this issue when I came for my certificate last year. I was told the mobilization massage has been sent to my first number which was not valid again and I have dropped my new number but I haven’t see any response. I will be glad if you can help me to amend this, because I am in need of it urgently.

  21. I submitted my project since DEC 2018 and am yet to see my project result.I was asked to resubmit which I did.I’ve been going to my study centre ever since and still no prove that the project will be uploaded. Please noun look into this.I gave my time into this. Please let it not be in vain.thanks

      1. Pls assist me, i submitted my project result last year 2021, up till now my result has not been uploaded

  22. I did my teaching practice 1 since Oct. 2021 but up till now my result have not been uploaded my mate graduated 2023

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