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Download NOUN Course Material for School of Science and Technology 100 level 1st/2nd Semester

Download complete course material for School Of Science And Technology National Open University Of Nigeria (NOUN). 100 level 1st&second semester


Course CodeCourse TitleDownload Course Material
MTH112 Differential Calculus not available
MTH133 Trigonometry not available
PHY111 Elementary Mechanics DOWNLOAD
CIT143 Introduction to Data Organisation and Management DOWNLOAD
CIT141 Information Storage & Retrieval DOWNLOAD
PHY191 Introductory Practical Physics I DOWNLOAD
PHY103 Geometric and Wave Optics DOWNLOAD
PHY101 Elementary Mechanics, Heat and Properties of Matter DOWNLOAD
MTH103 Elementary Mathematics III DOWNLOAD
MTH101 Elementary Mathematics I DOWNLOAD
CIT101 Computers In Society DOWNLOAD
CHM191 Introductory Practical Chemistry I DOWNLOAD
BIO191 General Practical Biology I DOWNLOAD
CHM103 Introductory Physical Chemistry DOWNLOAD
CHM101 Introductory Inorganic Chemistry DOWNLOAD
BIO101 General Biology I DOWNLOAD


Course CodeCourse TitleDownload Course Material
PHY124 Geometric and Wave Optics Not Available
ESM104 Introduction to Environmental Science Not Available
ESM102 The Nigerian Environment Not Available
CHM102 Introductory Organic Chemistry I Not Available
CIT104 Introduction to Computer Science DOWNLOAD
CIT132 Programming In Basic DOWNLOAD
PHY132 Electricity, Magnetism And Modern Physics DOWNLOAD
BIO192 General Biology Practical II DOWNLOAD
BIO102 General Biology II DOWNLOAD
PHY192 Introductory Physics Laboratory II DOWNLOAD
PHY102 Electricity, Magnetism and Modern Physics DOWNLOAD
MTH102 Elementary Mathematical II DOWNLOAD
CIT102 Software Application Skills DOWNLOAD
ESM112 Introductory Ecology DOWNLOAD
CHM192 Introductory Practical Chemistry II DOWNLOAD
STT102 Introductory Statistics DOWNLOAD
CHM102 Introductory Organic Chemistry DOWNLOAD


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  1. Good day sir, I mistakenly registered some courses not meant for my program. please is there a solution ?

  2. Good afternoon sir. Please, I just saw tmas for GST 202 & 203(that I didn’t register) on my portal, whereas, my registered exams are GST 102 & GST 103. Please, what should I do?

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