How Husband and Wife Obtained NOUN Degrees Same Time

Apparently satisfied with the National Open University of Nigeria’s (NOUN) mode of education, a couple from Minna Study Centre, Mr/Mrs Silas T. Usman said the establishment of the university has created opportunity for people to learn while working adding that nobody has excuse not to be educated.

The couple stated this while fielding questions from NOUN News via telephone call, few days after picking their certificates of first degrees.

Mr. Silas T. Usman, 56-year-old civil servant with Niger State Ministry of Finance has studied Accountancy while his wife, 45, also a civil servant with Niger State Government, studied Public Administration respectively.

On what inspired the couple to further their studies, Mrs. Silas said that the dream of every Civil Servant is to attain the greatest height as well as self-actualization.

“I started with Diploma, and as a Diploma holder, you will be Executive Officer. Once you get to grade level 14, you cannot proceed. That is the bar for Diploma. But with now, I have started the process of changing my cadre to Administrative Officer and from there, I will be given grade level 16.”

While responding to question on their perception of NOUN, Mrs. Silas said: “Thank God for NOUN. NOUN gives civil Servants opportunity to go to school most especially those who cannot go to conventional universities to study. NOUN affords civil Servants opportunity to learn while working. It’s a nice programme.

“Age is not an obstacle. Even at your old age, you can still study in NOUN. One thing I liked about NOUN is that there is nothing like strike. While other universities are going on strike, you are still studying, “Mrs Silas said.

Explaining further, she said, “People should embrace NOUN. It’s a good programme that they have brought to us in Nigeria. You have no any excuse that you cannot study. It is a great opportunity for Nigerians to be educated; to be enlightened.”

While narrating the challenges encountered in the course of their studies, Mrs. Silas said they were faced with numerous challenges, which, according to her, includes financial challenge, challenge of coping children’s education and upkeep, challenge of studying at old age among others; adding that they were able to overcome the challenges through  hardwork, planning and determination. “It was not easy but we thank God;” she said.

While thanking her children for their understanding, she said hers and her husband’s pursuit of knowledge did not affect their children’s education.

“They were doing their own, we were doing our own. When they come home on holiday, we were still studying together. We interact and ask them some questions pertaining our study. They become our lecturers at home,” she said.

Mr. Silas T. Usman as well as his wife are native of Eshata, in Edati Local Government Area of Niger State. They have four children. One already a graduate while others are yet to finish.



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