Warning To All NOUN Facilitators

Warning To All NOUN Facilitators

The Coordinator, Facilitation and Project Supervision, National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN), has received numerous complaints of Supervisees being harassed and inappropriately asked for money, romantic relationships, etc.

Also, the ongoing external projects moderation and defence at the Study Centres has also revealed that some of the Facilitators do not do a thorough supervision before signing off on the final copy of the projects. Some help students to plagiarise other people’s work.

As academics, you are reminded that you have a responsibility to ensure that you only clear a project work that was truly supervised by you and the final content meets minimum acceptable standards. You are not to capitulate to the pressure of students in the name of trying to meet deadlines and therefore endorse rubbish which could bring about embarrassment. Also, ensure that you get the approved Departmental/Faculty project format from the Study Centre you are working with in order to guide the students appropriately.

All Facilitators/Supervisors are hereby warned to cease and desist from exhibiting unacademic and unethical conduct in their relations with students of the University as a team of investigators has been put in place to investigate all such complaints. The University Management would also ensure those found wanting are not only blacklisted from ever working with NOUN again but duly reported to their primary employers and Referees.

Genuine claims of all appointed Facilitators are being processed and would be paid in due course. But that only applies to appointed Facilitators with full documentation. unappointed persons or Facilitators whose full documentation has not been received would not be recommended for payment. Those in the latter category are urgently advised to contact their Study Centres. You can view your details at:

Find attached the approved Facilitation and Project Supervision Guidelines for your information. Facilitators are seriously warned against accepting to facilitate courses or supervise students in programmes outside their core disciplines.

Thank you all for the good work and the NOUN Management appreciates your efforts and support to the University.

Samaila Mande, Ph.D

Coordinator, Facilitation and Project Supervision

School of Postgraduate Studies

National Open University of Nigeria

Plot 91, Nnamdi Azikiwe Expressway

Jabi Cadastral Zone



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  1. Am ALIYU OIZA QUDIRAT, with matric number Nou133442521, please I want to confirm my graduation ? status, and when is noun likely to place the graduation list…. From lolokoja study centre….

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