NOUN Online Facilitation Timetable For 2020_1 Semester – All Faculties

National Open University Of Nigeria (NOUN) Online Facilitation on Mylearningspace 2020_1

National Open University Of Nigeria Online Facilitation Timetable, NOUN Online Facilitation date and closing date, How To Participate in NOUN Online Facilitation on mylearningspace

This is to inform all National Open University Of Nigeria (NOUN) students that the management have released the timetable for 2020_1 semester online facilitation for all faculties.

According to NOUN 2020 Academic Calendar, NOUN Online Facilitation is Scheduled to commence on the 25th February 2020ENDS ON: 30th April 2020.


The National Open University of Nigeria Online Facilitation is offering an opportunity for students to engage with facilitators on the course materials. Typically, the facilitation exercise comprises of two main activities:

  1. Video Conferencing Sessions: Here the facilitator will come online for one hour based on a predetermined schedule. The facilitator will briefly explain concepts in a course module or unit under consideration after which he/she answers questions students may have on the course material. All the video conferencing session will be recorded and made available on the NOUN Learning Space for review and the benefit of those that could not join the sessions.
  2. Discussion Forums: An online discussion forum is a learning tool that gives students a place to express their opinion and understanding regarding the topic outlined for discussion. Students will be able to challenge one another to think deep on the course. The online facilitator will guide the process.

Students may participate in the activities using their smart devices i.e. smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops. Also, there is a need to have a reasonably good internet connection so as to fully participate in the video conferencing sessions. Students are expected to exhibit basic online etiquette


1. Visit the site facilitation website

2. Enter your username and password the initial username is your matriculation number and the password is also your matriculation number enter it in lower case (small letter)

3. After a successful login, you will be prompted to change your password

A enter your old password (i.e. your matric number)
B enter your new password
C confirm the new password
D check to see that your email address, programme, study centre etc. have been entered correctly. If not, make the appropriate changes
E click on save.

4. You will get the message that the changes have been saved

5. Under the My Courses block, click on “Go to Online Courses”

6. You will be asked to confirm your login. Enter your username (matric number) and password

7. You will be logged into the Online Learning Management system

8. Click on any of the courses you have registered for and Join the online facilitators and other students.


Lists of courses to be facilitated online in this semester in each faculty are presented in the following tables

Faculty of Social Sciences

Week Day Course/Time
3-4 pm 4-5 pm 5-6 pm 6-7 pm  
Monday MAC411 PCR272 INR300 PCR872  
Tuesday   PCR716 TSM441 PCR312 INR451 POL318  
Wednesday   PCR113 POL301 PCR111 POL311 MAC423  
Thursday   MAC316 MAC213 INR121 POL126  
Friday       MAC211  

Faculty of Health Sciences

Week Day Course/Time
4-5 pm 5-6 pm  
Monday EHS310 NSC409 PHS202 NSC102  
Tuesday EHS210 NSC106 EHS317 PHS404  
Wednesday EHS207 PHS511 NSC104 PHS421 PHS203  
Thursday PHS303 PHS210 EHS407 NSC501 NSC209  
Friday PHS318 NSC504 EHS203 NSC108  

Faculty of Agric Sciences

Week Day Course Code/Time
4-5 pm 5-6 pm 6-7 pm
Monday AEA501 AEM724   ANP504 AEM511 AGR302 CRP502
Tuesday AEM501 ARD304 AEM751 AEM741 CRP305 CSP401
Wednesday ANP511 AEM506 ARD251 AEA507 SLM309 CRP503
Thursday AEA505 AEA304 AEM503 AGR202 AGR503 AGM314
Friday ANP506 AEA772 AGR307 AGR515  

Faculty of Education

Week Day Course/Time
3-4 pm 4-5 pm 5-6 pm 6-7 pm  
Monday EDU 726, EDU 721, PED 230, SED 123, EDU 423, EDU 711, EDA 834, EDU 252,    
Tuesday   EDU 724, EDU 421, EDU 111, EDU 731, EDU 728, EDU 723   EGC 813, EDU 716, ECE 112, SED 222, EDU 250, PED 433    
Wednesday   EDU 321, EDU 258, EDU 821, EDU 712 SED 223, EDU 220, EDU 332, PED 232,      
Thursday   EDU 732, EDU 222, BED 114, EDU 240, SED 122, PED 322, EDT 832, EDU 764, EDU 254  EDU 718,    
Friday   EDU 321, EDU 426, EDU 722, EDU 314, EDU 412, BED 112, PED 351,  
Saturday     BED 111,    

Faculty of Science

Week Day 4-5 pm
Course Code
5-6 pm   Course Code 6-7 pm
Course Code
    Monday CIT322  
ESM 211  
MTH101   ESM403 CIT891  
    Tuesday MTH103
CIT756 MTH211   MTH105
ESM 341    
    Wednesday CIT432
PUL 303    
ESM405   MTH106 ESM 343
    Thursday CIT303   ESM345   MTH282     ESM 291   ESM407   STT102CIT342  
ESM 311
      Friday   MTH281
ESM431   MTH102TH210  
CIT711   ESM317
    Saturday     ESM423 MTH213   CIT382  
ESM 231


Week Day 3pm – 4pm 4pm – 5pm 5pm – 6pm 6pm – 7pm
Monday   CRS316 CRS215 ARA181
Tuesday     CRS313   ARA382     CRS216   ARA481     ARA284
Wednesday   CRS818 CRS819 ISL272
Thursday   CRS828 CRS823 ISL372
Friday   CRS805 CRS213  


Day 4pm-5pm Facilitator 5pm-6pm Facilitator 6pm-7pm
MONDAY PUL244   Prof. Justus Sokefun PPL517 Dr. ErinmaOrie CCL332
PUL341 Dr. AleroAkujobi PPL422 Dr. Francisca Anene JIL212
TUESDAY PUL342 Dr. AleroAkujobi PPL518 Dr. Francisca Anene VACANT
PUL445 Mr Nduka Njoku PPL424 Olufunke Aje-Famuyide VACANT
WEDNESDAY PUL446 Mr Nduka Njoku PPL343 Olufunke Aje-Famuyide VACANT
PUL433 Dr. Ferdinand Agama CLL533 Dr. Ernest Ugbejeh VACANT
THURSDAY PUL434 Dr. Ferdinand Agama CLL331 Dr. Friday Onamson VACANT
PPL324 Dr. ErinmaOrie JIL211 Dr. EjeAdakoleOdike VACANT
FRIDAY JIL531 Dr. Martins Ishaya JIL112 Barr. Grace DallongOpadotun VACANT
JIL111 Barr. Grace DallongOpadotun JIL532 Dr. Martins Ishaya VACANT

Faculty of Management Science

Week Day Course/Time
3-4 pm 4-5 pm 5-6 pm 6-7 pm  
Monday PAD813 MKT401 CRD403 ENT893 PAD444   ENT310 PAD784 PAD202 BFN104  
Tuesday PAD855 CRD422 PAD330 ACC102 MBA806 BUS105 BUS427 BUS406 BUS205 BUS317 MKT108 ENT407 BFN104 ACC757 ENT408 ACC101 ENT428 ENT402 BFN209 PAD410 PAD712 ENT303 BUS804  
Wednesday ENT883 PAD354 BUS831 FMS825 BUS428 BUS800 BUS722 BFN301 BFN732 BFN401 PAD807 ENT403 BUS429 BUS898 ENT410 MBF833 BFN302 PAD853 CRD322 ACC206  
Thursday PAD858 ENT409 PAD302 MBA820 BUS818 BUS325 MBA833 FMS304 BFN715 BFN203 BFN303 BFN402 MPA807 MPA868 ACC306 ENT308 BUS809 BUS106 ENT202 ACC313 PAD371   PAD870 CRD413 CRD320 BFN421  
Friday PAD747 PAD306 ACC204 MKT303 BUS810 ACC418 PAD871 PAD402 MPA812 BFN411 BFN304 ENT304 MKT306 PAD810 PAD868 BFN407 CRD334 ACC812 ACC407  
Saturday PAD812 CRD430   BFN731 ACC318 ENT307 ENT305 MPA868 CRD326 ACC201 ENT203 ENT204  


Click the download button below to download 2020_1 Time Schedule For Online Presentation


Kindly note that the times above are tentative. Changes will be communicated on the course pages and via emails.

For further enquiries contact



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