NOUN Postgraduate Transcripts Application Guidelines

The steps for applying for postgraduate transcripts  are outlined below:


  • Please note that transcripts are not sent to individuals but academic institutions.
  • If a transcript applicant wants his/her transcript to be sent to a non-academic or corporate organisation like a bank, an NGO, an MDA, etc, he/she would have to request the organisation to write on his/her behalf to the “The Secretary, School of Postgraduate Studies…” in its letter-headed paper and duly signed by the appropriate Officer.
  • Approved transcript processing fee for local destinations is N10,000, while international destinations is N25,000.
  • Payment is only to be made via the Remita platform at  as follows: WHO DO YOU WANT TO PAY TO (type “National Open University of Nigeria”); NAME OF SERVICE/PURPOSE (select “Miscellaneous Income” or “Others”); Purpose of Payment (type “Postgraduate Transcript”); enter other relevant details, and pay online or in the bank.
  • Payment of cash or any additional amount outside the aforementioned approved fee to any official of the University is prohibited.
  • A transcript applicant is to fill the fields provided in the transcript application page and upload the following: a copy of the certificate/notification of result, Remita receipt, application letter from a corporate body (if applicable) and transcript label (if applicable).
  • After submission, an acknowledgement message would be sent to the applicant via our email:
  • The Transcript Desk of the School of Postgraduate Studies could also be reached through the above email and our dedicated telephone line: 0811-503-2088 (calls only between 9am – 4pm, on working days.
  • Processing time is 5 – 15 working days: by this we promise that on receipt of a transcript application, we shall process same and have it delivered at the required destination within 5 – 15 working days, depending on the destination.
If you have paid and obtained the Remita receipt, click Start Application  to commence transcript application.


School of Postgraduate Studies
National Open University of Nigeria

NOUN Undergraduate Transcripts Application Guidelines




    1. You will submit
      application letter
      Evidence of remita payment(5,000)
      A copy of certificate/result.

      You will submit 3 copy each.

      1. Thanks Gbenga, where am I suppose to submit it, online or offline (address details pls.) I’ll also like to have your phone number. Mine–08032052891

  1. I applied for my postgraduate transcript on 13th of September 2018 but up till now it has not reached the destination. What else can I do because it is getting late ?

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