Helpful Tips For IT/SIWES Defence – National Open University Of Nigeria NOUN

IT Defence Tips For NOUN Students

IT/SIWES Defence Tips For NOUN Students

If you’re going for IT defence at the National Open University Of Nigeria, you need to read this article from the beginning to the end. It would help you to get prepare for your defence and come out successful. Before you proceed LEARN How To Submit SIWES Records On NOUN Mylearningspace


Take note of the following:

1. Your dressing will be scored:-
Hence, you are not expected to wear Jeans or a round neck. Dress corporate/official. Use a suit if you have one.

You must tuck in. If you have a tie, please wear it. Go as if you are applying for a job interview.


2. Your Confidence will be assessed:-
You must be bold and confident all the way. Do not allow the look of the officials to scare you..they are human beans and not beasts. Just be calm and vocal.

A smile will help you gain confidence and be yourself throughout the interview. Remember that they have a lot of people to attend to..hence, be very brief, go straight to the point, don’t fidget, and answer only what you are being asked.

Never beat around the bush and don’t mess with the patience and temper of the supervisors.


3. Your Integrity will be assessed:-
There is a way they try to detect whether or not you did the IT. One of the ways is to ask you some technical questions based on the content of your logbook or report.

Possible questions they ask students are:

  1. What were the challenges you faced during the Industrial Training?
  2. What are the impacts that the scheme has made upon you?
  3. Highlight some of the activities you practically learned and carried out during the programme?

(answer them based on some of the activities you wrote that you carried out in some parts of the logbook.

e.g. installation of software, you must be able to explain to them how software is installed on a computer system)

Have a ready-made answer to questions like these and I don’t advise you to share your answer with anyone so that it won’t be to them like a planned work.

4. Your cordiality will be observed:-
Your speech pattern, spoken English, Character, Sense of maturity, Composure, and other important factors about you will be observed and assessed.

Be balanced in all senses, don’t try to be too impressive, and don’t try to be too slack or dull too.

5. Your documents must be on-point, complete, and intact:-
You will be requested to submit your logbook and the other forms. Make sure that all sessions are completed successfully and accurately. Double-check before proceeding with the interview/defense.

Make sure that all the places that need to be stamped and signed are completed accordingly.

These are the little tips derived from the last semester’s IT defense.

Take note and Take heed.


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  1. Pls timetable for NOUN examination should put into consideration nursing and midwifery council examination, usually 2nd week of march and September for midwives and, May and November for nurses.

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