Download NOUN Course Material For School Of Science And Technology 200 Level 1st/2nd Semester

Download complete course material for School Of Science And Technology National Open University Of Nigeria (NOUN). 200 level  1st&2nd semester


Course CodeCourse TitleDownload Course Material
PHY201 Classical Mechanics I DOWNLOAD
FMT215 Quantitative Analysis in Finance DOWNLOAD
ESM291 Map Analysis DOWNLOAD
ESM231 Introductory Toxicology DOWNLOAD
ESM221 Ecotourism DOWNLOAD
ESM211 Global Environmental Issues DOWNLOAD
DAM207 Indexing & Classification DOWNLOAD
DAM205 Data Collection methodology DOWNLOAD
PHY291 Physics Laboratory I DOWNLOAD
PHY261 Geophysics I DOWNLOAD
PHY207 Thermodynamics DOWNLOAD
PHY203 Oscillations and Waves DOWNLOAD
CIT237 Programming & Algorithms DOWNLOAD
CIT211 Introduction to Operating Systems DOWNLOAD
CHM205 Inorganic Chemistry II DOWNLOAD
CHM292 Practical Chemistry IV - Physical and Organic DOWNLOAD
CHM291 Practical Chemistry III- Inorganic DOWNLOAD
CHM204 Structure and Bonding DOWNLOAD
CHM203 Organic Chemistry II DOWNLOAD
CHM202 Analytical Chemistry I DOWNLOAD
CHM201 Physical Chemistry II DOWNLOAD
STT211 Probability Distribution I DOWNLOAD
MTH281 Mathematical Methods I DOWNLOAD
MTH241 Introduction to Real Analysis DOWNLOAD
MTH213 Numerical Analysis I DOWNLOAD
MTH211 Abstract Algebra DOWNLOAD
CIT215 Introduction to Programming Languages DOWNLOAD
BIO217 General Microbiology DOWNLOAD
BIO215 General Biochemistry Laboratory 1 DOWNLOAD
BIO213 Chemistry of Amino Acids and Proteins DOWNLOAD
BIO211 Coelomate Invertebrates DOWNLOAD
BIO209 Chordates DOWNLOAD
BIO207 Lower Invertebrates DOWNLOAD
BIO205 Introductory Developmental Cell Biology DOWNLOAD
BIO203 General Physiology 1 DOWNLOAD
BIO201 Genetics 1 DOWNLOAD


Course CodeCourse TitleDownload Course Material
CIT201 Introduction to Data Processing Not Available
FMT212 Financial Decision Making DOWNLOAD
FMT206 Introduction to Mathematical software DOWNLOAD
FMT204 Introduction to Mathematical Economics DOWNLOAD
ESM292 Environmental Economics DOWNLOAD
ESM238 Air Photo Interpretation DOWNLOAD
ESM236 Environmental Microbiology DOWNLOAD
ESM234 Soil Resources DOWNLOAD
ESM222 Water Resource Evaluation DOWNLOAD
ESM212 Tropical Climatology DOWNLOAD
ESM206 Community Participation in Environmental Management DOWNLOAD
ESM204 Environmental Hazards and Disaster Management DOWNLOAD
DAM212 Database Laboratory DOWNLOAD
CIT236 Analog and Digital Electronics DOWNLOAD
PHY208 Network Analysis and Devices DOWNLOAD
CIT292 Computer Laboratory I DOWNLOAD
CIT246 Introduction to Computer Organisation DOWNLOAD
CIT212 Systems Analysis and Design DOWNLOAD
CIT208 Information Systems DOWNLOAD
CIT213 Elementary Data Processing DOWNLOAD
BIO220 Fisheries And Wildlife DOWNLOAD
PHY202 Modern Physics I DOWNLOAD
PHY204 Electromagnetism DOWNLOAD
MTH282 Mathematical Methods II DOWNLOAD
MTH251 Mechanics DOWNLOAD
MTH210 Introduction to complex analysis DOWNLOAD
MTH232 Elementary Differential Equation DOWNLOAD
MTH212 Linear Algebra II DOWNLOAD
BIO218 General Biochemistry Laboratory 11 DOWNLOAD
BIO216 Chemistry of Carbohydrates, Lipids & Nucleic acids DOWNLOAD
BIO214 Structure and Functions of Major Cell components DOWNLOAD
BIO212 Helminthology DOWNLOAD
BIO210 Seed Plants DOWNLOAD
BIO208 Seedless Plants DOWNLOAD
BIO206 Statistics for Agriculture and Biological Sciences DOWNLOAD
BIO204 Biological Techniques DOWNLOAD



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