NOUN Exam Clearance For 2020_1 Semester (POP and e-Exams)

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The National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) Management has directed the commencement of students’ clearance for the forthcoming 2020_1 semester examinations for 100-800 level students. In view of the ongoing directives on the closure of educational institutions, the clearance would be conducted electronically.

LATEST UPDATE 09/10/2020

Students who are yet to do clearance for 2020_1 examination should come with a printed copy of their clearance form, Remitta payment receipt, E-wallet and registration slips showing evidence of registered courses for the examination to the study centre on Friday (11/09/2020) and Saturday (11/09/2020), September 2020 for examination clearance.

Also, all those that have done their clearance online should come to the examination venue ahead of time to pick up their clearance forms before the examination.

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NOUN Examination Clearance Form For 2020_1 SEMESTER


NOTE:- This clearance is for all NOUN students in all study centres nationwide


Documents Required For NOUN Examination E-Clearance:

1. Download and print the attached electronic form.
Click on the download button below to download NOUN examination Clearance form for POP and E-examination

2. Fill Section A of the form and affix recent Coloured Passport photograph
3. Scan and send the filled form alongside your 2020_1 Semester Examination Registration slip to your study centre email address


  • Your Study Centre Email address: xxxxxxxxx@noun.edu.ng
  • Subject: Re: Clearance Form – NOUxxxxxxxxx
  • Attach 2020_1 Semester Examination Registration slip, e-wallet Slip, and Filled clearance form.
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4. Please note that a functional and valid email address should be used as the completed form would be returned ahead of the beginning of the examinations.
5. Write your functional email and phone number on top of the clearance form

Note: This exercise must be treated with the utmost priority as delays may result in the student’s failure to sit for examinations.

Kindly note that the time frame for the clearance is between 11th May 2020 – 29th May 2020.


Please find below the List of National Open University Of Nigeria Study Centre and their contact email address.

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Copy your study centre email address and send your e-clearance form, exam registration and e-wallet statement to them.


  1. WUSE 2 study centre Abuja : wuse2studycentre@noun.edu.ng
  2. Abuja Model study centre : abujastudycentre@noun.edu.ng
  3. Lagos study centre: lscclearance2020@gmail.com
  4. Lagos study centre (faculty of social Science and Art): nounfoss2020@yahoo.com
  5. Lokoja study centre: lokojastudycentre@noun.edu.ng
  6. Benin study centre: beninstudycentre@noun.edu.ng

Yola Study Centreyolastudycentre@noun.edu.ng
Kano Study Centrekanostudycentre@noun.edu.ng
Minna Study Centreminnastudycentre@noun.edu.ng
Sokoto Study Centresokotostudycentre@noun.edu.ng
Ilorin Study Centreilorinstudycentre@noun.edu.ng
Port Harcourt Study Centreportharcourtstudycentre@noun.edu.ng
Benin Study Centrebeninstudycentre@noun.edu.ng
Akure Study Centreakurestudycentre@noun.edu.ng
Awka Study Centreawkastudycentre@noun.edu.ng
Lokoja Study Centrelokojastudycentre@noun.edu.ng
Umudike Study Centreumudikestudycentre@noun.edu.ng
Enugu Study Centreenugustudycentre@noun.edu.ng
Owerri Study Centreowerristudycentre@noun.edu.ng
Bauchi Study Centrebauchistudycentre@noun.edu.ng
Maiduguri Study Centremaiduguristudycentre@noun.edu.ng
Jos Study Centrejosstudycentre@noun.edu.ng
Katsina Study Centrekatsinastudycentre@noun.edu.ng
Lagos Study Centrelagosstudycentre@noun.edu.ng
Ibadan Study Centreibadanstudycentre@noun.edu.ng
Abuja Model Study Centreabujastudycentre@noun.edu.ng
Abeokuta Study Centreabeokutastudycentre@noun.edu.ng
Kaduna Study Centrekadunastudycentre@noun.edu.ng
Calabar Study Centrecalabarstudycentre@noun.edu.ng
Yenagoa Study Centreyenagoastudycentre@noun.edu.ng
Makurdi Study Centremakurdistudycentre@noun.edu.ng
Osogbo Study Centreosogbostudycentre@noun.edu.ng
Damaturu Study Centredamaturustudycentre@noun.edu.ng
Lafia Study Centrelafiastudycentre@noun.edu.ng
Dutse Study Centredutsestudycentre@noun.edu.ng
Jalingo Study Centrejalingostudycentre@noun.edu.ng
Gombe Study Centregombecentre@noun.edu.ng
NOUN Special Study Centre, Nigerian Army, Sobisobiarmyssc@noun.edu.ng
UYO Study Centreuyostudycentre@noun.edu.ng
Ado-Ekiti Study Centreadoekitistudycentre@noun.edu.ng
Otukpo Study Centreotukpostudycentre@noun.edu.ng
NOUN Special Study Centre,Nigerian NAVY Apapaapapacentre@noun.edu.ng
NOUN Special Study Centre, Nigerian Air Forcekadunanafbasessa@noun.edu.ng
Community Study Centre Awa-Ijebuawa-ijebustudycentre@noun.edu.ng
NOUN Special Study Centre, Nigerian Immigrations Servicesnigerianimmigrationsssaabuja@noun.edu.ng
NOUN Special Study Centre Nigeria Prisons Enugu Maximum Prisonsenuguprisonscentre@noun.edu.ng
NOUN Special Study Centre, Nigeria Prisons Services, Port Harcourtportharcourtprison@noun.edu.ng
NOUN Special Study Centre Nigeria Prisons Awkaakwaprison@noun.edu.ng
NOUN Special Study Centre, Keffi Prisonskeffiprison@noun.edu.ng
NOUN Special Study Centre, Nigerian Prisons Services, Saukaprisonservicespecialstudycentre@noun.edu.ng
NOUN Special Study Centre, Kuje Prisonskujeprisonstudycentre@noun.edu.ng
NOUN Special Study Centre Nigeria Prisons Lafialafiaprisonstudycentre@noun.edu.ng
NOUN Special Study Centre Nigeria Prisons Kadunakadunaprisonstudycentre@noun.edu.ng
NOUN Special Study Centre Nigeria Prisons Umudikeumudikeprison@noun.edu.ng
NOUN Special Study Centre Nigeria Prisons Ilaroilaroprison@noun.edu.ng
NOUN Special Study Centre, Nigerian Security and Civil Defense Corps (NSCDC)specialstudycentreforcivildefencecorpsabuja@noun.edu.ng
Community Study Centre Ogoriogoristudycentre@yahoo.com
Gusau Study Centregusaustudycentre@noun.edu.ng
Asaba Study Centreasabastudycentre@noun.edu.ng
Community Study Centre, Gulakgulakstudycentre@noun.edu.ng
Kebbi Study Centrekebbistudycentre@noun.edu.ng
NOUN Special Study Centre Nigeria Prisons KiriKiri Maximum Prisons (Male & Female)kirikiricentre@noun.edu.ng
Community Study Centre Iyaraiyarastudycentre@noun.edu.ng
NOUN Special Study Centre, National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW)nurtwstudycentre@noun.edu.ng
Special Study Centre,for Nigerian Police Forcenounpolicecentre@noun.edu.ng
NOUN Wuse II Study Centre, AbujaWuse2studycentre@noun.edu.ng
Mccarthy Study Centremccarthycentre@noun.edu.ng
Emevor Community Study CentreEmevorStudyCentre@noun.edu.ng
Community Study Centre, Bogorobogorostudycentre@noun.edu.ng
Community Study Centre, Azareazarestudycentre@noun.edu.ng
Commnity Study Centre,Fugarfugarstudycentre@noun.edu.ng
NOUN Community Study Centre, National Development Centre,Orie Awgu, Enugu State. Awgu, Enuguawgustudycentre@noun.edu.ng
Community Study Centre Offaoffastudycentre@noun.edu.ng
Abakaliki Study Centreabakalikistudycentre@noun.edu.ng
Mushin Study Centremushinstudycentre@noun.edu.ng
NOUN Special Study Centre. Victory International Institute of Theology and Education.victoryinstitutestudycentre@noun.edu.ng
Community Study Centre, Ikomikomstudycentre@noun.edu.ng
Kagoro Community Study Centrekagorostudycentre@noun.edu.ng
Idah Community Study Centreeamanabo@noun.edu.ng
Owhrode Community Study Centreowhrodestudycentre@noun.edu.ng
Iwo Study Centreiwostudycentre@noun.edu.ng
Wukari Study Centrewukaristudycentre@noun.edu.ng
Ugbokolo Study Centreugbokolostudycentre@noun.edu.ng
Uromi Community Study Centreuromistudycentre@noun.edu.ng
NOUN Community Study Centre Otan-Ayegbajuotan-ayegbajucomsc@noun.edu.ng
OPI Community Study Centerjogbette@noun.edu.ng
Masari Community Study Centremasaricommunitycentre@noun.edu.ng


  1. Hi is not all students that has tweeter account I suggest that every information about what is going to take place should be sent to every students email address so that we will not be confused.

  2. Good evening sir/ma.
    Am a first semester student of the faculty of art’s, studying philosophy at Josstudy center.
    I will prefer you send this information to individual email address. this is because the same form was sent to our student whastapp but today said to be scammers activity.
    can you please rectify these from your offices.
    and am also not able to have access to my GST site for TMA1 talk more of two and three.
    Please help me.


    1. Hello sunday paulina, about your gst not acceting your login… kindly go to login to mylearnigspace.net use your Matric number for username and same to password after that kindly reset password after that you can scroll down to where GO TO ONLINE COURSE is kindly click on it…. Its will show u one site name elearn moddle dont worry kindly user your Matric number in CAPITAL letter for username and matric number in small letter for the password… it will open your gst portal page that is d new site for gst…. God bless…

      1. Hmm noun, pls send messages to our mails or but and, otherwise many people will miss exams and they will sue noun

  3. Good morning ,
    I was unable to take my TMA in CIT101 both 1and 2. Its saying TMA not ready for CIT101

    BUT I was able to take others

  4. Good day Sir/Ma, Am yet to receive a feedback from the school as regards the clearance success. Thank You.

  5. Please someone explain to me because I am really confused I did my registration April and I am yet to go the center for further registration and I have been calling the school because of the pandemic all to no avail also the line would ring but no one picks also about the e- clerance thing I just registered and I really do not know what to do right now someone please help me it’s very important

  6. Good afternoon sir,pls I am yet to receive feedback concerning the eclearance form,I submitted since may sir,what can I do.

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