Important Notice To All Students Of PGD HIV/AIDS Education and Management

I am directed by the HOD, Public Health Department to notify all PGD HIV/AIDS Education and Management to submit their projects (HEM700) urgently on or before January 30, 2020 for them to be considered for graduation. They should note that the portal will be fully closed by January 31,2020 to all students of PGD HIV/AIDS Education and Management by this, the programme will seize to exist.

Please find below the information for your HIV/AIDS Students in your Study Centre for your necessary action.

Thank you.

Ogunloye. O. Michael
Asst. Executive Officer
For Public Health Department.

Click the link below to Download List Of HIV/AID Students with TCE above 25 and CGPA of 2.75 & above-1



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  1. pls! does it mean Noun will not be running pgd HIV and aids education and management program again? or temporary suspended?

  2. They said the same thing when i visited the abuja study centre in 2017 that admission suspended and will not exist anymore,so did they later begin to admit students again?
    Why can’t they just sort the issues out because i need to run that program and wasn’t aware it was reopened temporarily again

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