Download Final Draft 2018_2 POP Exam TimeTable

Download Final Draft 2018_2 POP Exam TimeTable

The  National Open University Of Nigeria (NOUN) has released final draft pop exam timetable for 2018_2 academic session.

According to the timetable, POP exam will start on Friday 02-11-2018 and ends on Thursday 22-11-2018.

Kindly click on the button below to download final draft POP EXAM TIMETABLE


POP means PEN ON PAPER and it’s for 300-800level students

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  1. The staff in Awka study centre re not doing anything and they lock the gate by 830am so dat students will not be able to write the exam by 8 and I came ontime dey even asked me to go am print out my course registered when dey can’t even find the one I give to them is very bad today now I didn’t write my exam.

  2. sir,having wacth the video presentation by our facilitator ,to be part of the class discussion forum.i am pleased as a member of the class.And can confidently submit my[TMA] assignment without delay.The text procedure is also helpful.Thank you,sincerely faseyitan,

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