Download GST202 (Fundamentals Of Peace Studies& Conflict Resolutions) Summary

Download GST202 (Fundamentals Of Peace Studies& Conflict Resolutions) Summary

GST202: Fundamentals Of Peace Studies& Conflict Resolutions SUMMARY

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The Latin word conflict is as old as man kind
The word “conflict” is derived from the Latin word confligere, meaning to “strike together”
The Latin word confligere means to strike together
Conflict is a normal, natural and inevitable phenomenon in any interactive situation of human life (TRUE)
Conflict is a byproduct of social change and that leads to constructive transformation
Quicy Wright (1990) defined conflict as opposition among social entities directed against one another, it distinguished competition and defined it as opposition among social entities independently striving for something of which the resources are inadequate to satisfy all
Quicy Wright’s asserted that conflicts are themselves processes that tend to degenerate from non-violent to violent and from crisis to full-scale war

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According to Quicy Wright, war is considered a situation during which two or more political groups are equally entitled to settle conflict by armed force
In the sociological sense, war refers to conflicts among political groups carried on by armed forces of considerable magnitude
Kriesberg (1973:17) defines conflict as a relationship between two or more parties who believe they have incompatible goals
Stagner defines conflict as a situation in which two or more human beings desire goals which they perceived as being obtainable by one or the other, but not both
Ross (1993) inferred that without conflict we cannot have change
Conflict that produces negative results is referred to as destructive conflict
Action Aid (1994) and Hoivik and Meijer (1994) see conflict as incompatible behaviour between parties whose interests are or appear to be incompatible or clashing
The following are the causes of Conflict
• conflicts over resources
• conflicts over psychological needs

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