GST302 Online Facilitation, How to Login and Submit Business Plan

NOUN GST302 Business Plan

GST 302 – BUSINESS CREATION AND GROWTH is an entrepreneurship course meant for all 300 level Student’s of the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN). It is a core course and a two (2) credit unit course.

GST 302 has no TMA, Student’s who have registered for the course are expected to write a business plan and submit it online in the GST PORTAL ( The writing and submission of your business plan serves as a TMA for the course.


After writing and submitting your business plan online, you will be asked to book a date for the defense or presentation of your business plan.

The business plan defense or presentation is done in two ways which are as follows:

1. The online presentation

2. Your physical presentation @your incubation or study centre.

A student is expected to choose one out of the two methods of presentation.

Note: if you are doing the online presentation, you are not going to do the physical presentation and vice versa.

How To Login Into GST302 Portal – Myleraningspace

You can follow this link Steps For Working With GST TMA Portal – NOUN Learning Space or follow steps below

1. Go through

2. Use your matrix number for both the username and password (in lowercase)

For Example:-

USER NAME (use your matric number e.g nou190000019 ) Lowercase or small letters

PASSWORD (use your matric number e.g nou190000019 ) Lowercase or small letters

3. Change your password

4. Click on go to online courses below my courses

5. Re-type your username and the new password

6. Your courses will be displayed on the dashboard

How To Submit GST302 Business Plan

1. Click on GST 302 on your dashboard

2. After the course page have opened, download and read all your course materials from module 1 to 5

3. Watch the instructional videos from module 1 to 5

4. Prepare your business plan for submission

5. Submit your business plan in submit your enterprise idea based on your zone

6. Book your presentation date and time based on your zone

7. You can make your presentation online or in your incubation centre Link as a guide to making presentation:

How To Join GST302 Online Facilitation – Steps for joining the online meeting

1. Type the website: on the browser.

2. Use your matrix number for both the username and password (in lowercase)

3. Go to online courses

4. Click on GST302

5. Scroll to down to South West Incubation Centre Meeting

6. Click on it and join the meeting with the link that will always be sent to you.

GST302 Business Idea Grading System

1. Idea Scanning within your environment to locate a problem you can solve and then create business around it   

2 . The level of relevance of the business idea

3. Level of Innovation and Creativity:

•  What is new in the product or service as compared to existing ones?

• What is impact will it make on the users?             

4. Level of Idea development        

5. Demonstration of the Idea (Product or Service)

6. Idea Documentation (Business Plan)

• Executive Summary

• Product Idea and Description

• Proposed organizational structure

• Market Analysis

• Financial Analysis

Note: Business idea could either be a product or service. All students that registered for GST302 must prepare their innovative business idea proposals that will be presented at the incubation centre or real time online.

All proposals must be typed and printed. If you have done No. 1 – 5, proceed to Business Plan and submit on the website.

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  1. Please, i have been trying to open the GST site for more than 7 days now, is not opening, what do i do.
    My phone number is 08065752025, since the whole place is on lockdown, i cant reach the school ICT for my complain, what do i do?


      1. Follow @DlcmsNoun

      2. Click on @DlcmsNoun

      3. Locate the icon shaped like an envelope (✉️)

      3. Type your request/complaints and click send

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