Important Notice For All NOUN Graduating Students 2018

Important Notice For All Graduating Students 2018

Complete NOUN 2018 Graduation List Is Out: Check Your Name Here

This is to inform all students who have registered, written and passed all required courses including project and field works (IT/SIWES, Seminars, Practicum, Field Observations) and whose names have not appeared on the graduating lists should furnish the office of the Study Centre Director with the following information within two (2) weeks of this notice.

  • Recently Printed result
  • Full Name
  • Matric Number
  • Faculty
  • Programme of study

Students who just completed their examinations or awaiting project results are excluded.


NOUN Graduating Student 2018

How To Calculate NOUN Examination and TMA Scores (e-Exam)


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  1. Please I submitted my project work since 2017 and was also asked to resubmit early this year with a letter of missing result but still the result has not been released. What should I do?

    1. I will advise you to wait for this semester result to come out bcos you just resubmitted the project early this year.

      You should also report the issue through your portal. or send a mail to your faculty officer
      Registrar –
      Faculty of Agricultural Sciences-

      Faculty of Arts-

      Faculty of

      Faculty of Health

      Faculty of Law-

      Faculty of Sciences-

      Faculty of Social Sciences-

      1. I submitted mine since 2016 and have resubmitted thrice since then all to no avail.the last one was two months ago.Any hope for me?

          1. Gbenga plz,I wrote my final exams in March 2018,a semester that supposed to be in 2017 shifted to 2018,my results I have seen including project,but on the graduation list posted July, I’m yet to see my name,and convocation is next month January 2019,I have scanned my credentials and results to exams and records and also to ICT admin,yet no information.
            Plz I’m from Rivers State, Port-Harcourt study centre, discipline: Environmental science and Resource Management, Faculty of sciences,matric no: .plz help me with any information,my contact:0816121. DOKUBO, GREAT FUTURE. Waiting to hear from you sir. Thanks.

          2. Hope you have done all these?

            Attempt all GST(S)

            Ensure you have written more than 120 credits unit courses.

            Attempt all your core courses till 400l first

            Ensure you are done with your PROJECT and IT/SIWES or SEMINAR(I.e Done:You can see your results on your portal)

            Ensure you have done 8 elective courses

          1. mr GBENGA God bless u pls I completed all my course work in 2016 and till now my name is not on the graduating list am a Direct Entry student I don’t know what to do and I don’t know who to talk to ans am badly in need of my certificate so I will not miss a job oportunity. if u can chart me up I will be very gr8ful.

  2. Is ekiti not part of the study center sir? I submited all that required e. g.project,siwes & seminal with good grades but my name is not in list now what can I do. nou110802180

  3. Sir, Please after the release of September result, can I apply for notification of result? That is if I have seen my project reslt

      1. Mr. Gbenga, Good day sir, You said before December another graduation list we come out since July and now January ending still waiting. pls help us ooooooo

  4. I submitted my project since early March 2018 and I have not seen the result in my portal. What is happening? How soon will I see it?My mat no is Npu132954786 and depart-is pol science

      1. when will the school start running,M.Phil/Phd in related fields especially international
        relations and stategic studies?

  5. Sir I submitted my Project earlier this year April I couldn’t see my result, other of my colleges have seen there’s, any suggestion of hope sir

  6. I regret why coming to this school, I wrote my final year exam this year, fortunately they released the result this week but my it and one other result was missing why?now i can’t even log in my portal because it keeps saying your matric number doesn’t belong to this school serious noun is not an institution it’s a gab… They love to source for money from people but they don’t treat people fearly like a student, i will advice the federal government to put this school on pending… Student are complaining here and there all to know avail..

    1. Your problem is rare on maybe peculiar to you alone, i feel there is something wrong with your general information within the school. you can sort it out, dedicate some time to it and visit your center manager not your councilor.

    2. Mr Gbenga quite a long time pls I had carryover in two elective courses in part 1&2 respectively. I don’t know if it can delay me from graduating. Kindly advice pls.

  7. Hello sir, am a student of management science, accounting precisely. I had a missing result and I complained to no avail, instead I was told the comprehensive list is in Lagos due to the fact that my faculty has not yet moved to Abuja .And I should wait for the new list to be out. My project result is out, I also received a congratulatory message on my mail. Pls what are my status regarding this… Tanks

  8. Gud day, pls my name appeared in d general graduation list, but was not found in the faculty’s list. Pls what is the variation?

  9. Good Morning Mr Gbenga, I just want to know if there be any notification to be received from school in order for one to know if he/she is already selected or qualified for graduation having passed all the required courses and seen the results with IT/SIWES, SEMINAR, and PROJECT results. As I’ve seen all my results in the last released semester result and awaiting the graduation list for January 2019 Convocation and will like to know if there be any step(s) to take to avoid any delay.


  10. I av finished my exams since 2016, I submited my project 2017, and all result were out but my name have not appeared on graduation list; pls what can I do?

  11. good day Sir, how are you we are still waiting for the graduation list because I did atleast 153 Credict Unit My TP 1 & 2 is out my seminar and project also is appeared in My portal. thanks
    umar muhammad Mato , kano study center, sauna, kano

  12. Have meet up with all the requirements but my name is not yet out.Please,When should ll be expecting graduating list for faculty of Education….Any assistant you can render I will appreciate.

  13. i failed 2 electives courses when i was in part 1 but now that am through with my program,these two courses are in my portal as carry over courses.Do i need to do the courses even when i have more than the required 120 units? PLS HELP.

  14. I have more than 120units too o and I have one re-run course.should I need to do it again or I should wait for the graduating list.Please help

  15. Mr. Gbenga,
    Good afternoon and thanks for the information and prompt response.
    My name is Ojo Josiah Oluwagbenga with Matric Number NOU120260592 from Faculty of Law. My result was released with my project since March,2018 and am yet to see my name on the graduating list. please help. Thanks.

  16. pls mr Gbenga gud morning, before the recent upgrading of the system my result was completed but now when i checked,one of my result INR 412 was missed.PLS HELP ME OUT SO THAT IT WONT AFFECT MY GRADUATING I BEG YOU IN THE NAME OF GOD.

  17. Good day, Pls I submitted my Project, October 2018, last year.. My project result have not been released, i dont know when will it be released and is my name likely to come out on the graduation list if it is later released?

  18. Good morning Mr Gbenga, do you have an idea if certificates will be given on convocation day March 2019… Also, I want to ask, how do I go about getting LETTER OF ENGLISH PROFICIENCY from the senate, that shows all my courses in NOUN were offered in English.. Thanks for your earliest response.

  19. Good morning Mr Gbenga, do you have an idea if certificates will be given on convocation day March 2019… Also, I want to ask, how do I go about getting LETTER OF ENGLISH PROFICIENCY from the senate, that shows all my courses in NOUN were offered in English.. Thanks for your earliest response. .

  20. I have a carryover in two courses, and I’ve written them twice, but I’m done with my I.T, project, and all that except these two courses. what do you think I do.

  21. Pls Mr Gbenga I had carryover in 2 elective courses in part 1&2 respectively. But now am through with my course but I don’t know if it can delay me from graduating.pls help.

  22. Good afternoon Mr Gbenga..please If someone did direct entry and the person have more than 90units now….and all result is out even project result but the person have carry over, is it compulsory to do the course carry before the person name will b release for graduation?

  23. Please sir, result just came out but my project result was not reflecting. When will it come up also will it affect my name being on the graduating list ?

  24. Please sir, result just came out but my project result was not reflecting. When will it come up also will it affect my name being on the graduating list ?. Pls kindly advice

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