NOUN Graduation List For 2019/2020 Academic Session [1st Batch]

NOUN Graduation List 2019/2020

National Open University Of Nigeria (NOUN) Graduation List, NOUN 2019/2020 Academic Session Graduation List for 9th Convocation Ceremony

The National Open University of Nigeria NOUN has released the 2019/2020 academic session Graduation List for the 9th Convocation Ceremony.

These Graduation list consist of Faculty of Science, Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, Faculty of Health Sciences, Faculty of Management Sciences, Faculty of Education and Faculty of LAW First Batch Graduation list, We would post more NOUN graduation list on this page as soon as we get them.

We advise you to bookmark this page and always check here for more NOUN graduation list yet to be released

Download NOUN Graduation List 2019/2020 Academic Session – 9th Convocation Ceremony

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DOWNLOAD [1st Batch]


DOWNLOAD [1st Batch]

NOTE: All Graduates whose names where shortlisted in the list are advised to proceed with the Graduation Clearance immediately. 

Why Your Name is NOT on the NOUN Graduation list

  • You have Pending/Outstanding Courses.
  • You have not met the required credit units assigned to your chosen program.
  • You didn’t earn up to the required CGPA to be award a university degree.
  • You were involved in illegal activity.
  • Your name was moved to the next graduating students after being reached the desired amount of students for 2019 convocation.

Please we advise you to always check this page for more graduation list.



        1. To calculate your CGPA, exams and TMA, kindly follow these steps below:

          While for you, to get your overall score over 100. You’ll be adding exam score + test score= 40 + 30= 70 So, my total score for the course ECN101 would = 70/100. Which is an ‘A’.

          Before we venture into NOUN GPA calculation; Note that:

          70-100= A.
          60-69= B.
          50-59= C.
          45-49= D.
          40-44= E.
          39 downwards= F.

          Now, let us assume, I did 11 courses and this was how my score went in the 11 courses after calculating scores, with their units in front of them. Let’s assume these were my courses, grades & units;

          1) ECN101 – B. 2unit course
          2) TFC116- B. 2unit course
          3) ENT121 – C. 3unit course
          4) BAT128- C. 2unit course
          5) GMB142 – A. 2unit course
          6) BRF136- A. 3unit course
          7) KFC108- A. 2unit course
          8) GEJ158 – D. 3unit course
          9) OBJ114 – D. 2unit course
          10) IBB131 – E. 2unit course
          11) FFK104- F. 2unit course

          Now, we have 11 courses, with their grades & units in front of them. Let’s understand the grades;

          A=5, B=4, C=3, D=2, E=1, F=0.

          How to Calculate NOUN GPA

          Now, let’s start with the first course ECN101 for NOUN GPA calculation.

          I scored B in ECN101 above. Since B= 4.
          I’ll multiply 4 by the unit of the course, which is a 2unit course.
          So; 4 x 2unit= 8. So for ECN101 = 8.

          Next is LAW116, I scored B as well. Since it is a 2unit course, I’ll calculate 4 x 2units= 8. So, TFC116 = 8.
          Next is ENT121, it was a C. C = 3, which is a 3 unit course. So, calculation will be; 3 x 3units= 9. ENT121= 9.
          Next is BAM128, I scored C, which is a 2unit course. The calculation will be; 3 x 2units= 6. BAT128= 6.
          Next is BUS142, I scored A. A=5, which is a 2unit course. So; 5 x 2units= 10. GMB142= 10.
          Next is BIO136, I scored A, which is a 3unit course. So; 5 x 3units= 15. BRF136= 15.
          Next is CHM108, I scored A, which is 2unit course. So: 5 x 2units= 10. KFC108 = 10.
          Next is GEO158, which is a 3unit course, I scored D, D = 2. So; 2 x 3units= 6. GEJ158= 6.
          Next is CHM114, which is a 2units course, I scored D. So; 2 x 2units= 4. OBJ114= 4.
          Next is ECO131, which is a 2units course, I scored E. E = 1. So; 1 x 2units= 2. IBB131= 2.
          Next is AGR104, which is a 2unit course, I scored F. F = 0. So; 0 x 2units= 0. FFK104=0.

          Now, having done all the 11 courses calculation, we will have to finalized it by adding all the course calculations together. So that will give us;

          8 + 8 + 9 + 6 + 10 + 15 + 10 + 6 + 4 + 2 + 0 = 78.

          Now, add the total units of all the course together;

          2 + 2 + 3 + 2 + 2 + 3 + 2 + 3 + 2 + 2 + 2 = 25.

          So, divide the added course calculation by total units.

          Which is; 78 ÷ 25 = 3.1.

          So, there you have it, your NOUN GPA is 3.1. That is 2nd class lower.

          NOUN GPA Classification:

          After your NOUN GPA calculation, your GP can be classified as:

          First Class: 4.50 and above. Second Class Upper: 3.50-4.49.
          Second Class Lower: 2.50-3.49.
          Third Class: 1.50-2.49.

  1. From the list, only 33 names were published for faculty of Law. I have done a thorough check and found out that I have cleared relevant courses yet my name was ommitted. The complain is enormous. Please kindly clarify if there will be another list to cover the incomplete list.

  2. What is the total credit unit required for graduation for computer science education,and please am confused,hope the new gst courses are not affected with nou156 (2015) set.

  3. Hello sir, I was done with my programme since 2017 waiting for my name to come out on the graduation list but unfortunately it didn’t come out. I was told i have 2 core courses in my yr2. I have done the 2 courses this last exam in May and the results are out now but my name is not on the list. Pls help me out sir as i have been given till January to tender my certificate. Nou143624787. B.A (Ed) Primary Education.

  4. I want to get more clarification as regards my portal. My final result, shows all my result and grades, to my amazement, I discovered that some course which I have done is still reflecting on my portal (inclusive in the result with grades) Moreso, one of the elective on my portal was dropped because there was no TMA and was also not reflected on the exam timetable as at that time. Please will this affect me? I really more information on this because its giving me sleepless nights. I would appreciate an urgent response, because am suppose be among those graduating. Please!

    Thank you

  5. Hello, i submitted my project in feb and the result are out but i haven’t seen my name on the list ,please when is the next list coming out? BSC.Accounting.

  6. Gbenga, I am overdue to graduate. I met all requirements, yet my name is not on this list. Iam from Port Harcourt center and we are beginning to think something is wrong with our center as students hardly graduates. Nou133970725. PCR.

  7. Sir, please I’m among those given back a correction on their IT’s Log Books last semester, the books was corrected and submitted back to your office Abuja since August, 2019. Also, I have passed my all Core courses, GST courses, Project, Seminar and haven a total number of 114 credit unit as a DE student. when the IT (SIWES)’s result will be uploaded to our portal and to enable us enjoying for the next graduation list.
    NOU161268001 (Dutse Study Centre)

  8. This list have not been pasted at the study center, how can someone now approach the center director/ staff for clearance? I’m just curious

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