Steps For Working With GST TMA Portal – NOUN Learning Space

All students are to submit their GST TMA on

Before you proceed, Learn How To Solve GST TMA on Mylearningspace in Less Than 10 Minutes

Here are the steps to follow:

1 Visit the site

2 Enter your username and password the initial username is the matriculation number and the password is also the matriculation number in lower case

3. After a successful login, you will be prompted to change your password

A-enter your old password (i.e. your matric number)
B-enter your new password
C-confirm the new password
D-check to see that your email address, programme, study centre etc. have been entered correctly.If not, make the appropriate changes
E-click on save”

4. You will get the message that the changes have been saved

5. Under the My Courses block, click on “Go to Online Courses”

6. You will be asked to confirm your login. Enter your username and password

7. You will be logged into the Online Learning Management system

8. Click on any of the courses you have registered for and begin going through the content. You can interact with the course facilitators and other students

9. If you have forgotten your password, click on the “forgot your password” link. Enter your correct email address as in your noun portal account. A password reset link will be sent to your email

Please contact LCM if you are having any challenge.


Contact Phone Numbers: 08122788260, 09021866984



  1. thank you so much, it actually helped to get mine done, i have GST 103 which i did not register for, how come its on my dashboard, will have do do its exam, hoe do i get rid of it? your response will help greatly. thanks again

  2. Hi morning sir /ma, I have been trying to log in for the gst tma but I can’t, first I tried with my matrix no as user’s name and password pls help me out. I will be glad if my request is granted thank you.

    1. enter you matric number in a lower case e.g nou123456789

      after that, you will be asked to reset your password.

      put your matric number in the first box
      put your new password in the 3rd and the last box and click save

  3. Please have been trying to login, but i keep seeing invalid login & unrecognized password.
    please i need help. Thanks

  4. Both sites keep telling me incorrect username or password and the change password option keeps saying my mail isn’t recognized. I’ve been trying all to no avail, pls I need help, I need to do my tma in time

  5. Please o Mr gbenga, I have followed all d steps u posted on how to attempt GST tmas but after clicking go to online courses, is giving me anoda form to fill dere and wanting to change my email address.
    Please explain

    1. after you successfully changed you password

      you will be asked to re-login again

      fill your login details and click submit

      After that click on goto online course

    1. if you login
      scroll down and click on goto online course

      you will be ask to relogin
      enter your login details and submit
      you will see your registered GST Courses

  6. Pls I have been trying to login but it’s showing not recognized. Even when I inserted my email to reset password, it’s still showing that my email is not recognized. Pls help

      1. Pls I sent the email but I’ve still not gotten a reply. I don’t know why my username and even my email to reset password is not recognized. How will I make it to be recognized?

  7. Good day!
    I discovered that my account has been denied to have access to the LCMS portal when trying to login into the platform due to over five times failure of the login and it was reported that I can try again later.
    How long will it take to rectify this have access to my GST102 & GST 104?

    1. if you login
      scroll down and click on goto online course

      you will be ask to relogin
      enter your login details and submit
      you will see your registered GST Courses

  8. TMA 2 has been concluded and TMA 3is already on but my question remains when is TMA 2 and 3 for GST open or start?

  9. Hello I have not been able to assess SIWES record any time I log on it prompts account not found for nou181045576 please kindly assist thank you

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