Procedure On How To Take GST TMA (GST 105, 107, 707, 807) – Step By Step Guide

Procedure On How To Take GST TMA (GST 105, 107, 707, 807) - Step By Step Guide


Their is a new platform for GST TMAS, Please follow this GUIDE

The National Open University Of Nigeria (NOUN) has removed all the GST Courses from student portal ( and moved it to

All students are directed to take their GST’s TMA on


Through this platform, you will be able to access all the general study course material and all the instructional video on GST courses, take your TMAs, and receive online facilitation.

There are two types of online facilitation:

– Asynchronous

– Synchronous

How to logon to GST Platform(CEAGSLEARN)

Step 1: visit [this is where you will get all your course materials, learning videos and take TMA]

Step 2: At the top right, Click on “Log in” and input your login details

NOTE: If you are logging in for the first time, the username is your matric number, while the password is also your Matric number. Also, the login box is case sensitive. So make sure you type all your details in small letters e.g “nou12345678”

Step 3: You’ll be prompted to change your password immediately after logging in.

Now fill the box as follows:

– Current password–  type your matric number there e.g “nou12345678”

– New Password: input the new password you want to use [It must be at least 8 characters]

– New Password: input the new password you want to use again

Now, click on “SAVE CHANGES”

Step 4: You should get a notification saying “Password has been changed” So click on “CONTINUE” and you will be taken to your courses page. You will be able to see the courses you registered for

Step 5: Click on any of the courses

Step 6: From the list of options displayed on the screen, click on “ANNOUNCEMENTS” to view the latest announcement

Uploading Your Passport

To be able to identify your course mates, it is recommended to upload your passport, follow these procedures:

Step 1: Login to your dashboard

Step 2: At the top right, click on “PROFILE”

Step 3: click on “EDIT PROFILE”

Step 4: Scroll down and click on “Users Picture”

Step 5: Click on “ADD”

Step 6: Click on “UPLOAD A FILE” and select the specific photo you want to upload

Step 7: Click on “Open” and click on “UPLOAD” after that

Accessing Your Course Guide

It is very crucial to read the course guide for each course you registered for.. it is going to tell you all that is required to pass that course, so to access that follow these procedures:

Step 1: Login to your dashboard

Step 2: Click on that particular course

Step 3: Click on “COURSE GUIDE”

That’s all

Accessing The Discussion Forum

If there is any course with discussion forum and you’ll like to contribute to the conversation, follow these procedures:

Step 1: Login to your dashboard

Step 2: Click on that particular course

Step 3: Click on “DISCUSSION FORUM”

Step 4: Click on the topic below it and on the new page scroll down and click on “Reply” and make your contribution. At the end, your facilitator is going to give you directions on what you need to do.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are able to make 75% participation in this online process, you will be able to earn 10 marks out of the total 30 marks you have for Tutor-Marked Assignments.

Also, unless you have covered Module 1 and Module 2, you won’t be able to take Tutor-Marked Assignments.

Download Final Draft 2018_2 POP Exam TimeTable



  1. I registered after October 1 2018. Please can i know when my login details will be uploaded so as to login and do my TMAs?

    Best regards,

  2. Please I have not done Tma at all can as it what do I do I can only see the course gst 107 Please help me these is my last paper

  3. Please how do I get my “instructional videos pages” and “discussion forums” completed? And how can I have my “meet your facilitators” and “online discussion” marked completed? Please help.
    I have watched the videos, contributed in discussion forum, yet they show not completed

  4. Hello there,

    We would like to plead with the management to extend exams registration for just one day please. It will be nice to even have late registration charges. I have registered all my courses but couldn’t do exam registration because of financial challenges.
    Know I have the money but exam registration has closed already.
    Please consider this.

  5. Good afternoon Sir, please i am a new student. Trying to do my GST707 TMA. I tired to login following the procedures given above but got the message:”Invalid username or password. Please try again.” Please what should i do?

  6. I have done GST 301 and I passed it. Am I free from doing GST 302 and hope it won’t affect me if I don’t.

  7. Please I enter the wrong password in my gst TMA I can’t be able to reach the site again,Is telling me unrecognized username or password. Please what can I do. I can’t remember the password

  8. Have reached the point l should tap go to online courses, l was logged into the online learning management system. But issue here is that my dashboard consist of only : site home, calendar, private files . THERE is NO: MY COURSES in the dash board. And every other thing on tha wall is blank . sir l don’t know what to do

  9. Please am new student, I have been able to done my first tma gst 103,707&edu706, hope is not too late, please I don’t want to carry it over


  11. Good morning!
    Please 2 of my GST courses aint showing on my e-learning space which makes it impossible for me to access my TMA.. The courses are GST 103 and GST 105.
    I am a 100l student in the department of Financial studies (Accounting).
    What can I do to solve this issue?

  12. If I click on online course(my course)instead of it to lead to my dashboard, it shows me another log in , which I try again to log in but telling me invalid log in. So I can not be able to log in

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