Download NOUN Course Material For School Of Science And Technology 300 Level 1st/2nd Semester

Download complete course material for School Of Science And Technology National Open University Of Nigeria (NOUN). 300 Level 1st and second semester.


Course CodeCourse TitleDownload Course Material
ESM399 Industrial Attachment Not Available
CIT353 Introduction to Human-Computer Interaction Not Available
PHY301 Classical Mechanics II DOWNLOAD
CHM313 Organometallic Chemistry DOWNLOAD
FMT313 Mathematical modelling in Finance DOWNLOAD
FMT309 Linear Programme 1 DOWNLOAD
STT311 Probability Distribution II DOWNLOAD
ESM345 Applied Climatology DOWNLOAD
ESM343 Climate Change and Environment DOWNLOAD
ESM341 Introduction to Instrumentation Measurement and Field Methods in Environmental Science DOWNLOAD
ESM317 Land and Water Pollution DOWNLOAD
ESM311 Noise and Air Pollution DOWNLOAD
ESM303 Environmental Laws and Policies DOWNLOAD
ESM301 Introduction to Peace and Conflict Resolution DOWNLOAD
DAM363 Economic Statistics DOWNLOAD
DAM361 Business Communication & Network DOWNLOAD
BIO313 Animal Ecology DOWNLOAD
BIO311 Mycology DOWNLOAD
BIO309 Plant Breeding DOWNLOAD
BIO307 Evolution DOWNLOAD
BIO305 Molecular Biology DOWNLOAD
BIO303 General Cytology DOWNLOAD
BIO301 Genetics 11 DOWNLOAD
DAM301 Data Mining and Data Warehousing DOWNLOAD
CIT305 Networking and Communication Technology DOWNLOAD
CIT303 Principles of Communication Technology DOWNLOAD
PHY391 Physics Laboratory II DOWNLOAD
PHY361 Geophysics II DOWNLOAD
PHY313 Mathematical Methods for Physics I DOWNLOAD
PHY311 Kinetic Theory and Statistical Mechanics DOWNLOAD
PHY309 Quantum Mechanics I DOWNLOAD
PHY307 Solid State Physics I DOWNLOAD
PHY303 Special Relativity DOWNLOAD
CIT381 File Processing and Management DOWNLOAD
CIT383 Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming DOWNLOAD
CIT371 Introduction to Computer Graphics and Animations DOWNLOAD
CIT351 C# Programming DOWNLOAD
CIT341 Data Structures DOWNLOAD
CIT333 Software Engineering I DOWNLOAD
CIT311 Computer Networks DOWNLOAD
CIT309 Computer Architecture DOWNLOAD
MTH309 Optimization Theory DOWNLOAD
MTH307 Numerical Analysis II DOWNLOAD
MTH303 Vector and Tensor Analysis DOWNLOAD
MTH381 Mathematical Methods III DOWNLOAD
CHM391 Practical Chemistry V- Inorganic and Analytical DOWNLOAD
CHM315 Carbohydrate Chemistry DOWNLOAD
CHM311 Petroleum Chemistry DOWNLOAD
CHM309 Organic Spectroscopy DOWNLOAD
CHM307 Atomic and Molecular Structure and Symmetry DOWNLOAD
CHM305 Organic Chemistry III DOWNLOAD
CHM303 Inorganic Chemistry III DOWNLOAD
CHM301 Physical Chemistry III DOWNLOAD
MTH341 Real Analysis DOWNLOAD
MTH311 Calculus of Several Variables DOWNLOAD
MTH304 Complex Analysis I DOWNLOAD
MTH301 Functional Analysis I DOWNLOAD



Course CodeCourse TitleDownload Course Material
PHY399 SIWES Not Available
PHY362 Workshop Practice Not Available
BIO312 SIWES Not Available
BIO302 Field Course 1 Not Available
CIT345 Introduction to Computer Design DOWNLOAD
FMT312 Linear Programme DOWNLOAD
ESM392 Remote Sensing DOWNLOAD
ESM342 Environmental Impact Assessment and Auditing DOWNLOAD
ESM328 Biodiversity Conservation DOWNLOAD
ESM324 Urban Environmental Management DOWNLOAD
ESM322 Water And Waste Water Management DOWNLOAD
ESM308 Rural Development Strategies DOWNLOAD
ESM306 Environmental Politics DOWNLOAD
ESM304 Research Methods and Field Trip DOWNLOAD
DAM382 Information Systems Management DOWNLOAD
DAM344 Semantic Data Modelling DOWNLOAD
BIO320 Microbial Ecology DOWNLOAD
BIO318 Immunology and Immunochemistry DOWNLOAD
BIO316 Introduction to Bioinformatics DOWNLOAD
BIO314 Animal Behavior DOWNLOAD
BIO310 Protozoology DOWNLOAD
BIO308 Biogeography DOWNLOAD
BIO306 General Physiology 11 DOWNLOAD
BIO304 General Ecology DOWNLOAD
PHY314 Numerical Computations DOWNLOAD
DAM364 Management Information Systems (MIS) DOWNLOAD
PHY312 Mathematical Methods for Physics II DOWNLOAD
PHY310 Electronics II DOWNLOAD
PHY308 Electronics I DOWNLOAD
CIT392 Computer Laboratory II DOWNLOAD
CIT344 Introduction to Computer Design DOWNLOAD
CIT342 Formal Languages and Automata theory DOWNLOAD
CIT322 Introduction to Internet Programming DOWNLOAD
MTH315 Analytical Dynamics I DOWNLOAD
MTH382 Mathematical Methods IV DOWNLOAD
MTH312 Groups and Rings DOWNLOAD
MTH308 Introduction to Mathematical Modeling DOWNLOAD
MTH305 Complex Analysis II DOWNLOAD
MTH302 Elementary Differential Equation II DOWNLOAD
CHM318 Natural Product Chemistry I DOWNLOAD
CHM316 Industrial Chemical Technology I DOWNLOAD
CHM314 Environmental Chemistry DOWNLOAD
CHM312 Industrial Chemical Processes I DOWNLOAD
CHM306 Instrumental Methods of Analysis DOWNLOAD
CHM304 Colour Chemistry and Technology DOWNLOAD
CHM302 Polymer Chemistry I DOWNLOAD


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