Download NOUN Course Material For School Of Science And Technology 400 Level 1st/2nd Semester

Download complete course material for School Of Science And Technology National Open University Of Nigeria (NOUN). 400 level 1st&second semester.


Course CodeCourse TitleDownload Course Material
BIO409 Research Seminar Not Available
CHM405 Chemical Thermodynamics Not Available
ESM401 Research Project Not Available
CHM424 Non Aqueous Solvents Not Available
CHM411 Research Project Not Available
BIO401 Field Course 11 Not Available
CHM401 Industrial Training/SIWES Not Available
BIO400 Research Project Not Available
CIT403 Seminar on Emerging Technologies Not Available
PHY403 Electrodynamics II DOWNLOAD
FMT409 Monetary Economics DOWNLOAD
ESM431 Environmental Health and Safety DOWNLOAD
ESM423 Hydrology and Water Resources DOWNLOAD
ESM421 Elements of Land Surveying DOWNLOAD
ESM411 Population, Environment and Development DOWNLOAD
ESM405 Environmental Protection Agencies: Case Studies DOWNLOAD
ESM403 Environmental Perception DOWNLOAD
ESM407 Geographical Information Systems DOWNLOAD
DAM463 Health Data Management DOWNLOAD
DAM401 Oracle Applications DOWNLOAD
DAM461 Statistical Database System DOWNLOAD
CIT415 Introduction to E-commerce DOWNLOAD
BIO411 Parasitology DOWNLOAD
BIO407 Basic Entomology DOWNLOAD
BIO405 Hydrobiology DOWNLOAD
BIO403 Population Genetics DOWNLOAD
PHY461 Geophysics III DOWNLOAD
PHY457 Environmental Physics DOWNLOAD
PHY455 Lower Atmospheric Physics DOWNLOAD
PHY407 Solid State Physics II DOWNLOAD
PHY405 Electronics III DOWNLOAD
CIT467 Visual Programming and Applications DOWNLOAD
CIT465 Network Administration DOWNLOAD
CIT463 Introduction to Multimedia Technology DOWNLOAD
CIT461 Internet Architecture and Communication DOWNLOAD
CIT445 Principles and Techniques of Compilers DOWNLOAD
CIT427 Database Systems and Management DOWNLOAD
CIT425 Operations Research DOWNLOAD
CIT411 Microcomputers and Microprocessors DOWNLOAD
MTH417 Electromagnetic Theory DOWNLOAD
MTH423 Integral Equation DOWNLOAD
MTH421 Ordinary Differential Equation DOWNLOAD
MTH411 Measure Theory and Integration DOWNLOAD
MTH401 General Topology I DOWNLOAD
CHM423 Coordination Chemistry DOWNLOAD
CHM421 Hetero cyclic Chemistry DOWNLOAD
CHM417 Industrial Chemical Processes II DOWNLOAD
CHM415 Industrial Chemical Technology II DOWNLOAD
CHM413 Analytical Chemistry II DOWNLOAD
CHM409 Electrochemistry DOWNLOAD
CHM407 Reaction Kinetics DOWNLOAD


Course CodeCourse TitleDownload Course Material
CHM402 Theory of molecular spectroscopy Not Available
CHM400 Seminar Not Available
CHM426 Chemistry of Lanthanides & Actinides Not Available
FMT499 Project Not Available
CIT499 Project Not Available
DAM499 Research Projects Not Available
PHY499 Project Not Available
MTH499 Project Not Available
MTH416 Algebraic Number Theory DOWNLOAD
CIT462 Web Server Technology DOWNLOAD
ESM444 Industrial Wastes and Industrial Water Treatment DOWNLOAD
ESM428 Ecology of Natural Resources DOWNLOAD
ESM426 Bio-geography DOWNLOAD
ESM424 Fresh Water Ecology DOWNLOAD
ESM422 Resource Evaluation DOWNLOAD
DAM462 Agricultural Data Systems DOWNLOAD
BIO416 Industrial Microbiology DOWNLOAD
BIO414 Applied Entomology DOWNLOAD
BIO412 Wildlife Ecology and Conservation DOWNLOAD
BIO410 Fisheries & Aquaculture DOWNLOAD
BIO408 Soil Ecology DOWNLOAD
BIO406 Parasitology & Immunology DOWNLOAD
BIO404 Systematic Biology DOWNLOAD
BIO402 Cytogenetics of Plants DOWNLOAD
BIO415 Virology and Tissue Culture DOWNLOAD
BIO413 Developmental Biology DOWNLOAD
PHY456 Nuclear Reactor Physics DOWNLOAD
PHY404 Electrodynamics III DOWNLOAD
PHY402 Nuclear Physics DOWNLOAD
PHY401 Elementary Particle Physics DOWNLOAD
CIT478 Artificial intelligence DOWNLOAD
CIT474 Introduction to Expert Systems DOWNLOAD
CIT484 Website Design and Programming DOWNLOAD
CIT432 Software Engineering II DOWNLOAD
CIT412 Modelling and Simulation DOWNLOAD
MTH422 Partial Differential Equation DOWNLOAD
MTH412 Functional Analysis II DOWNLOAD
MTH402 General Topology II DOWNLOAD
CHM422 Natural Products Chemistry II DOWNLOAD
CHM416 Organic Synthesis DOWNLOAD
CHM414 Photochemistry and Pericyclic Reactions DOWNLOAD
CHM408 Polymer Chemistry II DOWNLOAD
CHM406 Nuclear and Radiochemistry DOWNLOAD

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  1. Good evening Mr Gbenga,
    Kindly assist if possible to get a course material downloadable on PHY401 ELEMENTARY PARTICLE PHYSICS as the the content of the one captured is MTH401 GENERAL TOPOLOGY.
    Thank you.

    1. Good morning Sir, please, kindly help out on ESM 303 now changed to PUL 303, not available online for download.

  2. Hi Mr. Gbenga,
    my name is James Egbodor ,from Abeokuta study centre in Communication Technology Matric No:nou110001563, i have finished my program since year 2017 and my name is not yet out among the graduation list and i have already meet the requirement pls sir,i don’t known what to do again, kindly help me out sir

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