Complete NOUN 2019 Graduation List Is Out: Check Your Name Here

The National Open University Of Nigeria (NOUN) has released the approved graduation list for the year 2019 convocation ceremony.

Approved NOUN Graduation List For 2021/2022 Session

All Graduates whose names were shortlisted in the list are advised to proceed with the Graduation Clearance immediately.

Click on the below link to check your name.



Complete NOUN 2018 Graduation List Is Out: Check Your Name Here


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    1. Same here, was just called two days ago to be told a course they put as an elective was a core n so bad I didn’t register for it.

  1. I have passed gotten more than 120 credit load. Which include my project yet my name is not out in the graduating list.
    Please help me if there is a complementary list my name is not on the list. I have a time limit of submitting my certificate in my office.
    Matric number nou148163356 mass communication port Harcourt’s study centre. Thanks Inegbedion Edward Ayemere.

  2. Hi NOUN,am so sad that my name is not on the graduation list.Details NAME: OYEBODE IDAYAT.
    MATRIC NO: NOU144764400.
    Department: ACCOUNTING.
    Study centre:OSOGBO. .

  3. Hi NOUN, am sad that my name is not included on the graduation list pls Sir/Madam come to my aid. Details Name: Ikaan Alafah Solomon, department: Environmental science and resource management, School of Science and technology, Study centre Port Harcourt, mat no: nou110203152. Thanks

  4. My name is not included and I have the approval of the January list results with me my matric number is Nou120574196, Criminology and security studies Abeokuta Center Somoye Yemi please confirm for further action please

  5. My name is Joseph Ali salifu, my name is not on the graduating list, I have done my project and field observations, Dept: criminology and security study
    Matric no:nou135186015

  6. Hi my name is is Jimoh Musbau Oyewale I have a load of 132 credit as at last year, now I have lost count and my name did did not appear in the graduating list. I went to complain only to be told that that the course that was elective during my registration and which I was told to drop all my elective to be able to register core courses that I have carryover on, now is a core course, that is only course (CIT 426: operation research) is rendered my name not to be on the list . Please help me out. I will be happy if my name appear in supplementary list (if there will be any) my matrix number is , School of Science and technology, math/Computer Science department, Abuja model study center. Thanks very much.

    1. If it’s only that course that is delaying you. You should register in next semester and re-write it.

      You must pass all your core courses before you can graduate

  7. I heard that there will be supplementary graduation list,is it true?if yes,when will it be out.Thanks.please I need to know the total credit units for Master’s in public Administration.Thanks for your quick response.

  8. pm
    Hi NOUN, I wrote my last exam last year by October but my name is in the graduation list.Details NAME: Mohammed Hussaini
    MATRIC NO: NOU146293633
    Department: political science
    Study centre:Benin study centre

  9. please Sir / Ma, i need your kind asistance. My name is not in just concluded graduation list, i had that there will supplimentary graduation list, i will gratefull if my name be included. Matric Nou133043876 Nyalwat Daniel Bulus. Thank you and God bless.

    1. Exercise patience

      Your name would come out if you have completed the following:
      pass all your core courses
      pass all your gst

  10. Sir, please is it compulsory to do newly introduced course which one had passes it courses introduced in 200 level when one is in 300 or 400. I am doing communication technology and I was told to do some 100 level courses which I have done but now more have been introduced . I have met up with my core courses unit of 90 as DE even did 97 and did 22elective against 20 . Thought new GST is introduced to 100 level but I have done all available there before introduction of new ones. My fear is will the newly introduced will not affect my name from be on list. Then do u have idea of when the graduation list will come out?

  11. I met all requirements for graduation. yet my name is still not on the list. what could be wrong pls? NOU174004325. PGDE

  12. Hello Mr Gbenga. My concern, in accounting only 29 names came out for graduation nation wide. Do we expect another list soon?

  13. Pls,ive once complain here concerning MPA 844,a course in master in public Administration. I’ve done the course three times with no results,you directed me to my study centre which I did and nothing is being done.pls I don’t know what to do about the course as my name is not on the list just released.Kindly help me out I’m totally confused and demoralisedy .My Matric number is nou162662110. Osogbo study centre.

  14. Bros, good day I will like to know if new graduation list will be released this year after the Senate meeting of 23rd August. Thanks

  15. good day I understand why will my whole results just wipe out of my portal are the trying to say am not a student?
    Reported to the school but the are saying the are confuse too why?

  16. Good day Sir,
    my name is Sunday Ishaku Tanko studying in criminology and security studies with matric number nou090092176. Sir, my problem is, am yet to see my name in the graduation list. I finish all my course in 2017. my credit unit is over 130 and my G p is over 3.24 and all my result including my project and filed observation is reflecting in my portal but yet to see my name. please Sir, i will be grateful if this issue is address.
    thank you.

  17. Hi noun, I have passed all my courses except Operations research. Is operations research a core course for someone studying (PGD INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY)? MAT NO: 174002067. Yenagoa study center. EPIDI ARIBO GODBLESS.

  18. Pls & pls writing this massage bring an overflowing tears on my face I can’t help to think of years I start with noun & finishing is my problem I going to my study center to ask what can the problem of name not com in out in the graduating lists but no body can help, telling always to wait & check for next list but nothing come out of it. My Nou134099372 name Afolayan Racheal omolola. Environmental science & resources management. Pls hope to hear something good from you sir.

  19. Hello sir, pls when is the next list coming out? Cause am an accounting student, and am concern it just few names that came out

  20. please I just realised that my name was on the last graduation list, and I have not participated in the convocation nor clearance. What should I do now.

  21. Gbenga, pls how can one apply for statement of results and how long does it takes for it to be processed n sent to my study center.

  22. Hi NOUN i have finished my course. I have checked the list since but i hve not seen my name. My course is MPA (Master in Public Administration) my matric number is 172006593. I needed to submit my results in my office. Pl help me. What can i do for my name to be among the list and is there any other list coming out again because only one person from my study centre name is there in the list i saw (mushin study centre).

  23. Hi Noun am having only 100L MTH left on my Portal and my course limit has reached am done my project, SIWES and odas what is my hope of graduating ?

  24. Mr Gbenga, pls I’ll like to know if this certificate is ready for pick now and where and how do i go about this? Got a mail that i made the graduation list backdated to July. NOU174004325. Omoniyi Oluwatobi S.
    Thanks in anticipation.

  25. Mr Gbenga, is there any hope that they will add more names to the lists. I am getting tried nou134099372 bsc environmental sci.

  26. I don’t understand how come my name is not among the graduating students all the list realized for 2020 March convocation my name did not appear in noun Benin study centre, please what do I do cause am terribly scared I finished my exams in November 12th 2018 and summited my project January 2019 but when the released the batch for 2020 March graduating students my name did not appear please admin help me check the cause … My matric number is; nou147271914 and my password email me and I will drop it I need help please cause am being accused negatively of defrud at home

    1. Political science department please I need to know why my name is not among March 2020 graduating students nou147271914 am seriously scared

  27. I Onwelikwu iweaya violet ,pls I need to know why my name is not included in the graduating list. Pls help me out I really need it now .nou120409408 Entrepreneurial and business management. God bless has you

  28. I am seriously disturbed. I got my project result in 2019. I was admitted as a direct student in the Faculty of Law in the 2011/2012 Academic session. I registered and passed all the required courses expected of student admitted as direct student, including some failed courses. I have keenly and thoroughly check all the graduating lists published from 2019 to the last one published on the 31st January 2021 but could not find my name, impliedly, my name is not on the lists. Please kindly help me to know what is holding me back and possible what I should do next. nou110107000. I really thank you very much for how you have been assisting us through this wonderful channel.

    1. Good day sir
      Kindly assist me,I have checked the graduation list my name is t included and I have done all my courses and gotten my project result also…
      I went to the school to lay complaint I was told to hold on it will be out
      Pls sir is there another list coming out for 2021/2022 matrix num nou144511575

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